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Tomydeepestego: TMDE

May 21, 2016

tomydeepestego - TMDE - cover.png

Tomydeepestego hails from Rome and TMDE is their fourth effort after a decade after their inception. Tomydeepestego plays an interesting brand of post hardcore mixed with some progressive and psychedelic tendencies. There aren’t any vocals present on this release of course since Tomydeepestego is an instrumental band and that really just makes you pay attention that much more to the music at hand. There are five total songs on this record that encompass you and make your mind wander with the progressive elements as well as make you headbang with a feverish intensity with the hardcore injections.

It’s an interesting decision to create such a sound and mix completely different genres together, but since these gents have been around for ten years they create something that is cohesive and unique. The hardcore elements play off of the progressive elements and vice versa ultimately to create expansive atmospheres that make your mind drift effortlessly. Tomydeepestego drifts from hardcore to psychedelia seamlessly and back again. One minute you may be drifting through time and space filled with vivid colors and creatures and the next you are grounded again by the harsher tones of the hardcore noise.

If you are not getting one or the other you will be getting both elements at the same time. With the psychedelia paired with hardcore the sound comes out something like you and your mind drifting through space while ripples and waves of abrasiveness and destruction flow around you. There really aren’t too many words that can describe what Tomydeepestego portrays or what their music sounds like other than “unique”. TMDE is an intriguing listen, one that takes you on an unexpected ride through vivid soundscapes and makes you trip out on the same psychedelic that they are taking themselves, and yet all at the same time you are able to rock out and headbang and stomp with feverish intensity.

All throughout TMDE you get bombarded with riffs that float and waft through the air like a fog that are only to be paired with heavier crunching riffs. To supplement the riff wizardry is the bass that all on its own is a force to be reckoned with and the drums that are acrobatic and rhythmic. With everything that Tomydeepestego throws at you and with everything that they tie into this record they do it effortlessly and seamlessly. TMDE is an interesting album and a good listen and is for anyone who likes progressive metal, psychedelic metal, hardcore, or just great instrumental work.

TMDE will be out May 23, 2016.

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