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Regicide: Fall of an Empire

May 10, 2016

regicide cover art

Belonging to the new wave of American thrash metal is Regicide as they hail from New Mexico, and along from Las Cruces they bring with them their newest effort titled Fall of an Empire. Regicide is unmistakably thrash as there aren’t any other genres at play within this release to make you think otherwise. Regicide has thrash metal coursing through their veins and their main goal with this release is to make you headbang as much as possible and have thrash running through your veins as well. Regicide plays a little bit more in the traditional style of thrash which gives you a little bit of a throw back feel and yet they make the sound all their own.

Fall of an Empire is filled with eight songs of harsh and in your face thrash that are equally memorable and stick with you. Each song is high octane and fuel injected and even when there is a break in all of the thrashing madness and you get the slightly softer side of Regicide they transition back pretty quickly to their break neck brand of metal. Of the eight songs that make an appearance here, seven are thrashing madhouses since the fourth song could be seen as more of an interlude.

From the beginning of Fall of an Empire you know that you are in for a ride. Fall of an Empire makes you bang your fragile brain against your thick skull as fast as you possibly can go and as much as you possibly can. Each song gets you into the thrashing mood and gets you up off of your couch and on your feet to take to the streets and recruit like minded thrash fueled individuals. Regicide does a great job of creating songs that are both heavy and memorable all at the same time which makes for a good listen.

While there may not be anything that is earth shattering here or revolutionary, Regicide sticks to their thrash roots puling from old-school thrash as well as their new wave banner to create a great overall and solid sound. With each song you get drawn in deeper and deeper into the debauchery that thrash feeds off of and that Regicide thrives off of. Their ferocious thrash output makes you throw the horns up in the air and snap your neck in headbanging fervor.

All eight songs supply you with down tuned and blazing riffs only to bombard you with slick and utterly face melting solos. Not only are the riffs heavy, but the bass work is solid and thunderous as the drumming pummels away at the inside of your ear drums. On top of the tumultuous music are the vocals that are gravely and more on the spoken spectrum only to be backed by death metal-like vocals every so often.

If you are looking for some solid thrash, Regicide are the guys for you, and if you are looking for thrash that is new but has a touch of old-school, then Regicide are the guys for you. Fall of an Empire is a solid record and a good listen from these New Mexico dwellers and is a good fit in anyone’s collection that is into thrash.

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