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Fvrlvrn: Demo 2016

May 18, 2016


At their core Fvrlvrn is grind but sprinkled on top is a little bit of soul destroying black metal which is present to just destroy your life even more than the grind will. Fvrlvrn is made up of members of Hateful Transgression and Jesus Wept and along with the new project they bring forth three songs with this demo that are chaotic and utterly skull grinding to say the least. Even though there are only three songs-and this is a pretty good taste of what is hopefully to come-you feel beat up after a couple of listens.

Fvrlvrn is high energy and pure anger and hatred and all of that seeps through with this demo. There isn’t much that you can do to slow the darkened wrath of Fvrlvrn and I have to think that’s just how they want it. After pressing play you are subjected to pure and filthy blackened grind that seizes you by the throat only to rip it out until you’re lifeless. Each song is unique in the way that black metal and grind are balanced and in the way that each of the three songs are damning much like black metal and powerful, raw and eviscerating which stem from the grind.

Unlike typical grind, two of the three songs tops three minutes with the third only running two seconds short of three minutes. The longer run times only give these grind fiends more time to shred your ears and subject you to pure madness and raw filth. The match up of grind and black metal is a good fit since both genres tend to be bombastic and deranged, so putting the two together only creates a maelstrom of metal. This demo is powerful as each song possesses the strength to blast their way into your mind and fester there for a while.

Throughout this demo, Fvrlvrn provides you with ripping buzzing riffs, destructive bass lines, tumultuous drumming and entirely demonic vocals that transition between an unearthly growl and a banshee like screech. When all of that is put together in complete discord you get a raw and unnerving performance that submerges you in darkness and systematically beats you over the head. This demo isn’t just unique because of the musicianship but because of the little atmosphere that you get as well. The song Lurking for example begins with wailing and ominous guitar picking that gives you that cold and abyssal black metal feeling.

Through and through this release is interesting and unique and one that you can listen to over and over again. The combination of grind and black metal works seamlessly together and Fvrlvrn provides you with a soul butchering listen that is undeniable.

Take a listen to Fvrlvrn.

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