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Black Pestilence: Carry on the Black Flame

April 29, 2016

Black Pestilence - Carry On The Black Flame

Hot off of the heels of their 2015 release, Black Pestilence is back with their new EP Carry on the Black Flame which features four songs that are riddled with debauchery, mayhem and pure evil. With black metal being the principle genre at work, Black Pestilence pumps punk and noise into it to create an interesting, unique and overall heavy and entertaining listen. Being that there are only four songs on this EP you just get a short dosage of what Black Pestilence has to offer, and yet within just four songs you find yourself out in the streets causing mayhem and plenty of destruction as well as summoning your occasional demon.

Black Pestilence bursts out of the gate with hellish fury and from then on they never back off even if it were for a second. Each song is played with a serious and harmful intensity that is fueled by both the hateful black metal and the generally pissed off style of punk. With both of those genres at the forefront of their maniacal sound and with the addition of some noise and electronic elements you get something that is controlled chaos.

As it turns out, listening to Carry on the Black Flame turns you into something that resembles the skeleton that you see in the cover art above. You get turned into an anarchic fiend that is just waiting to roam the streets, smash windows, loot and ransack your town and all at the same time you can’t wait for the next sacrifice to begin. This EP is a rowdy one, one that preys off of the souls of the damned and one that doesn’t care who it upsets or offends.

From beginning to end, Black Pestilence takes you on a tumultuous ride through ruined soundscapes filled with demons, sinister ghouls, blood curdling banshees and other nefarious things and creatures. As Black Pestilence takes you through this blitzkrieg of an EP you feel compelled to headbang with intensity until your neck finally snaps and your head is hanging on by just a tendon.

These furious black metal heathens carve out your heart with buzzing riffs, rumbling bass lines, galloping drumming and vocals that are demonic and unearthly as they give you a feeling of being submerged into hell. The extra ingredient that Black Pestilence adds is anarchy and it pumps through the veins of this entire EP giving it even more bombast and hell fire.

This EP is chaotic, evil and compels you to do more than just set fire to an abandoned building. Carry on the Black Flame is a good EP as it is entirely infectious and causes you to headbang with feverishly. Take a listen and hail the Dark Lord himself!


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