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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Celestial Grave: Burial Ground Trance

June 29, 2016


Bursting from hell-as well as Finland-is Celestial Grave and not only do they bring along hordes of demons but they also bring along their debut release titled Burial Ground Trance. This tape is three tracks long and provides you with raw and relentless black metal. From the opening note to the closing note you get an ear full of cold, melancholic and head spinning black metal. As far as debuts go, this is a good one as it is a solid listen, keeps you coming back for more and makes you want another release right off the bat.

Burial Ground Trance is pure black metal, and as filthy and grime filled as it is, it is also filled to the bursting point with melancholic themes and sounds. Not only do you feel as though you are being dragged into the Netherworld, but you also feel the need to sink back into your mind and sit in a dark corner somewhere and contemplate life. This release in only three songs does a great job of keeping your attention and drawing you in to the darkened abyss and blistering soundscapes that Celestial Grave has created.

This is a mesmerizing release, and as mentioned before you get sucked into the blackened vortex that these black magik wielders provide for you. All throughout Burial Ground Trance you get sinister and utterly evil sounds that burst through your speakers and corrupt not only your mind but your soul as well. As soon as you press play, you succumb to the darkness and become enveloped in poisonous clouds from which you will never escape again.

Burial Ground Trance gives you just enough to satisfy your black metal needs for the time being, but it also leaves you wanting so much more. One listen turns into another, and sooner or later the listens roll on and on and on as you try to get that sinister fix. Celestial Grave hooks you right from the get go and doesn’t let you go until your soul has been reaped. This tape has what you want in a black metal release in just three songs and has the ability to tide you over until their next terrifying release.

Each of the three songs is filled with serpentine riffs, tumultuous drumming and dissonant vocals that sound as though they are coming from the other side. With the melancholic tinges that work their way into each of the songs, what you get is a detrimental listen that works its way into your head and manifests itself there whether that is what you wanted or not.

All in all, this is a black metal release that is sure to make all black metal fans happy and is certainly a great debut release.

Burial Ground Trance will be out July 22, 2016 through Iron Bonehead Productions.

Take a blasphemous listen to The Heartbeats Drum.

Guttural Corpora Cavernosa: You Should Have Died When I Killed You

June 28, 2016

GHP036 - Guttural Corpora Cavernosa - cover.jpg

The sophomore release by brutal slamming death metal bulldozers Guttural Corpora Cavernosa is on its way, and no longer do you have to wait to get your intestines ripped out through your mouth. This second release by these death dealers is titled You Should Have Died When I Killed You and judging by the cover art the guy with the meat cleaver is really wishing the dead guy was actually dead. This album is everything that you would come to expect from Guttural Corpora Cavernosa as it has everything you could possibly want in a brutal slamming death release.

You can’t really ask for much more than pure slamming brutality when listening to this genre, and that is exactly what these stalwarts of death provide. With members from Gorepot, Coprocephalic, and Maggot Colony, these guys are no stranger to this vile and massively disgusting genre. This entire release is filled to the brim with rotting cadavers, fetid blood, and wretched smells that just seem to permeate throughout your house and get stuck in your nostrils when you listen. There is no escaping the pure brutality and there is no escaping the devastating slams that these guys have to offer.

From beginning to end, YSHDWIKY is one brutal assault after the next and never does Guttural Corpora Cavernosa lift their blade from your throat. As a matter of fact, they dig their blade deeper and deeper into your neck until they completely cut out your Adam’s Apple and sever your head from the rest of your body. Each song is just as repulsive, raw and brutalizing as the one that came before it. YSHDWIKY doesn’t let you escape from its clammy grasp as it has every intention of mutilating you and discarding you to the night crawlers that await for you six feet under.

As soon as you press play your fate is sealed and your neck is slashed nearly immediately. There aren’t too many places to run to and there aren’t too many corners to hide around from this behemoth of a brutal slamming death release. This album puts your head against a circular saw and cuts into your skull exposing your brain as the rest of your innards are torn out by Satan only knows what. This is an eviscerating and wholly devastating release that has a complete lack of compassion and understanding for human life.

