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HELLS: Paradise EP

April 26, 2016


Aggressive, unrelenting, pissed off are only some of the descriptions that you can give to Philadelphia natives HELLS. After intensively touring for the last two years they finally bring their unique and twisted brand of hardcore to your speakers ultimately to leave you bloodied and beaten. Paradise is the name of the six track EP and it is anything but paradise for your ears as you get stabbed in the ear canal repeatedly by a wall of heavy and vicious hardcore. Not only does HELLS play the vertebra snapping quick tempo that hardcore is generally known for, but they also give you a mid tempo that is just as destructive and just as rib splintering.

Paradise is chaotic to say the least and provides you with plenty of music that grinds your skull into dust and turns your brain into a bloody pulp. They have been developing their cranium splitting sound for years and finally everyone that hasn’t seen one of their shows can witness the raw brutality that is HELLS. Once you click play you are in for a ride that is rough leaving you disoriented, bruised and broken.

This is a nasty release, one that kicks your teeth in to have you choke on them and one that curb stomps you into oblivion. There isn’t anything mellow about Paradise as HELLS comes at you swinging right out of the gate and doesn’t stop until you have taken your final breath. Paradise is an unrelenting maelstrom of pandemonium and unbridled energy that barrels straight through you leaving a gaping hole in your chest.

This new EP from these Philadelphia monsters is what you put on if you are going out for a night on the town only to destroy something and cause as much mayhem as possible. From beginning to end Paradise is filled with anger and hate and every ounce of that shows through on each song. Each of the six songs is a stomping madhouse that feeds off of your fear and weakness and isn’t afraid of snapping your neck and moving on to the next unfortunate victim.

You can’t escape this brutish release and to ensure your demise HELLS brings forth cleaving and downright mutilating riffs, a heavy bass presence that is ultimately lacerating, sledgehammer heavy drums and vocals that are throat ripping and screamed at you from beginning to end. No matter where you turn to hide from this terrifying assault, HELLS ends up finding you and beating you over the head with a corroded lead pipe.

You can’t come out any better with a debut EP than this one by HELLS. Every song is solid and incredibly heavy and damaging. Paradise is a unique twisting mass of hardcore that is purely raw and savage from the get go. This is ear piercing hardcore at its finest and it is harsh and detrimental to your health and it would be difficult to pass this up.

HELLS comes out with Paradise through Seeing Red Records on May 13, 2016.

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