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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Violent Scum: Festering in Endless Decay

May 25, 2016

violent scum - cover.jpg

Emerging from a staggering amount of pus filled and sore covered cadavers is Violent Scum and emerging from the fetid rot with them is their very first recording Festering in Endless Decay. Hailing from Chile, these death fanatics bring forth a release that is short but completely unrelenting in its effort to eviscerate and decimate everything in its path. As a whole, this tape is rotting and devastating as it can dissect you and maim you leaving you to take your final gasping breaths.

Festering in Endless Decay rolls on and on until the tape concludes, and as detrimental as it is you still feel a strong urge to press play over and over again. This release is infectious-and maybe that’s the disease talking-but each song works its way into your brain festering there and leaving other corrosive larvae behind. Festering in Endless Decay is a sickening and visceral display of death that takes you to meet the reaper.

With only three tracks Violent Scum bludgeon you repeatedly as they certainly live up to the first word of their band name.  Each song is raw and pulls you under to the crypts only to have vermin and night crawlers feast upon your flesh. This is Violent Scum’s first display of butchery and one can only imagine the massacre that would occur if a full length were to be released.

Throughout this tape you bear witness to lobotomizing riffs, rib spreading bass lines, skull splitting drums and vocals that rip your throat out. With everything combined you get a vicious display of death and a sound that barrels right through you and on to the next victim. This is a release that demands you pay attention to it or you will pay the price with your life.

This tape is madness and a maelstrom of death metal and from the first note on Violent Scum does not let their knife leave your throat. Festering in Endless Decay is a sickening act of metal, and that’s just the way death metal should be and it should make you feel as though you yourself is covered in festering remains, and that is also what Violent Scum does. This is a great listen that grinds your skull into dust just as death metal should do.

Festering in Endless Decay will be out June 24, 2016 through Blood Harvest Records.

Hellsworn: Repulsive Existence

May 25, 2016


Bringing forth a raw, maggot infested, infected and filthy old-school death metal sound is Hellsworn and up from the catacombs they bring with them their newest release Repulsive Existence. Repulsive Existence is filled to the bursting point with rotting flesh, putrescent blood, rotted cadavers and enough grime to choke a horse. Hellsworn is vile and their music is vile, and never once do they try to cover that up with anything but brain rotting death metal. From the very beginning to the very end you feel as though you yourself are covered in night crawlers and pungent mulch and as soon as the last note is finished you feel an intense urge to bathe.

Repulsive Existence is an onslaught of death metal as all six songs have you dig your own grave and have you lie in it, and sooner or later the vermin and the maggots begin to eat you fetid flesh. Hellsworn starts you off with a barrage of filth and that is exactly what you get for the remainder of the record. Never once do you get a break until you finish digging the hole for your shallow grave. Repulsive Existence is thunderous and steamrolls you within an inch of your life, and if you’re lucky you will be completely exterminated.

As soon as you press play and the title track begins you get a tepid whiff of what is to come. Throughout this release you get pulverized by completely unrelenting death metal that strips you bare of your flesh and revels in your blood and the agony that you are subjected to. Before you know it, the leathery hand of death is reaching out for you to pull you into a never ending oblivion and signals the end of your life. Hellsworn plays an uncompromising style of death metal as it is raw, putrid and wholly skin crawling and really they wouldn’t want it any other way.

When one song concludes the next begins as the entire deadly horde of death metal begins to collapse upon you sooner or later.   Hellsworn does a great job of ladling out droves and droves of buzzing rib cracking riffs backed by face smashing drumming and wretched bass lines. The vocals that come through are soaked in gore and bile and sound just as cadaverous and deadly as the music surrounding them. There aren’t fillers and there aren’t any breaks within Repulsive Existence and what you get from that is incredibly devastating and rotting death metal.

This entire album is rotting, fetid and repulsive as the title of the record suggests. There isn’t a song on here that isn’t poisonous and wretched and with the passing of each track you can see your life fading quickly. This is a piece of pure death metal at its rawest, pulsing and bleeding form and is sure to please any death-head.

Repulsive Existence will be out through Underground Movement July 12, 2016.

Check out the advanced track Voices From Beyond the Grave.

Without Mercy: Mouichido

May 24, 2016


There don’t seem to be too many things that are as aggressive as Without Mercy and with their new release-technically re-release-Mouichido they certainly show that aggression off. Not only is this EP incredibly angry, but it also serves to inspire. “Let this EP be the story that inspires you to push through something difficult and come out the other side a stronger and more experienced person,”  states bound founder DJ Temple. Within this release you will find four songs that each have different meanings and different motivation for being written, and each song is meant to provide you with the power to overcome.

