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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Unhoped: Sonic Violence

April 23, 2016


With a name like Sonic Violence you would come to expect what the title states, and with Unhoped and their newest release titled above, you definitely get a healthy dosage of sonic violence. I don’t believe that Unhoped has ever heard of the word slow and of course it isn’t in their vocabulary either. Unhoped take cranking it to eleven and multiply it by at least three to create something that is entirely tumultuous and purely chaotic. If your brain does not turn to mush after just one listen of Sonic Violence share your trick with the world, because Sonic Violence does and will turn your brain into soup.

Unhoped attacks right out of the gate knocking you back flat on your ass only to hammer fist away at your face until you are a bleeding pulp and a shell of a human. Listening to this release is the equivalent of putting pure chaos on a record. As soon as it hits you, you feel as though you have been a few rounds with Mike Tyson. This release leaves you bruised and bloodied and yet you keep pressing play over and over again.

This death metal and thrash combination is lethal to your health and the only outcome is death. Before your (un)timely demise however, Sonic Violence instigates dangerous mosh pits and levels your town in one fell swoop. If after you listen and your city or town is not leveled you are doing something wrong, and if you haven’t gathered enough people to terrorize your town you’re also doing it wrong.

Each song is a barrage of filthy and disgustingly raw metal that puts a blade to your throat from the beginning and never lets you breathe for a second. Of the nine songs that are present here each song is suffocating. Through the entirety of this record you get assaulted from every angle from razor sharp riffs, heavy bass lines, destructive drumming and vocals that tear your own throat out and stomp on it. The musicianship is sharp and slices you up into unrecognizable meat chunks.

Sonic Violence is incredibly violent just as the name states. This is head banging fury that leaves you with your head hanging on by just a thread. If you are in need of some debauchery, dead bodies, and just straight to the vein, good hell raising metal, look no further than Sonic Violence.


Elderblood: Messiah

April 23, 2016


Over the last five or so years, Elderblood has established themselves as symphonic black metal titans, and this year these sinful black metallers are back with a furious vengeance with Messiah. Messiah is seven songs of blistering and damning black metal, and with the help of the symphonic elements, Elderblood walks you through hell themselves and brings you to your horned maker. All throughout you feel as though you are making, and have made, a treacherous descent into the netherworld only for you to be tormented for the rest of eternity.

Elderblood storms out of the gates of hell with Thagirion’s Sun and from there they take off only to shed blood and eviscerate anyone who stands before them and claim the souls of the innocent and corrupt. Messiah is a stampede of diseased black metal that only wishes to sacrifice you to Satan himself. While listening to this purely sinful release, you get ripped to shreds from the inside out just to make your suffering that much more excruciating.

Each song lashes out at you like the forked tongue of a serpent, and the entire album is poisonous and bludgeoning as Elderblood doesn’t let up on their blasphemous attack until the final song closes. Whether you expect this from the Ukrainian blasphemers or not, you still get caught off guard every minute and at every turn that this release takes. For the majority of this abyssal album you get music that shreds your soul in two, but in the blink of an eye Elderblood will slow the music down and have you listening to darkened dirges of hate.

As you are listening, the lights flicker and begin to dim and your surrounding atmosphere seems to get heavier and thicker as pitch black smoke fills the room. If music itself were able to summon the Dark Lord himself (and I’m not saying that it can’t) this record would be able to and certainly does trigger a demonic presence within your own being. None of the songs that are present here are not filled with hell fire and their fair share of Satanic presence.

Throughout Messiah you bear witness to evil incarnate. Plagued riffs lash out at you, bass lines mangle you and barbaric drums descend upon you like thousands of sledgehammers. Forcing and shredding their way into your skull are the purely maniacal vocals that sound as though they came from misery and the burning pits of hell themselves. Behind all of the scorching musicianship is the orchestral performance that provides all of the sacrilegious atmosphere for you. The atmosphere in each song is dark and dense, and sooner or later you become lost in the ever darkening soundscapes.

Messiah is heavy, dark, dismal, technical and melodic and many more descriptive words but you get the point. This record is an all encompassing record that takes you through the bowels of hell only to leave you there for remainder of your short lived life. This type of blasphemous art is here to make sure that God is kept away and Jesus never returns, so with that said play this loud and play this until Lucifer comes through your floor.

Beware of Messiah as it comes out May 27, 2016 through Osmose Productions.

