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Mortal Strike: For the Loud and the Aggressive

May 10, 2016

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For the Loud and the Aggressive is a name that embodies all heavy metal since it is the loudest and most aggressive genre there is. For the Loud and the Aggressive is also the name of Mortal Strike’s newest offering and they stick true to that title as well. Out of the eleven songs that are on this release not one of them isn’t loud or aggressive. Each song bursts out of the gate right from the get go and doesn’t let up. Mortal Strike only knows how to play loud and fast music and they keep it coming at you like a blitzkrieg for the entire record.

Mortal Strike play furious and face melting thrash metal that will get you headbanging in a hurry and even after the record is done you still continue to crank your neck to the bombastic thrashing tunes. Mortal Strike may or may not know that the word “slow” exists and that isn’t for me to speculate, but what I do know is that judging by this record it may be a possibility. There isn’t a moment on For the Loud and the Aggressive that is slow and not entirely chaotic and that’s just the way that it should be.

For the Loud and the Aggressive pumps adrenaline fueled thrash straight to your veins making you a neurotic thrash fiend. As soon as Mortal Strike gets rolling there isn’t anything that can stop them. From the first note on, Mortal Strike keeps coming as aggressive as you would think they would and keep coming at you until your brain has turned to mush from all of the neck snapping savagery that they ladle upon you.

This record is a tumultuous listen filled with plenty of anger and enough bombast to level your building. This newest offering from the thrash meastros is a writhing and slithering record that does its best to cave your head in. For the Loud and the Aggressive is a romping and stomping good listen that keeps you wholly entertained for the entire time as you become engrossed in the music and can’t stop feverishly headbanging.

All eleven songs are packed to the bursting point with destructive riffs and chaotic solos coupled with obese bass lines and acrobatic drumming. The vocals that are forced through the wall of sound are gravel filled and forceful as they are yelled and screamed at you from every angle. There is never a dull moment in any of the songs and there isn’t any breathing room either as one song melts into the next and the next so you can’t prepare yourself for the thrash assault.

Overall, For the Loud and the Aggressive is a great bombastic listen that keeps you entertained and intrigued for the entire time. This release is technical, quick and memorable as it has you chanting along with it before long.

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