Straight out of the gate Without Mercy barrels right through your chest and doesn’t quit for the entire listen. One song flows to the next and you get pummeled from beginning to end. The only semi moment of reprieve that you get is with the final song Morphine as it leads you in with a little bit of an intro, but other than that you’re on your own trying to survive the incredible onslaught of brain damaging metal. Without Mercy really does live up to their name, and without any mercy whatsoever they pile drive you straight into the ground and assault you from every direction until the final song concludes.

As inspirational as this EP is and as inspirational as each message within each song is, Without Mercy lays the heavy on thick. Even though this is only four songs, through just one listen you feel as though you’ve been listening nonstop for hours. Mouichido puts you through the wringer and back again as this EP never backs down and never gives you a moment to breath. Mouichido is volatile and unapologetically so as every song blitzes you and smacks you right in the mouth.

Mouichido is ridiculously heavy and certainly drives their message home with one of the best mediums ever, heavy metal. When you don’t think that it could get anymore chest cracking than it already is, Without Mercy up the ante and make the next song heavier. You can’t help yourself but to headbang until your head rolls right off your shoulders and to feel inspired and enlightened as these gents jack hammer positivity right into your frontal lobe.

With each song you get an immense amount of bouncing and crunching riffs married with devastating drumming and disgustingly heavy bass lines. Injecting themselves into the heavy fold are the vocals that are positively maniacal as the vocalist pushes his vocal chords to the limit as he switches between shredding growls and broken glass filled screams. Without Mercy does a great job of getting you up and feeling a certain empowered rage about you. This EP is intoxicating and you just can’t seem to stop listening, and it’s only four songs, but it really does hit you like a ton of bricks.

Right from the beginning you feel the weight and the immensity of Mouichido and one listen just doesn’t do it justice. This is a re-release of previously recorded material with a new vocalist and even so, Without Mercy comes out swinging again and knocks it clear out of the park.

Mouichido will be out May 27, 2016.

Now, take a listen to Worthless.

Sludgehammer: The Fallen Sun

May 21, 2016

Sludge photo 2.png

According to Sludgehammer themselves, their goal with their music is to “crush audiences with their penetrating and abrasive brand of thrash-tinged death metal”, and after listening to their new offering The Fallen Sun I can say that it has been accomplished. Sludgehammer is visceral and and definitely lives up to their name. With several different genres of metal at work including thrash, death, and groove, what you get is a murky and sludge filled sound that does in fact hit you like a fucking hammer upside the head. There are eleven total songs on this release, and each one has the capacity to kill you all by itself.

From beginning to end, The Fallen Sun just doesn’t quit. Sludgehammer flies out of the gate like a demon spawning from hell and from then on your face gets shredded and you get completely eviscerated. Each song is a barrage of highly potent and sinister music that barrels straight through your ear drums only to scramble your brain and cause permanent damage. The Fallen Sun as a whole is a ripping piece of work that is cranked to eleven at all times and doesn’t give a second thought about how many people may have been laid to waste because of it.

There isn’t a dull moment in this release and there is never any time to relax as one song rolls on to the next and each song is just as bombastic and jet fueled as the one previous. The speed at which Sludgehammer plays is incredible as it’s as though they took the fastest thrash elements they could find and the quickest death metal styles they could find and played them at three times the speed. The Fallen Sun is a maelstrom of metal and it whips you around with ease and has a tendency to give you whiplash and even a possible broken neck.

The entire record sports a long run time of fifty-five minutes, so if you think you are skipping out on the record or if you think it will be a short metal onslaught, you are sorely mistaken. The Fallen Sun is a long record but it never feels like one since Sludgehammer plays at mach five the entire time, nor does it feel long since each song is highly entertaining and you can’t not listen for just one second. This entire release is bombastic, chaotic, poisonous, face melting and shredding to the extreme and there is no where you can turn to hide from it.

Each second of this record is packed with skin flaying riffs, screeching solos, drums that hammer away at your face, bass lines that are intent on gutting you and vocals that switch between entirely sinister growls and powerful belting thrashy vocals. With all of the different elements that Sludgehammer brings to this record, they make everything work cohesively to create a listen that is tumultuous, shredding and purely detrimental to your health and to your ears. You can’t not play this record as loud as you can stand it as it is a release that demands you to crank your speakers as loud as they can go.

