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Without Mercy: Mouichido

May 24, 2016


There don’t seem to be too many things that are as aggressive as Without Mercy and with their new release-technically re-release-Mouichido they certainly show that aggression off. Not only is this EP incredibly angry, but it also serves to inspire. “Let this EP be the story that inspires you to push through something difficult and come out the other side a stronger and more experienced person,”  states bound founder DJ Temple. Within this release you will find four songs that each have different meanings and different motivation for being written, and each song is meant to provide you with the power to overcome.

Straight out of the gate Without Mercy barrels right through your chest and doesn’t quit for the entire listen. One song flows to the next and you get pummeled from beginning to end. The only semi moment of reprieve that you get is with the final song Morphine as it leads you in with a little bit of an intro, but other than that you’re on your own trying to survive the incredible onslaught of brain damaging metal. Without Mercy really does live up to their name, and without any mercy whatsoever they pile drive you straight into the ground and assault you from every direction until the final song concludes.

As inspirational as this EP is and as inspirational as each message within each song is, Without Mercy lays the heavy on thick. Even though this is only four songs, through just one listen you feel as though you’ve been listening nonstop for hours. Mouichido puts you through the wringer and back again as this EP never backs down and never gives you a moment to breath. Mouichido is volatile and unapologetically so as every song blitzes you and smacks you right in the mouth.

Mouichido is ridiculously heavy and certainly drives their message home with one of the best mediums ever, heavy metal. When you don’t think that it could get anymore chest cracking than it already is, Without Mercy up the ante and make the next song heavier. You can’t help yourself but to headbang until your head rolls right off your shoulders and to feel inspired and enlightened as these gents jack hammer positivity right into your frontal lobe.

With each song you get an immense amount of bouncing and crunching riffs married with devastating drumming and disgustingly heavy bass lines. Injecting themselves into the heavy fold are the vocals that are positively maniacal as the vocalist pushes his vocal chords to the limit as he switches between shredding growls and broken glass filled screams. Without Mercy does a great job of getting you up and feeling a certain empowered rage about you. This EP is intoxicating and you just can’t seem to stop listening, and it’s only four songs, but it really does hit you like a ton of bricks.

Right from the beginning you feel the weight and the immensity of Mouichido and one listen just doesn’t do it justice. This is a re-release of previously recorded material with a new vocalist and even so, Without Mercy comes out swinging again and knocks it clear out of the park.

Mouichido will be out May 27, 2016.

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