Cadaver Garden

"There is a time That stands still When the needle breaks And vibrates the frequency of our death." From the song "Tepid" by Primitive Man

Violent Scum: Festering in Endless Decay

May 25, 2016

violent scum - cover.jpg

Emerging from a staggering amount of pus filled and sore covered cadavers is Violent Scum and emerging from the fetid rot with them is their very first recording Festering in Endless Decay. Hailing from Chile, these death fanatics bring forth a release that is short but completely unrelenting in its effort to eviscerate and decimate everything in its path. As a whole, this tape is rotting and devastating as it can dissect you and maim you leaving you to take your final gasping breaths.

Festering in Endless Decay rolls on and on until the tape concludes, and as detrimental as it is you still feel a strong urge to press play over and over again. This release is infectious-and maybe that’s the disease talking-but each song works its way into your brain festering there and leaving other corrosive larvae behind. Festering in Endless Decay is a sickening and visceral display of death that takes you to meet the reaper.

With only three tracks Violent Scum bludgeon you repeatedly as they certainly live up to the first word of their band name.  Each song is raw and pulls you under to the crypts only to have vermin and night crawlers feast upon your flesh. This is Violent Scum’s first display of butchery and one can only imagine the massacre that would occur if a full length were to be released.

Throughout this tape you bear witness to lobotomizing riffs, rib spreading bass lines, skull splitting drums and vocals that rip your throat out. With everything combined you get a vicious display of death and a sound that barrels right through you and on to the next victim. This is a release that demands you pay attention to it or you will pay the price with your life.

This tape is madness and a maelstrom of death metal and from the first note on Violent Scum does not let their knife leave your throat. Festering in Endless Decay is a sickening act of metal, and that’s just the way death metal should be and it should make you feel as though you yourself is covered in festering remains, and that is also what Violent Scum does. This is a great listen that grinds your skull into dust just as death metal should do.

Festering in Endless Decay will be out June 24, 2016 through Blood Harvest Records.


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