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Vindland: Hanter Savet

May 21, 2016

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After a bit of a hiatus, Vindland has come marching back into the pagan black metal scene with Hanter Savet. This new offering is a lengthy one and sports nine songs that sweep across fifty-five minutes. Through each song, Vindland makes sure that they have your full attention and the make you pay attention and listen to each song through and through by providing you with mystical atmospheres and all encompassing ambiance. Hanter Savet is an album that draws you in and has you listen until the last note has been played as it is mystical and enchanting.

Vindland has found a good balance between being purely punishing and melodic and atmospheric. With Hanter Savet you get a good dosage of both and each element is usually combined to create something that is raw as well as captivating and wholly atmospheric. Vindland does play at a tempo that is tumultuous and yet it is completely focused, and at other times the music is slowed to create something of a calm before another blackened storm. Different non-traditional metal instruments are used as well to create a serene atmosphere and ambiance that ultimately draws you in and enchants you.

This style of black metal is raw as it is not over produced or doctored up to make it sound over produced but at the same time Vindland provides you with a focused style of pagan black metal. Each of the nine songs are executed very well and seem as though they run as a story. Hanter Savet is a cohesive piece of work as each song works together to create an atmosphere that takes your mind somewhere else for a little while. Hanter Savet is an all encompassing album that captures your attention and captivates your mind right form the very beginning.

As each song gets projected through your speakers, you get hit with smooth yet raw riffs, calculated drumming, heavy bass lines and vocals that tear through the wall of darkened and blistering noise. Along with the blasphemous heavier sounds, the band breaks into softer more serene moments as well providing you with variation and more to soak in as each riff and each not passes through you. At times Vindland gives you jarring and bleak black metal and at other times they give you music that makes you mind drift and wander through the soundscapes in which they create with more meditative sounds.

After some time off, Vindland have created something that is unique and wholly mesmerizing. Hanter Savet is memorable and with each listen each song gets imprinted on your brain. This isn’t an album that is meant to be listened to once as it demands your full attention and demands that you press play more than often. This is a captivating piece of work to say the least, and without further adieu, feast your ears on Hanter Savet.

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