Neoheresy: Potop

April 21, 2016


Black metal and atmosphere go hand in hand most of the time, but what happens when that atmosphere is taken a step further? When that step is taken you traverse down the dark and abyssal yet incredibly melodic and ambient path of symphonic black metal. Exploring those realms is Neoheresy and down the symphonic path, Neoheresy brings Potop. Potop was created all by one entity being that Neoheresy consists of only one being, and within the many layers of this new all encompassing release you get eight songs that submerge you into soundscapes that are both daring, blasphemous, intriguing, melodic and harsh.

From the very beginning, Neoheresy lets you know that you are in for more than just music. Instead of something new to listen to you get yourself into an experience. The experience is the soundscapes that this symphonic pagan black metal band displays. Running through your mind while listening are soundscapes that are dark and poisonous yet they are filled with wonder and intrigue all at the same time. With each passing second you get sucked into Potop deeper and deeper and eventually you can’t dig yourself out.

Potop is mysterious and brooding and doesn’t necessarily abide by the general rules that are laid out for black metal. Instead of playing at a blistering and ultimately mind numbing pace constantly, the majority of the focus for Neoheresy is on atmosphere and providing you with terrifying and ever darkening soundscapes. With the passing of each song, Potop shrouds you in a poisonous darkness and drags you deeper and deeper into its abyssal world.

This release is one that is at all times captivating and hypnotic. From the get go, Potop traps your imagination and takes you for a blasphemous ride through darkened times and harrowing soundscapes. Whether you want it to be or not, this record sticks to your brain like a malignant tumor. Every song is memorable and before you know it you have racked up plenty of listens. There is something about Potop that keeps your attention and keeps you from wavering and skipping songs. Within this release you won’t find yourself skipping anything as you want to absorb it all and take in what Neoheresy has to offer.

Sharp calculated riffs barrel out of your headphones and into your listening holes as a thick bass slaps you right across the face all while solid drumming hits you square in the chest. Forcing their way through are tortured vocals that shred throats and further your descent into utter darkness. Behind the shredding and blasphemous black metal is the orchestra that really creates the atmosphere and all of the vast soundscapes that you hear within this release. The symphonic elements mix very well with the harsher black metal tones to create something that is enthralling and mesmerizing.

What you get with this record is more bang for your buck so to speak. You get a massive amount of music for just eight songs and endless entertainment. You end up getting the best of both worlds with this as well as you get both savage black metal and enthralling atmospheric elements as well. Potop gets stuck in your head and the more you listen the more you wander a mesmerizing labyrinth of black metal. All in all, this is a good release, one that is captivating and heavy all at the same time. Take a listen if you dare and travel down the rabbit hole that is black metal.

Listen to the title track Potop.

Artifact of Skulls: III: Luciferian Blasphemy

April 20, 2016


Combining black metal and death metal is like mixing two potent poisons together that can melt you down into a sickening red liquid. What Artifact of Skulls does very well is create music for you that is wholly blasphemous and entirely chaotic. Their newest album III: Luciferian Blasphemy is what you would expect from a band that combines two of the most energetic and potent genres in metal together. You get a blast of psychotic music that dismembers you and tears you apart limb from limb and creates soundscapes that are morbid and harmful.

While this release is relatively short, each song provides you with enough music to flay your flesh and drain your marrow from your bones. Each song is raw and dissonant and played at warp speed. Your life was never taken into account when Artifact of Skulls created this piece of work as everything they do is to harm you and create harsh and vile soundscapes. Both of the genres that are present within this release are balanced well as neither command more attention than the next.

Black and death metal are married very well within III: Luciferian Blasphemy to supply you with a mind numbing and blood letting experience. This new record from these ghastly sinners cuts you deeply and lacerates you every chance that it gets. Through each song, Artifact of Skulls throws everything at you creating a hostile and unsettling listen.

III: Luciferian Blasphemy is bestial and raw and it comes at you from every angle. There is nowhere to escape this hideous monster of an album. You can try to run all you want, but eventually it will catch up with you and feast on you delightfully. Artifact of Skulls has created something that is unrelenting and purely savage and flesh shredding, and as soon as you press play your torment does not stop until the final song has concluded.

Through this five track effort you get assaulted and tortured with sharp and dismal riffs that are coupled with heavy bass lines only to rupture your innards with pounding drumming. On top of the sickening musicianship are the vocals that are roared at you from the very depths of hell. With everything put together in this putrid release, you get something that is terrifying and sounds as though you will be dragged through the bowels of hell at any moment.