Each of the eleven songs that make an appearance on this record are filled with spill your guts, drums that crack your limbs, bass lines that shatter your spine and vocals that are incredibly guttural and sickening to the point where it sounds as thought he vocalist may be chewing on some remains himself. The ultimate sound of this album is one that is terrifyingly heavy and one that beats you down until you lay as a bloody pulp on the floor.

YSHDWIKY is brutal in every way you could imagine and is sure to please any fan of brutal slamming death metal.

You can order and listen to the title track from this release here.

Find You Should Have Died When I Killed You and other gut ripping things at Gore House Productions.

Take a look at the Bandcamp page.

You Should Have Died When I Killed You will be out July 8, 2016 through Gore House Productions.


Cannibal Accident: E.C.M.R.W.M.E.

June 25, 2016


Goregrind monsters Cannibal Accident are back at it again, but instead of a brand new album what you get is a compilation of previous releases which is a massive fifty-one songs long. As mentioned, with this compilation you get everything and sooner rather than later you get buried in filth and enough gore to choke anything. With one full length, four mini albums, a few tracks from a different compilation and a live track, this is the perfect compilation for anyone who has just heard of Cannibal Accident as well as anyone who already knows of Cannibal Accident. No matter whether you are a seasoned listener or just a beginner, know that you will be buried under massive amounts corpses.

Each song is a fucking grinding madhouse and Cannibal Accident as well as goregrind enthusiasts wouldn’t have it any other way. These songs lay your skull on the grind stone and grind away until you have nothing left other than half a brain. Each song is soaked and marinated in bile, gore, fetid blood and rotted flesh and all throughout the listen all of what was just listed and more spews from your speakers. You either suffocate from the sheer brutality or from all of the blood that you choke on.

Every song holds just as much fire power on this compilation as it did when it first came out. If you aren’t prepared to listen to this psychotic wall of noise, you should prepare otherwise you will end up as plant food like the rest. E.C.M.R.W.M.E. is a maelstrom of grind and doesn’t finish torturing you and putting you through every level of hell until the final song has concluded. E.C.M.R.W.M.E. as well as Cannibal Accident revels in your horror and takes pleasure in torturing you in smashing your brains in and making you completely unrecognizable.

Since all of the songs are fairly short, every single song hits you like a shotgun blast as they tear open your chest and leave you to bleed out. As soon as the first song ends the next one begins just as quick so you have no time to breath in between grinding onslaughts. Each song is a twisting and writhing mass of burning and contorted flesh and purely punishing and raw grind. After one listen you feel like you have been put through the wringer and then thrown back in again just to get hacked up for good measure.

As mentioned above, this is a great compilation for anyone who is just beginning to listen to Cannibal Accident, or for anyone who has already known about them. This compilation has everything and is one hell of a horrifying listen, but as horrifying as it is, it is a great listen as well. This is pure and raw goregrind at its finest and any fan should have this on their shelf.

Corporal Raid: Manipulating the Host

June 24, 2016

Manipulating The Host cover art

After taking a little bit off, Corporal Raid is back with a vengeance with their newest release Manipulating the Host. Even after all of this time off, while listening to this new record it really doesn’t seem as though they have missed a beat at all. Manipulating the Host is a barbaric display of grind that subjects you to all kinds of perverse material and sickening metal right from the get go. Even though the songs are relatively short, you still feel as though you have been beaten over the head with a rusted pipe after a single listen.

These stalwarts of goregrind unleash sixteen songs of pure and punishing metal and never stop until you are just a stump of a human being. From beginning to end Corporal Raid does their best to force you into a wood chipper and expunge you from this world. These grinding masterminds hit you with one brutalizing song after the next leaving you with no room to breath or escape from the terrifying grinding assault. Since the songs are shorter, one rolls right into the next hitting you square in the chest only to leave you lifeless.

