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Whispered: Metsutan-Songs of the Void

May 3, 2016


Much like many other heavy metal sub-genres, death metal comes in many shapes and and forms. There is death metal that is downright terrifying and guts you any chance that it gets, there is death metal that is highly technical and sometimes mind boggling and there is death metal that is highly atmospheric and encompassing, and of course there are many other descriptions. However, Whispered falls into the latter. They are highly atmospheric and captivating and all throughout their newest release Metsutan-Songs of the Void, you just can’t seem to stop listening. There is something about this release that is hypnotizing and entirely intriguing.

To begin the album, Whispered eases you in with a hypnotic and wonderful intro that lets you in a little bit on what you are about to hear. This release through and through is death metal,  but spread throughout and spread thick is atmosphere which makes the album almost play out like a play. Metsutan-Songs of the Void is a captivating experience as well as a unique one that demands your undivided attention, and really you have no other option but to give it your undivided attention .

There is a theatrical aspect about this release that draws you in and sucks you into the story that Whispered is portraying. The soundscapes that Whispered creates are vivid and wonderful and they do take your mind elsewhere. Whispered does a great job of catching your attention from the beginning and never letting you go until the final song is over. Each song is highly intoxicating which in turn makes the entire album memorable itself to the point where you will be trapped inside of the vivid soundscapes that Whispered paints for you for some time to come.

Whispered isn’t straight forward death metal as they do incorporate Japanese folk into their brand of metal to really create something unique and something that is their own. Traditional Japanese music works its way into this album more than you may realize and that may sound interesting or it may sound like it wouldn’t necessarily work when incorporating it with heavy and harsh death metal sounds, but they do work exceptionally well together. On one side you get heavy and skull crushing sounds coming from the death metal elements and on the other side of things you get the Japanese folk music which brings serene, calm and atmospheric sounds to your ears.

No matter which sound you are getting it can be said that the entire album is captivating and hypnotic. This is a record that you can listen to over and over again and find something new and this is a release that you can listen to countless times without tiring of it. Whispered find a balance here between harsh and softer sounds that creates something that leave your mind swimming. Metsutan-Songs of the Void is heavy, atmospheric, and ultimately an interesting listen that would be hard to pass up.

Take a look at the music video for their song Strike!

Metsutan-Songs of the Void  will be out through Inverse Records May 20, 2016.



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