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Sludgehammer: The Fallen Sun

May 21, 2016

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According to Sludgehammer themselves, their goal with their music is to “crush audiences with their penetrating and abrasive brand of thrash-tinged death metal”, and after listening to their new offering The Fallen Sun I can say that it has been accomplished. Sludgehammer is visceral and and definitely lives up to their name. With several different genres of metal at work including thrash, death, and groove, what you get is a murky and sludge filled sound that does in fact hit you like a fucking hammer upside the head. There are eleven total songs on this release, and each one has the capacity to kill you all by itself.

From beginning to end, The Fallen Sun just doesn’t quit. Sludgehammer flies out of the gate like a demon spawning from hell and from then on your face gets shredded and you get completely eviscerated. Each song is a barrage of highly potent and sinister music that barrels straight through your ear drums only to scramble your brain and cause permanent damage. The Fallen Sun as a whole is a ripping piece of work that is cranked to eleven at all times and doesn’t give a second thought about how many people may have been laid to waste because of it.

There isn’t a dull moment in this release and there is never any time to relax as one song rolls on to the next and each song is just as bombastic and jet fueled as the one previous. The speed at which Sludgehammer plays is incredible as it’s as though they took the fastest thrash elements they could find and the quickest death metal styles they could find and played them at three times the speed. The Fallen Sun is a maelstrom of metal and it whips you around with ease and has a tendency to give you whiplash and even a possible broken neck.

The entire record sports a long run time of fifty-five minutes, so if you think you are skipping out on the record or if you think it will be a short metal onslaught, you are sorely mistaken. The Fallen Sun is a long record but it never feels like one since Sludgehammer plays at mach five the entire time, nor does it feel long since each song is highly entertaining and you can’t not listen for just one second. This entire release is bombastic, chaotic, poisonous, face melting and shredding to the extreme and there is no where you can turn to hide from it.

Each second of this record is packed with skin flaying riffs, screeching solos, drums that hammer away at your face, bass lines that are intent on gutting you and vocals that switch between entirely sinister growls and powerful belting thrashy vocals. With all of the different elements that Sludgehammer brings to this record, they make everything work cohesively to create a listen that is tumultuous, shredding and purely detrimental to your health and to your ears. You can’t not play this record as loud as you can stand it as it is a release that demands you to crank your speakers as loud as they can go.

The Fallen Sun is a release that is sure to appease and please many metal heads from all different genre backgrounds. There is a lot crammed in here, but Sludgehammer makes it work and brings everything to a cohesive arrangement of bombast, debauchery and pure metal goodness. The Fallen Sun is a neck cranking, whiplash inducing and punishing listen that provides you with plenty of material to thrash about to. This is definitely a great listen that leaves you pressing the play button over and over again.

Take a gander and headbang to Carrion Eater.

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