The Fallen Sun is a release that is sure to appease and please many metal heads from all different genre backgrounds. There is a lot crammed in here, but Sludgehammer makes it work and brings everything to a cohesive arrangement of bombast, debauchery and pure metal goodness. The Fallen Sun is a neck cranking, whiplash inducing and punishing listen that provides you with plenty of material to thrash about to. This is definitely a great listen that leaves you pressing the play button over and over again.

Take a gander and headbang to Carrion Eater.

Arkadia: Aspirations & Reality

May 21, 2016


Melodic death metal comes in all different sounds and Arkadia has that different sound to them that you wouldn’t necessarily group with The Black Dahlia Murder and the like. Aspirations & Reality is Arkadia’s newest offering and it displays nine songs of unique melodic death metal that not only can be pummeling but are also atmospheric and ambient at the same time. Throughout each song, Arkadia mixes tempos and transitions between heavy crushing death metal to a slower more melodic pace and back again. Aspirations & Reality has quite a bit of diversity running through it which gives the listener more variation and keeps you guessing as to what you will be getting next.

Arkadia presents one solid slab of melodic death metal after the next as each song rolls to the next. There isn’t a song on this record that is used as a filler, so what you get is nine solid songs that are thick with ambiance and galloping death metal. Throughout Aspirations & Reality you never really know what sound you will be getting next as these Finnish death-heads transition between romping death metal and shrouding melodic entries. All in the same song you can be headbanging one second then the next you can be thrust into a thick amount of wondrous atmosphere which is brought to you by well placed synths that work alongside deafening death metal noise.

With each song, Arkadia does a great job of balancing out the softer elements with the harsher elements to create a diverse listen. Each of the nine songs that are present on this record catch your attention and work their way into your mind one way or another. The twists and the turns that run through this record are a small part of what makes this record captivating as you don’t know what you will be getting one minute to the next. The larger part of what makes this release memorable is the fact that the production is clean and the music itself is well written and well performed.

Even though Arkadia borders on the softer side of death metal there is no shortage of skull damaging tirades of death. Every song is riddled with romping sections of deadly death metal that keep you headbanging until your neck snaps. You get punishing riffs supplemented by screeching solos, your yearly dosage of concrete shattering bass lines, a drum performance that sounds as though the drummer has a grudge against his own kit, and vocals that are gravel filled and yet completely understandable.

On the other side of the blood drenched coin, when the more melodious moments appear, Arkadia breaks out the synths that shroud you in atmosphere, clean vocals that are brief yet soaring, and you get to hear the bass shine like on Small Town Syndrome. There is a good balance of both heavy and harsh as well as soft and mellow. Within this release there are plenty of riffs and guitar solos to air guitar to and the vocals are spot on so you can scream with the vocalist if you so choose.

Aspirations & Reality is a solid release and a good listen that gives you plenty of content through nine songs. The musicianship is tight, the vocals are powerful and the production is clean and each of those elements have come together to create a record that is hard hitting and keeps you interested and listening for its entirety.

Aspirations & Reality is already out in Finland, but it will be released internationally June 17, 2016 through Inverse Records.

Tomydeepestego: TMDE

May 21, 2016

tomydeepestego - TMDE - cover.png

Tomydeepestego hails from Rome and TMDE is their fourth effort after a decade after their inception. Tomydeepestego plays an interesting brand of post hardcore mixed with some progressive and psychedelic tendencies. There aren’t any vocals present on this release of course since Tomydeepestego is an instrumental band and that really just makes you pay attention that much more to the music at hand. There are five total songs on this record that encompass you and make your mind wander with the progressive elements as well as make you headbang with a feverish intensity with the hardcore injections.

It’s an interesting decision to create such a sound and mix completely different genres together, but since these gents have been around for ten years they create something that is cohesive and unique. The hardcore elements play off of the progressive elements and vice versa ultimately to create expansive atmospheres that make your mind drift effortlessly. Tomydeepestego drifts from hardcore to psychedelia seamlessly and back again. One minute you may be drifting through time and space filled with vivid colors and creatures and the next you are grounded again by the harsher tones of the hardcore noise.

If you are not getting one or the other you will be getting both elements at the same time. With the psychedelia paired with hardcore the sound comes out something like you and your mind drifting through space while ripples and waves of abrasiveness and destruction flow around you. There really aren’t too many words that can describe what Tomydeepestego portrays or what their music sounds like other than “unique”. TMDE is an intriguing listen, one that takes you on an unexpected ride through vivid soundscapes and makes you trip out on the same psychedelic that they are taking themselves, and yet all at the same time you are able to rock out and headbang and stomp with feverish intensity.

