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Age of Agony: For the Fallen

May 16, 2016

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Death metal has been and always will be a grisly and gruesome sub-genre of heavy metal and Age of Agony does nothing to make you think that death metal has in fact gone in the other direction. Age of Agony plays more in the vein of old-school death metal as a matter of fact, but they do not rehash the same sound that their death metal forefathers played with. For the Forgotten is played in that same exact collapsed vein but Age of Agony makes it their own and brings to the table something that is spirit crushing and ultimately head caving.

Age of Agony more than anything else is interested in bringing to you history and stories of war and what better way to do that than through one of the most grisly heavy metal sub-genres? Their story telling is unique as they don’t bring to you gore and guts constantly, but instead they bring you a little bit of history and provide you with dramatic story telling in the only way that they see fit, and that is death metal. War is gruesome and incredibly violent, so when you marry death metal with stories of war just like the ones that are told here, you get something that is quite fascinating.

Each song in For the Forgotten is gnarled and stripped of anything polished and fancy what so ever. You get a raw and powerful sound that projects from your speakers and it hits you in the chest like a cannonball. Age of Agony is furious and destructive in their attack and don’t stop until their story either hits home or the album ends whichever comes first. Each of the ten songs is undeniable as they force their way into your memory and make it well known that they are coming for you and they are bringing the cavalry. As one song bleeds into the next, you don’t get a chance to catch your breath as each song comes at you like a blitzkrieg.

For the Forgotten is massive and monstrous and as a whole can squash you like an insect, and each song is powerful and massive in its own right. There isn’t a song in this record that is a filler and what you get for ten straight songs is purely eviscerating, raw and punishing death metal that just simply won’t quit. Age of Agony shoots out of the gates like a bat out of hell and their ferocity does’t stop until the final song has come to a close. From The Korps to Our Last Stand you get skull grinding death metal at its finest and even though you are being pummeled from the inside out you can’t seem to shake the memory of these songs.

All ten songs are very well crafted and the raw production only adds to the overall effect that this release has on you. Each song is riddled with powerful intestine lacerating riffs, smashing bass lines, ground and pound drums that crack your spine and vocals that shred and tear their way through the wall of death metal noise only to shred your ears. Age of Agony is destructive and chaotic and even with that said, the musicianship is pin point and completely devastating.

You can’t go wrong with For the Forgottenif you are remotely interested in history, stories of war, or death metal. This is a great listen that has a lot of fire power and bombast and all at the same time it is highly memorable.

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