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Punk Destruction

May 8, 2016


Hailing from the land down under is Life Debt and trudging up through the ranks with them is their 2016 demo. This is a relatively short demo as it only sports four songs, but within those four songs you get the anger and angst that you expect to feel and expect a hardcore band to portray. Even though each song is short and the EP is short, you get riled up just the same as you get pumped full of adrenaline and are just about ready to smash windows with bricks and beat up anyone that is looking at you slightly the wrong way. This EP from these Melbourne, Australia dwellers is invigorating and certainly does get you in the state of mind that it is okay to speak your mind and do what you want and not care about what anyone else says or tells you to do. This is a heavy stomping madhouse of an EP that makes you feel as though you have been in the ring a couple of rounds with a heavyweight. This entire EP is undeniable and you just can’t get the songs out of your head once you press play and you keep pressing play over and over again once a listen has concluded. Life Debt has created something intoxicating and righteous that pummels its way right into the center of your brain only to infest itself there for quite some time. This EP is a great combination of heavy stomping riffs, neck cracking bass lines, concrete shattering drumming and vocals that sound as though they’re being screamed at you from inches away. Life Debt is intense, and with this EP they make their presence felt right from the beginning. This is a pretty great way to announce an arrival and this EP is a great jumping off point for these Melbourne natives and you should expect more hardcore debauchery to come.


Hardcore is meant to be loud, chaotic, and heavy and Negative Measures brings all of that to the table and more with their newest EP Demotivational Speeches. This seven track EP throws just about everything at you and even more. Through each song you get stomped into the ground by furious and pissed off hardcore, and at other times-even though they are seldom-you get a little bit of a brooding nature as well. Whether you are getting either the slightly brooding side of Negative Measures or you are getting the boot to the throat side, Demotivational Speeches is undeniably heavy. More often than not you will find yourself thrashing around in your house, out in the street or wherever you are listening to this. This EP makes you headbang and makes you want to incite a mosh with like minded pissed off individuals. Through and through, Demotivational Speeches is memorable as each song gets stuck in your head whether you want them to or not. Demotivational Speeches is aggressive and as in your face as you would like hardcore to be, and if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be hardcore. This pummels your ear drums with a sonic assault of down tuned crushing riffs, obese bass lines, chaotic drumming and vocals that are throat ripping and ear drum splitting. Each of the seven songs that make an appearance on this EP are covered in completely rugged, raw and head smashing sounds that make for a listen that is wholly intense and undeniably memorable. Demotivational Speeches is an interesting and unique listen and one that will make you want to come back to it numerous times.


Off of the London, UK label Static Shock Records we find Strutter and their newest self titled offering which offers up four songs played in the vein of traditional punk. Three of the four songs are kept under the two minute mark and are played in an intense bombastic fashion. Before you know it the EP is over, but before it concludes you get attacked from all angles by this furious and pissed off punk outfit. This self titled EP is a window smashing anarchic good time that is sure to cause you fits of rage if only for a brief couple of minutes. This EP is a ripper and Strutter doesn’t give you time to catch your breath at all as they hit you with track after track after track without giving you any time to recover in between. Strutter starts with plenty of ferociousness and fury and right from the very first note until the very last note they never let up even once. Even though this EP is incredibly short it does pack quite the punch and makes you wonder what kind of damage Strutter could do with a full length. With that being said though, this release is filled with plenty of pissed off punk fury to tide you over until that full length does come. Strutter plays a style of punk that is neck breaking and whiplash inducing as you just can’t help but to headbang and stomp around even after the EP has long concluded. Strutter bombards you with frantic riffs, schizophrenic bass lines, acrobatic drumming and vocals that seem to be yelled at you from all different directions. This is a high octane listen that is incredibly entertaining and packs a punch and then some.


Forced Order came out with Vanished Crusade mid last year and within this release you get fourteen songs of boot stomping, throat crushing, and gut ripping hardcore. This is a violent release that only wants to grind your skull into dust and provide you with enough headbanging tunes that it gives you a severe case of whiplash. Vanished Crusade is ridiculously heavy and as soon as the first note shreds your ears, Forced Order keeps coming with their furious brand of hardcore until your head is spinning with violent riffs and altogether earth scorching tracks. For fourteen tracks you get pummeled with berserk and purely savage hardcore that seems like its already shed enough blood to flood a battlefield. Vanished Crusade is an intense listen, one that is fuel injected and filled with enough bombast and anger to level a city. There isn’t anything on this release that doesn’t want to pound into the ground and see you squirm as it squashes you under a mighty boot. Right from the very beginning, Forced Order aims for your jugular and one song right after the next comes after you in a furious fashion. Each song is crammed with savage riffs, skull splitting bass lines, heavy and pin point drumming and vocals that are gravel filled and larynx straining. Vanished Crusade is a writhing piece of work that is entirely deadly and venomous but you still can’t stop yourself from pressing the play button more than often. This album shouldn’t be taken lightly and if it is it could prove deadly.

That is the end of the very first installment of Punk Destruction. I hope everyone enjoyed the read as this is meant to shine a light on punk and hardcore and showcase the heavy destruction that they can cause. Stay tuned!

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