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Wall of Water: S/T

May 13, 2016


Wall of Water’s intention for their self titled release-as well as their others-is to merge numerous micro genres of heavy metal together and to transcend these genres, and with this self titled release they do exactly that. There isn’t much that you can do or say to pigeonhole Wall of Water to one specific genre. You can say that they are black metal but in the blink of an eye they change their sound and identity. They’re chameleons of heavy metal and can change their tone, tempo, rhythms and much more at the blink of an eye.

You can say with great certainty that Wall of Water isn’t afraid to push boundaries and push the envelope and experiment and create something altogether new and never heard of before. With everything that these boundary pushers throw at you and with everything that they add into their music, each song is very cohesive and well understood and this entire release is one that is very well written and as dark and twisting as you would like it to be.

Throughout this release you get a maelstrom of music and a wall of sound that hits you right in the gut, and even if the majority of this release is filled with pure chaos it does have its melodious and serene moments as well. Wall of Water catches you of guard with every twist and turn that this album throws at you and if you were expecting one or two songs to sound anything alike, you would be mistaken. Each song has its own identity and each song sounds entirely different from the next, and what Wall of Water gives you is diversity and variation and plenty of music to soak in.

Sooner or later throughout this release, Wall of Water immerses you in their ever darkening atmospheres and their wholly raw and purely punishing sound and style of play. Wall of Water takes blistering and soul darkening black metal and blankets it over numerous micro genres of metal to bring to you a release that is new and exciting as well as completely damning and void of any genre tags. Throughout this album, each song writhes and slithers along with enough venom to kill a bear.

The majority of the six songs are riddled with poisonous and electrifying riffs that are often coupled with the serene and almost melancholic riffs. Married with the riffs are heavy bass lines and solid and acrobatic drumming and forcing their way through the wall of sound are the harsh and larynx straining vocals. To create the atmosphere and suck you into the music are the keyboards and with them Wall of Water creates something that is all encompassing and at times serene as though the sweet kiss of death was laid upon you.

This self titled release is undeniable and unmistakable, as in you can’t deny the fact that this is an incredibly solid release and you won’t find another sound such as this. All around Wall of Water brings something to the table that is unique and very intriguing. As soon as you press play you become hooked and you can’t seem to find it within yourself to stop listening. Simply put, this is a release that shouldn’t be looked over or missed.

Check out Wall of Water.

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