Grind is meant to be chaotic and is meant to be played as loud as possible, and with Manipulating the Host you get all of that and more. While being chaotic and loud, Corporal Raid packs as much gore and fetid remains into this album as possible. Manipulating the Host spurts and flings blood through your speakers whenever it gets the chance, and believe me, that chance is often. When you are listening you get hit and sprayed with chunks of putrid flesh and covered and submerged in vile liquids from head to toe.

This album is a grinding madhouse that whips you around and beats you within an inch of your life and if you are lucky it gets taken from you only to be added to the stacks of bodies that they already have. Manipulating the Host is sickening, perverse and played at a speed that will make anyone’s head pop like that guy from Scanners. From beginning to end you are subjected to morbid and twisting soundscapes that put not only your life in danger, but everyone else’s life in danger that is around you.

Each song is riddled with blood letting riffs, face smashing drums, gut ripping bass lines and gutturals that sound as though they were unearthed from hell itself. This release is raw and visceral and doesn’t stop slaying until its thirst for blood has been quenched. If you are looking for something that is gore filled grind madness, I think that Corporal Raid has your fix.

Deathfare: Shotgun Surgery

June 24, 2016


Sickening, perverse, unrelenting. Those are all words that can describe the album Shotgun Surgery by Deathfare. This new release by these death dealers is something that is purely chaotic and fueled by nothing other than blood lust. As soon as you press play you cannot escape the sickness and you can’t outrun your demise. Deathfare comes for you and hunts you down and doesn’t stop until you have been completely drained of your blood. The eleven songs that are present on this record are all soaked in blood, gore and viscera, which is exactly how it should be.

There are no intros or outros with this album and there aren’t any space fillers at all. Deathfare begins with Final Cut which blasts out of the gate and with that it blasts a hole in your chest as well. There is not lead in or anything that eases you in to the carnage. Deathfare forces you in to the wood chipper right from the beginning and don’t stop torturing you and eviscerating you until they themselves see that enough is enough. Each song on this record is wholly punishing and rips you to shreds and really does so without warning. As soon as you press play you just about are beheaded and as the album rolls on you are tortured and drawn and quartered possibly.

Shotgun Surgery sounds as though it has been marinating in fetid blood and viscera for months before it was packaged and shipped out to spread fear and death across the lands. This release makes you feel as though you are trapped inside of a serial killers mind and the dark atmosphere and ambiance that Deathfare provides for you makes the listen that much more psychotic and detrimental. Shotgun Surgery is a sickening display of death metal as chunks of human flesh and shredded skin fly out of your speakers every second. You feel as though you yourself are covered in gore and viscera after one listen, and yet the stench of blood and the sheer brutality keeps you coming back for more.

Deathfare has created something that is raw, pumped with hate and out for as much blood as it can get. This album almost has a life of a serial killer of its own beyond just being an album. One song after the next picks you apart and picks at your skull until your brain is exposed and rips at your skin and flesh until bone is exposed and sooner or later after your extensive torturing has ceased you get thrown in the woods to be left to the wolves. Shotgun Surgery is sheer madness and Deathfare packed as many corpses as they could in to this release.

Each song is filled with ripping riffs, flesh grinding bass lines, limb cracking drums and demonic vocals that sound as though they themselves are filled with blood and chunks of meat. As mentioned before this album has a sort of atmosphere and ambiance to it that is provided by the sickening musicianship and perverse lyrics that make you feel as though you are trapped in the mind of a psychotic. Death metal is suppose to make you feel as though you are covered in nothing but gore, and Deathfare succeeds here and does more than make you feel as though you are covered in fetid remains.

This is purely death metal, and this debut album by these sickos is incredibly punishing and makes for one fuck of a great listen.

Featured Interview: The Sound That Ends Creation

June 23, 2016

Earlier this week I was lucky enough to review We Are The Burden by the one man grind project The Sound That Ends Creation. And luckier still, I was able to interview the man behind all of the madness Chris Dearing. Read on and enjoy! And thank you again Chris for the opportunity to review your work and thank you again for answering some questions I had for you!

