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High Fighter: Scars and Crosses

May 7, 2016

High Fighter 'Scars & Crosses'      Album Front Cover_ By Dominic Sohor

Think of some of the heaviest stoner, doom and sludge metal that you can think of and multiply that by at least three and what you should get is High Fighter. High Fighter combines those three more prominent genres and much more in their debut full length to create a listen and to create an album that is diabolically heavy and mesmerizing all at the same time. Scars and Crosses is the name of the release that you see above, and in it you will find eight songs of some of the utmost heaviest of metals. This is an album that doesn’t go away with ease as it sticks to you and floats around in your memory until that is all that you think about.

Each listen provides you with something new as different and new nuances are brought forth with every time that you press play. High Fighter has created something that is intriguing and wholly unique as the style that they play is a bit unorthodox, compelling and completely intoxicating. Whether you want to drive these songs out of your head or not you just simply cannot. Each song infests itself inside of your mind like a sickening doom worm that won’t leave your subconscious anytime soon as you keep playing this release over and over again in your head.

This entire release is hard rocking and completely unforgettable. Scars and Crosses is an intense listen and isn’t for the faint of heart as High Fighter throws everything they have at you and so much more. Packed within this debut is a massive amount of material that will keep you headbanging and rocking for months. From the very beginning, High Fighter has you rocking along and ever since the drop of the first note they never let up as you continue in a perpetual headbanging fervor.

Scars and Crosses is filled with plenty enough sludge and grime to gum up your speakers. Each of the eight songs that are present on this release are incredibly thick and filled with plenty of buzz and fuzz to jar your brain out of your skull. Apart from this record being as heavy as it is, it is also incredibly hypnotic and with each listen it draws you in further and further into the deep and dark doomed mystique that it paints.

High Fighter hits you with skull crushing riffs that are paired with bass lines that are heavy enough to crack concrete and a drum performance that is acrobatic to say the least. On top of the impressive musicianship, the vocals are forceful and powerful as they switch between captivating cleans and destructive roars. There isn’t anything that High Fighter doesn’t do on this album that keeps you coming back. When you feel as though you are finished listening they draw you back in only for you to listen more and more.

As debut albums go, this may just have to be one of the strongest of the year so far. Scars and Crosses is an unwavering powerhouse of an album that should garner a lot of attention. This is a release that can be listened to over and over again without you tiring of it and this is a release that just simply will not leave your mind. High Fighter makes a statement with this release and that statement is that they are here to provide rocking tunes to the masses and set fire to the doom and sludge world, and man do they do both with this effort.

Scars and Crosses will be out June 10, 2016 off of Svart Records.

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