All throughout TMDE you get bombarded with riffs that float and waft through the air like a fog that are only to be paired with heavier crunching riffs. To supplement the riff wizardry is the bass that all on its own is a force to be reckoned with and the drums that are acrobatic and rhythmic. With everything that Tomydeepestego throws at you and with everything that they tie into this record they do it effortlessly and seamlessly. TMDE is an interesting album and a good listen and is for anyone who likes progressive metal, psychedelic metal, hardcore, or just great instrumental work.

TMDE will be out May 23, 2016.

Vindland: Hanter Savet

May 21, 2016

Cover - Vindland - Hanter Savet.jpg

After a bit of a hiatus, Vindland has come marching back into the pagan black metal scene with Hanter Savet. This new offering is a lengthy one and sports nine songs that sweep across fifty-five minutes. Through each song, Vindland makes sure that they have your full attention and the make you pay attention and listen to each song through and through by providing you with mystical atmospheres and all encompassing ambiance. Hanter Savet is an album that draws you in and has you listen until the last note has been played as it is mystical and enchanting.

Vindland has found a good balance between being purely punishing and melodic and atmospheric. With Hanter Savet you get a good dosage of both and each element is usually combined to create something that is raw as well as captivating and wholly atmospheric. Vindland does play at a tempo that is tumultuous and yet it is completely focused, and at other times the music is slowed to create something of a calm before another blackened storm. Different non-traditional metal instruments are used as well to create a serene atmosphere and ambiance that ultimately draws you in and enchants you.

This style of black metal is raw as it is not over produced or doctored up to make it sound over produced but at the same time Vindland provides you with a focused style of pagan black metal. Each of the nine songs are executed very well and seem as though they run as a story. Hanter Savet is a cohesive piece of work as each song works together to create an atmosphere that takes your mind somewhere else for a little while. Hanter Savet is an all encompassing album that captures your attention and captivates your mind right form the very beginning.

As each song gets projected through your speakers, you get hit with smooth yet raw riffs, calculated drumming, heavy bass lines and vocals that tear through the wall of darkened and blistering noise. Along with the blasphemous heavier sounds, the band breaks into softer more serene moments as well providing you with variation and more to soak in as each riff and each not passes through you. At times Vindland gives you jarring and bleak black metal and at other times they give you music that makes you mind drift and wander through the soundscapes in which they create with more meditative sounds.

After some time off, Vindland have created something that is unique and wholly mesmerizing. Hanter Savet is memorable and with each listen each song gets imprinted on your brain. This isn’t an album that is meant to be listened to once as it demands your full attention and demands that you press play more than often. This is a captivating piece of work to say the least, and without further adieu, feast your ears on Hanter Savet.

Ulcer: Heading Below

May 18, 2016


Bubbling up from the cauldron of death three years after releasing Grant Us Death, Ulcer is back with deadly vengeance with Heading Below. Heading Below displays nine total songs that clock in at fifty minutes and each of those minutes is filled with raw and uncompromising death metal. Ulcer plays a brand of death metal that is unmistakably death, as in you can’t mistake it for anything other than that. There aren’t any other added tricks or genres to this release as what you get is pure and unfiltered old-school death metal.

Each song is a cadaverous and hell raising effort that seems to have just crawled up from a six foot hole in the ground. Heading Below is a gnarled and rotting release that reeks of putrefaction and decaying flesh. With this newest record, Ulcer has created something that is abyssal and wholly destructive and only has stripping your flesh from bone and draining your blood from your body on its mind. Not only is this pure death metal, there is also a skin crawling atmosphere about it as well that makes your hair stand up and make you feel as though you are being dragged under the earth by the undead.

After an ominous intro, Ulcer thrusts you straight into the chaos and into the fetid fog without so much as a warning. From then on you get onslaughts of death metal and horrific atmosphere that feed off of your for the entire record until the final song closes. Ulcer hits you with a barrage of uncompromising and relentless death from the beginning to end and they are unapologetic in doing so as well. Each of the nine songs hits hard and is intent on burying you alive or dead six feet in the ground and won’t quit until that goal has been met.

Heading Below is a record that is covered in filth and slathered in grime and all of that can be felt as every song flies out of your speakers. After one listen you feel as though you have been covered in mountains of rotting flesh and fetid blood for the entirety of the fifty minutes. The way that Ulcer plays and with the raw production to go with the sordid play you get songs that sound as though they have been awoken from rotted crypts. The sound of Heading Below and the sound of Ulcer as a band is that of old-school death metal, but Ulcer doesn’t rehash sounds or recreate something that has already been done. Ulcer plays their own unique brand of death metal and with that they have brought forth an intense and unique listen.

