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Crisix: From Blue to Black

April 27, 2016

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Over the years Crisix has gained legions of fans as their popularity shot through the roof, and with their newest effort titled From Blue to Black you can understand why. From Blue to Black is tight, crisp and clean and is filled with blistering thrash metal that snaps your neck whether you are standing right next to a speaker and listening or if you are miles away. The performance that Crisix churns out with this devastating release is pure thrash and their main goal is to have you headbang into oblivion.

Right from the get go Crisix storms out of the gates and hits your vulnerable ear drums with thrash that is played at break neck speeds. If Crisix ever decided to play at a slower tempo-which they do occasionally on this release-but it they did it for an entire record I believe that they may very well fall apart. The only speed is mach five and anything less seems to be unacceptable. You can only try to brace yourself for the impact and even then I can’t guarantee that your head will still be on straight after one listen.

From Blue to Black has just about everything you wish a thrash album would have. It is technical, clean, blistering, incredibly heavy and ultimately one hell of a listen. You get more than your fair share of entertainment out of this record as you just can’t seem to put it down or push the pause button. Not only is each song very well crafted and not only is the album put together expertly, but each song is catchy and highly memorable. Whether you want to or not, you just can’t seem to escape the catchy and dangerous hooks of Crisix.

At the same time, whether you want it or not, these thrash fiends stomp their music right into the center of your brain. Their brand of metal is vicious, adrenaline fueled, pumped with enough energy to level a fucking city and enough intensity to knock you senseless. Each of the nine songs on From Blue to Black is very volatile and of course dangerous and if you decide to not pay attention for a brief moment your head may be split wide open.

Crisix hits you with just about everything that they can from beginning to end and every song is filled with catchy and very sharp riffs usually accompanied by squealing and pin point solos. Along with the guitar wizardry you get a chaotic and solid drum performance that is backed with heavy and pavement cracking bass lines. To go along with the high octane and intense music are vocals that are equally intense as they are screamed at you in various ways with great control.

No matter which way you slice it, From Blue to Black is entirely catchy, bombastic, and purely a great listen. You can’t help but to bang your head to this just as soon as the first fuel injected note hits your ears, and you can’t help but to press play at the end of each listen either.


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