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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Hungry Like Rakovitz: Nevermind the Light

May 11, 2016


In a lot of ways Hungry Like Rakovitz plays in the traditional vein of grind, but in other ways they make it their own and contort it to make it sound like they want and have the genre bend to their will. There is one thing that is for certain and that is that Hungry Like Rakovitz is grind to the bone and their new effort titled Nevermind the Light is filled with raw energy that is ready to burst every time that you press play. There are twelve songs in this release and each one aims right for the jugular from the very beginning.

This is an album that has the ability to grab you by the throat and throw you around like some sort of rag doll and it does that pretty effectively. Not only does Hungry Like Rakovitz play an unsettling style of grind that is skull grinding, but they also slow the tempo when needed and plays a choppy and wholly decapitating style of grind. Each song comes at you pretty quick and does you in pretty quick as well, and as soon as one song ends another begins and takes its place in subjecting you to a beating.

Nevermind the Light is chaos and visceral hatred combined together and what you get is exactly what you hear on this release. This album is dangerous and if played loud enough it could take down buildings and possibly cull a few unknowing civilians. The majority of the songs do not cross the three minute mark save for a few, so what you get are short bursts of anger and hostility and as one song rolls into the next you get forced back in your chair by the sheer velocity that Hungry Like Rakovitz plays.

This third effort by these hellions is filled with plenty of grime and filth to go around and all of that is shot out at you through your speakers in harsh and brutalizing fashion. There isn’t anything within this release that isn’t terrifying and wholly disastrous and there isn’t anything in this record that leaves you believing that this is anything other than straight grime and filth. You can’t seem to escape the bitterness and the hatred that is crammed into this album and the more that you try you just get pulled deeper into the vortex of grinding madness.

Nevermind the Light is filled with spastic riffs, neck breaking drumming, organ rupturing bass lines and vocals that tear and shred your ears. With each writhing and serpentine element that Hungry Like Rakovitz puts into this release you end up getting pulled into a vortex of madness and chaos that keeps you headbanging with feverish intent forever. These gents that are seemingly from hell have created something again with their third release that leaves you feeling black and blue and with this type of music that’s a good sign.


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