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Behind the Shadows: Raising Hell EP

May 14, 2016


Originally playing under the name Gian which played blackened death metal, the band went under a name change to Behind the Shadows and instead of playing blackened death they play something that is a cross between genres such as black metal, death and elements of power metal as well. Raising Hell is the brand new EP from the newly coveted Behind the Shadows and it sports six songs of melodic, heavy and hard hitting heavy metal. Behind the Shadows plays a sleek and well balanced style of heavy metal that gives you both the heavier sounds as well as provides you with the more melodic side of things. You get a lot of variation within this release which gives you a lot to let soak in and gives you more to listen for with each listen.

With each of the different genres that you can point out within Raising Hell, Behind the Shadows does a great job of incorporating all of them to create a sound that is cohesive and altogether intriguing and incredibly heavy. With the black metal elements you get a sound that is bleak and shrouded in mysticism and with the death metal elements you get sounds that are harsh and aren’t afraid to pummel you into the earth when needed. The power metal aspects present a more melodious tune that ultimately provides you plenty of atmosphere ambiance.

Raising Hell, with everything that is thrown into the heavy metal fray, gives you an interesting and unique listen. You get a solid release that is well produced and well executed and with everything added together you get sucked right into the music. Behind the Shadows does a great job of capturing your undivided attention and keeping it throughout the entirety of their EP. There isn’t a song on here that feels as though it is a filler as one song flows right to the next.

For this just being an EP it is rather powerful and captivating and with the different genres that Behind the Shadows utilizes here with this release it is something that is fresh and unique. Throughout this EP you will find heavy and hard hitting riffs coupled with solid drumming and thick bass lines. To add a certain element of mysticism and atmosphere you will hear plenty of symphonic elements as well which marry very well with the rest of the music. Not only in the musicianship do you hear plenty of variation but you hear it in the vocals as well. For the majority of the release you will get smooth and silky cleans but every so often you will get a harsher almost death metal like growl.

For a band that just used to play in the collapsed vein of blackened death metal, this EP is a great listen and a great use of numerous genres. Raising Hell is highly potent and very memorable and would please just about anyone that is remotely interested in black metal, death metal, power metal or symphonic metal. There are a lot of working pieces within this release but Behind the Shadows makes it work and with that they created something that unique and a great listen.

Raising Hell will be out through Visionaire Records May 18, 2016.

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