III: Luciferian Blasphemy is a nightmare to behold and induces plenty of them. This record is played at a blistering pace and isn’t afraid to barrel straight through your chest and have your entrails spill out of you. This record is meant for any black metal fan and any death metal fan as it spreads through both genres well. Get your nightly sacrifices ready and headbang with Satan to Artifact of Skulls.

Atel: Seeking Morbid Silence

April 20, 2016


Just as ominous as the cover art looks, the music inside of Seeking Morbid Silence by Atel is just as ominous. The tombs and graves that you see above may be something that you are finally laid to rest in after a listen, but instead of ascending to heaven you descend to the scorching fires of hell where you are to spend an eternity. Atel plays a furious brand of black metal. Not only is this album played in the vein of traditional black metal, it is also wrist slitting depressive, morbid and altogether incredibly dark.

As each song passes light begins to fade and overpowering darkness takes over and reigns supreme. Within this release there are only five songs, but each song is substantial in length and makes you pay the price for even thinking about clicking play, let alone actually listening. With each passing minute, your soul sinks into molten darkness and utter and complete insanity and sooner or later your mind wanders to the darker recesses of the subconscious.

Seeking Morbid Silence is a bleak display of black metal and makes you come face to face with your own mortality. Through the entire album you get a real display of what pain and torture sounds and feels like. Each second is filled with agonizing music that shreds not only your soul but your will to live and you sanity as well. This is chaotic black metal and there is no time to breath or catch your breathe throughout this release.

Even though there are times when Atel slows everything down to let the music sink in a little bit, it still is a harrowing listen that doesn’t give you time to recuperate from blitzkrieg that you witnessed before. As destructive as “Seeking Morbid Silence” can be, the album is still ambient and atmospheric. You don’t get vivid soundscapes of wonder and bliss within this sinful effort, but what you do get out of the atmosphere is utter darkness, disease, chaos, turmoil and shockingly bleak soundscapes.

Every song bleeds you dry with dissonant riffs, boisterous drumming and vocals that are screamed at you from every angle and not only shred to vocalist’s throat but your ears as well. Not only is this music wholly torturous but you are also its next sacrifice as it lays you upon a blood caked altar only to cut into you splaying your ribs exposing your still beating heart.

Seeking Morbid Silence is an album that shrouds you in a poisonous cloud and submerges you in a pitch black darkness. This style of black metal can be described as detrimental, chaotic, bleak and many other adjectives, but the thing that does matter is that it is purely morbid and soul crushing black metal.

Bloodthirst: Glorious Sinners

April 19, 2016


Scorching the earth and damning the innocent with their furious combination of thrash and black metal is Bloodthirst. From the deepest depths of hell they bring with them their newest offering in the form of an EP titled Glorious Sinners. Within this EP, you get five songs of neck snapping and hellish proportions. Each song whips you around and damns your soul to hell for all of eternity. There isn’t a calm moment within this release as Bloodthirst is determined to darken your soul and strip you of your innocence and sanity.

Bloodthirst seems to have taken the fastest parts of black metal and thrash to create something that is akin to a hurricane. They play at a blistering pace, one that melts your skin and boils your blood only to have it burst through your veins and pour out of your eyes like a ghoulish crimson waterfall. The five tracks that hit you like a demon horde carving their way through your chest are tumultuous and drain you of all life.

Glorious Sinners begins strong and ends just as strong since Bloodthirst doesn’t let up for one second. From the beginning this release backs you into a corner and drags you to hell with it to meet your maker once and for all. Each song is long enough to submerge you in mind numbing darkness, but not long enough for them to overstay their welcome. These thrashing tracks torture you for a good amount of time and instill the fear of death in you, and once they are done they discard your carcass in an unmarked grave.

This newest offering from these Polish blasphemers is covered in molten darkness and soaked in pure hate and evil. Glorious Sinners preaches malice, sin, damnation and debauchery. Glorious Sinners is poisonous and it sinks deep within your skin to rot you from the inside out. These hell fire laden tracks aren’t afraid of going for the jugular from the very beginning and draining you of all of your blood for a bountiful sacrifice to the Dark Lord.

Destructive and blood soaked riffs fill your speakers as sharp bass lines infect your brain while violent drumming shatters your extremities. Shredding through the wizard like musicianship are the dissonant and gravel filled vocals that do their best to command the dead and summon Satan himself. The musicianship is solid and the overall sound is terrifying and life threatening.