Throughout this record you get shrouded in corrosive riffs supplemented by squealing guitar solos, rumbling bass lines, pounding drumming and vocals that are sinister and monstrous. Coupled with the sordid atmosphere that Ulcer provides, you get a blood curdling listen that gets you to headbang until your neck snaps. Heading Below works its way into your brain like a parasite as the entire album is memorable and a great listen.

Heading Below will be out through Arachnophobia Records May 25, 2016.

Fvrlvrn: Demo 2016

May 18, 2016


At their core Fvrlvrn is grind but sprinkled on top is a little bit of soul destroying black metal which is present to just destroy your life even more than the grind will. Fvrlvrn is made up of members of Hateful Transgression and Jesus Wept and along with the new project they bring forth three songs with this demo that are chaotic and utterly skull grinding to say the least. Even though there are only three songs-and this is a pretty good taste of what is hopefully to come-you feel beat up after a couple of listens.

Fvrlvrn is high energy and pure anger and hatred and all of that seeps through with this demo. There isn’t much that you can do to slow the darkened wrath of Fvrlvrn and I have to think that’s just how they want it. After pressing play you are subjected to pure and filthy blackened grind that seizes you by the throat only to rip it out until you’re lifeless. Each song is unique in the way that black metal and grind are balanced and in the way that each of the three songs are damning much like black metal and powerful, raw and eviscerating which stem from the grind.

Unlike typical grind, two of the three songs tops three minutes with the third only running two seconds short of three minutes. The longer run times only give these grind fiends more time to shred your ears and subject you to pure madness and raw filth. The match up of grind and black metal is a good fit since both genres tend to be bombastic and deranged, so putting the two together only creates a maelstrom of metal. This demo is powerful as each song possesses the strength to blast their way into your mind and fester there for a while.

Throughout this demo, Fvrlvrn provides you with ripping buzzing riffs, destructive bass lines, tumultuous drumming and entirely demonic vocals that transition between an unearthly growl and a banshee like screech. When all of that is put together in complete discord you get a raw and unnerving performance that submerges you in darkness and systematically beats you over the head. This demo isn’t just unique because of the musicianship but because of the little atmosphere that you get as well. The song Lurking for example begins with wailing and ominous guitar picking that gives you that cold and abyssal black metal feeling.

Through and through this release is interesting and unique and one that you can listen to over and over again. The combination of grind and black metal works seamlessly together and Fvrlvrn provides you with a soul butchering listen that is undeniable.

Take a listen to Fvrlvrn.

Quallus: Versus

May 17, 2016


Quallus hails from Germany and up from the seething and darkened abyss of doom they drag along with them their demo titled Versus. This demo is just shy of twenty minutes and you may be thinking that perhaps it is split into two songs or three at the most, but that isn’t the case. Versus is all one song that shrouds you in darkness and tries its best to corrupt your soul. The sludge filled doom that Quallus plays is murky and heavy and is so thick that is has a tendency to gum up your speakers. The majority of doom is buzzing and fuzzed out and Quallus gives you both of those essential doom elements in droves.

This twenty minute offering is an epic piece and twenty minutes seems like a while especially when listening to music, but with this demo and with this single song those twenty minutes pass you by in what seems to be a mere couple of minutes. Versus keeps you entertained the entire time and engrossed in the fuzz and the chaos that is this demo. Even though this is doom and it is played at glacial speeds for the most part it doesn’t slow down as the buzzing and wall of darkened doom noise comes barrelling straight through your ear drums only to infect your mind.

Each minute and each second of this demo is filled with buzzing dirges of rumbling doom and Quallus doesn’t let up on the sonic assault for one second. Versus is aggressive and isn’t a demo that is shy about coming at you from all angles as it shrouds you in skull rattling and brain numbing noise. Versus is a massive jumping off point for Quallus as this demo is solid and filled to the brim with blasphemous doom. Each passing second is just as destructive as the one that came before it as the only goal for this demo was to corrupt your soul and level everything and anything  in its path.

Versus is filled with monstrous brain jarring riffs, bone rattling bass lines, rhythmic drumming and vocals that are entirely sordid and sound as though they came straight from the netherworld. This is crushing doom and the sounds from this release seep from your speakers straight through your ears only to manifest themselves as a permanent force within your mind. As mentioned before, this is a solid release and Quallus can only build from here and with this under their belt it will be interesting to see what they come up with next and what an EP or perhaps a full length will sound like. For now however, we have this demo that shreds and provides us with enough doom to tide us over.

Check out Quallus with Versus.

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