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Izegrim: The Ferryman’s End

April 26, 2016

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With Izegrim’s newest brain melting release The Ferryman’s End, you are taken through a story that is told in first person about the Ferryman himself. As the release goes along you dig deeper into the warped and diseased mind of the Ferryman and as the album progresses you dive further into the dark corridors of great story telling and ultimately gut wrenching and ripping death metal. Izegrim spare no efforts as they pull out all of the stops on this release providing you with a wholly entertaining and thoroughly dark and twisted piece of art.

The story of the Ferryman is told through eleven songs, and each song seems to get even more grim than the one that came before it. Izegrim through each song never lacks in intensity either, as from beginning to end you get pummeled with sickening death metal so much so that you may wish that the Ferryman would kill you as well. The Ferryman’s End is a psychotic dirge and projection toward death, and as Izegrim hurdles you toward death, the Ferryman does as well.

You can’t help but to get sucked into this release and stay for a while even though you are trapped in the inner walls of a psychotic’s mind. The story is compelling and the musicianship and song writing to go along with it is expertly done and each song is very well crafted. From the first note, Izegrim hooks you and sinks you deeper and deeper into madness and dementia much like the Ferryman is seems to be suffering from.

Each of the eleven songs boasts relatively long run times which gives Izegrim enough time to convey the song for you as well as keep you holed up in their darkened and abyssal soundscapes. During the listening venture of The Ferryman’s End you feel as though you are there witnessing heinous murders at the hand of a sick individual. Izegrim takes you to dark realms and makes you sit there in the dark with grim thoughts.

As great as the story is the musicianship is just as great as Izegrim assaults you themselves with sonic riffs, calculated and rib smashing drumming, obese bass lines and sickening vocals that rip and sear their way into your memory. Each song is technical and played at a blistering pace for the most part only to be slowed down when needed to deliver an equally crushing blow. Through and through the musicianship is tight and just as poisonous and dark as the story is and combining the two together creates for a detrimental release.

The Ferryman’s End is a dark, evil and completely sinister listen. This is an album that sinks its fangs into you and never lets you go. With great story telling and savage musicianship, Izegrim have created something that you want to play over and over again until you burn a hole in the CD from it being worn out. The Ferryman’s End is intriguing, mystifying, incredibly heavy and overall something that you don’t want to miss.

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