Glorious Sinners is a chaotic listen, one that keeps you on your heels the entire time. From beginning to end you get assaulted by purely punishing music. There isn’t anything fancy here as Bloodthirst is straight to the sacrificial and bloodletting point and with that being said, this release is dangerous and more than worthy of plenty of listens.

34: S/T EP

April 19, 2016

34 official logo.jpg

Combining hardcore with touches of noise comes Kansas City’s own 34. Emerging from the depths with them is their self titled debut EP that features five pissed off and skull crushing songs. Hardcore is meant to be aggressive and meant to be a genre that is in your face constantly, and that is exactly what 34 does well. From the beginning these Kansas City dwellers jump down your throat with their anvil heavy approach to a genre that is already meant to be heavy and abrasive. Coupling their hardcore musical tendencies with their knack of injecting noise into their compositions, 34 comes out with an ear shredding debut.

This type of music is a boot on your throat, curb stomping style of play that makes you feel as though you have been through the wringer. Each song is heavy and packs more than a punch. 34 comes out swinging from the very beginning, and doesn’t let up for a second as they keep pummeling away with their brand of sledgehammer heavy, skull smashing intensity. Whatever you happen to be doing at the moment when you begin listening, you drop it immediately and feel a sudden adrenaline surge and a hostile rage build up, only for you to ransack your town and insight riots.

34’s self titled release beats you down and makes you feel small, but even then every song gets stuck in your head for one reason or another. It’s like the beating that you take while listening smashes into your brain hard enough that you can’t soon forget the pissed off listening experience. Out from your speakers blasts madness, rage and chaos that sears into your brain and chips off bits of your skull and frontal lobe.

Through each of the five songs you get heavy  down tuned and jagged riffs paired with bass lines that are highly dangerous and lacerating only to be further assaulted by the drums that hammer you face in until you are completely unrecognizable. On top of the sickening musicianship are the vocals that were sure to make the vocalists throat bleed after a session. He screams at you from every angle with gravel filled screams and bellowing roars.

Everything that 34 throws at you is meant to make you feel uncomfortable and meant to make you feel a certain level of anger, and 34 accomplishes that and more throughout this release. This is neck snapping heavy, and even if these gents wanted to let up they never do. They play through you as though you never existed. This is a solid debut, one that takes no prisoners and one that doesn’t back down from anyone.

This release will be out through Fountain City Records on May 20, 2016!

Take a look at the band’s first single titled Alpha Blade.

Bait: Sunburst

April 17, 2016

BAIT Sunburst cover.jpg

When you combine black metal and hardcore, you get something that is entirely nihilistic and utterly destructive, and Bait delivers both nihilism and destruction in droves. Sunburst is a brooding darkened piece of work that shreds souls and shatters your reality. While the five songs that are in this release are blistering and can tear the skin straight off of your face, Bait does a great job of showing the slower and ultimately heavier side of hardcore as well. Each song here carries a massive weight, and Bait isn’t afraid to sling that weight around and put your life in danger.

After just a few minutes of listening, you realize that you entered into a pit of pure chaos and blasphemy. Sunburst is bleak and dismal and isn’t shy about submerging you in potent darkness and blistering evil. This release is abrasive from beginning to end and not even for a second do you get a break or get a chance to crawl out of the murky darkness from which Bait plunged you into.

 Sunburst is both a slow and quick dirge toward your demise. Discordant everything funnels out of your speakers only to shred your flesh from your bones and to pierce your ear drums. Bait does a great job of mixing both the quicker hardcore tempos with the heavier, gloomier and ultimately slower tempos. Changing pace and sound frequently gives the listener more variety and more to listen to and for during the album.

With their being only five songs on the release, each song is relatively long in length with the longest coming in at over eight minutes. Without there being twenty two minute songs, Bait provides you with five quality songs that are skull crushingly heavy and utterly harmful. Sunburst runs together very well, and instead of each song sounding like they have nothing to do with each other, each song is cohesive and runs well with the rest.

Through the five songs, you get discordant and poisonous riffs, neck breaking bass lines, rib shattering drumming and vocals that are strained and throat ripping. Bait throws everything including the kitchen sink at you to create something that is wholly blood boiling and skin searing. There aren’t too many sounds out there that are this abrasive and yet this listenable. Even though Sunburst does its best to tear your inner ear apart, you don’t want to stop listening.

Bait takes chaos and controls it to create what you see before you. Sunburst is bleak and dismal and provides you with an interesting and numbing listen. This is a great album that you have to let sink in a little, and when you do it should be on repeat for quite some time.

Sunburst will be released on June 6, 2016 through both WOOAAARGH and Sell Your Soul Records.

Black Magic Fools: Soul Collector

April 17, 2016


Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in the medieval times? Well, wonder no more, because Black Magic Fools and their newest release Soul Collector is here to provide you with enough medieval soundscapes to make you feel as though you are a part of the medieval time period. If heavy metal was played back then, I have a feeling that this is what it would sound like. With each song you get a heavy dosage of medieval sounds mixed with rocking heavy metal to create something that is unique and highly memorable.

From beginning to end, Black Magic Fools has you rocking along with wenches and knights alike. After the cynical intro, everything picks up from there, and from then on you get bombarded with your fair share of medieval headbanging debauchery. As memorable as each song is, they still have a bit of a deadly tinge to them. There is something that is poisonous about each song as the subject matter isn’t exactly always the happiest. Don’t let the bagpipes fool you, this music that is presented before you can be and is harsh at times.

Black Magic Fools has a lot going on in this record with a multitude of working pieces. Even with the amount of instruments that they use and the way that songs are constructed, Black Magic Fools does a great job of putting everything together to create seamless music and the unique sounds that pull you into the album. Black Magic Fools and their unique sound suck you in and parade you around sordid and darkened medieval soundscapes.

Every song is captivating and makes you feel as though you are feasting around a giant wooden table with mead and an assortment of meats and bread with the most scantily clad wenches in the land. Soul Collector is intriguing and unique and captivates your mind and brings you along for an interesting ride. Most of the songs here get stuck in your head for one reason or another and you can’t seem to shake them no matter how hard you do try.

To go along with the crunching riffs, solid drumming, massive bass lines and vocals that are gritty and work very cohesively with this very specific type of music are the non traditional instruments that you don’t always hear. Every song injects the use of bagpipes and violins among others to create an authentic medieval setting and atmosphere. Most of the songs don’t necessarily have a guitar solo, instead bagpipe and violin solos make appearances.

Soul Collector is sound all around. The atmosphere is just as old and iron clad as you would want it, the music is heavy and the introduction to bagpipes, violins and other instruments works cohesively with the vision that Black Magic Fools is going for. This is an interesting album that is also incredibly entertaining.

Head of the Demon: Sathanas Trismegistos

April 15, 2016


Defying the laws of metal and doing their best to not be pigeonholed into one single genre is Head of the Demon. Emerging from the darkness with them is their newest offering Sathanas Trismegistos which is six songs of nearly unidentifiable metal. Sathanas Trismegistos is a mysterious album, one that sinks you deeper and deeper into thought and deeper and deeper into darkness as it progresses. This release submerges you in all of its filthy glory and takes you on an interesting ride through vast soundscapes.

Song after song hits you hard and heavy. There is no lack of destructiveness on this record as it is disgustingly heavy and sooner rather than later after listening you will buckle under its sheer weight. To go along with all of that heavy is groove and rhythm that make each song memorable and has the entire album on repeat for quite some time to come. The way in which Head of the Demon plays is hypnotic and they take control of your mind completely.

There are a medley of genres that could be at work here to provide you with such an interesting listen. A lot of working components in this album have come together to create striking soundscapes and to bring to you an altogether intense and mind bending album. For the most part you can pick out hints of doom of course, psychedelic rock, certain hints of black metal and maybe even some stoner metal to go along with the rest of the sewn together genres. With all of that-and maybe even more-you get an album that is intriguing and downright heavy.

Sathanas Trismegistos is monolithic. It is a huge album with long run times, but when listening, the album doesn’t tend to seem all that long. This record never gets in the way of itself and each of the six songs works in wondrous harmony. You never realize that you did in fact listen to the entire album because it is engrossing and infectious. Some longer albums may seem like a chore to finish, but with Sathanas Trismegistos that doesn’t seem to happen, as you can finish the record and happily press the play button again.

Each minute is filled with groove laden and mystic riffs, heavy and obese bass lines, solid and acrobatic drumming, and powerful vocals. There isn’t a moment within this release that isn’t filled with hard rocking and heavy music. A lot is pressed into this disc and everything is executed very well, as the musicianship is tight, the production is great and the overall sound is heavy as an anvil.

Sathanas Trismegistos is an album that takes you to psychedelic places as well as darker soundscapes and anywhere else you can think of. This is heavy to say the least, and it keeps you headbanging the entire time.

Sathanas Trismegistos will be out May 20, 2016 through The Anja Offensive and Invictus Productions.

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