Can you tell me a little bit about how The Sound That Ends Creation came to be?

I just felt that metal has kind of lost it’s edge with the super clean productions and super technical playing being rampant. I wanted to bring back that “dirty” feeling. Not just from a production standpoint, but I wanted to create something that was almost impossible to predict, to constantly keep people guessing.

Has grind always been a passion of yours and did you always want to be a musician and make this kind of music?

 I love all kinds of extreme metal. Grind/Mathcore has that indescribable feeling that’s been missing from most modern metal though. It actually sounds dangerous, if that makes sense.
I’ve always wanted to play music for a living, I was raised on oldies like Elvis and would sing along to the songs (still do), but with metal it’s like I get a shot of adrenaline whenever I write a great riff or record a vocal pattern just right over a song.
Did The Sound That Ends Creation start as strictly a grind outfit? And if so when did you begin adding different elements such as black metal and sludge in?
The style of grind that you play is eclectic. Did you always want to add different genres to grind to create something unique, or did it take shape on its own?
I just wrote what came to me. Like I said before, I wanted to keep people guessing and create something unique, music shouldn’t have boundaries and TSTEC certainly doesn’t. I just throw all of the extreme metal genres into a blender, and what you have on We Are The Burden is my extreme metal smoothie. But as cliché as it sounds the songs really do just flow, when I come up with a great riff the following riffs just come out.
Is there an artist or artists that you try or have tried to model your style of music after?
 I’m essentially trying to take what bands like The Number 12 Looks Like You, and See You Next Tuesday did and take it as far as possible.
Are there certain ideas or themes that you work with exclusively, or is the content free flowing?
There isn’t a focused lyrical theme, I cover everything from depression, to war, to how we are harming the environment.
Are there any bands or people that you would like to work with on your next release?
It would be pretty cool to work with Kurt Ballou, but I’d rather keep this as a one-man operation, I just have a certain vision for the music.
The last few questions I have are just standard ones I like to ask. The first is: what would be your favorite band shirt you have?
I guess it would have to be my WRVTH shirt. I played a show in a different project with those guys when they came though last and they are great guys. They are also one of the more original young bands right now, and certainly deserve more recognition.
When you were growing up, what were some of your favorite records you would play on repeat?
Cattle Decapitation’s “Karma.Bloody.Karma”, Circle of Dead Children’s “The Human Harvest”, Dimmu Borgir’s “Spiritual Black Dimensions”, and Pig Destroyer’s “Terrifyer” changed my life, and opened my eyes to all of the other extreme stuff I listen to now. Outside of metal I also listened to The Killers’ “Sams Town” and The Gathering’s “Home” constantly.
To conclude, is there anything you would like to say to your fans?
Thank you so much for the support! And thank you, Jared, for the interview.
the sound that ends creation - we are the burden
You can catch the entire review for We Are The Burden right here.

The Sound That Ends Creation: We Are The Burden

June 22, 2016

the sound that ends creation - we are the burden.jpg

One man demolition crew band The Sound That Ends Creation just recently put out We Are The Burden, and within this release you get ten grinding songs that are injected with death metal and sludge noticeably among others. Even though each song is short-as per grind tradition-the man behind The Sound That Ends Creation sews each of the different genres that are present in each song together very well. Grind as a genre is chaotic of course and this is no different, but it sounds focused and ultimately cohesive as the album moves as a unit to destroy anything in its path.

From beginning to end you get bombarded with grinding goodness and until the final note is played your skull gets ground into sand. We Are The Burden needs to be played loud, there aren’t any excuses if it isn’t cranked to eleven. This release is nice and balanced, and since there are different genres other than grind at work here, you aren’t constantly hacked into pieces by grinding fury. More often than not you really don’t know what you will be hearing next as The Sound That Ends Creation goes from blistering fast tempos, to mid, to slower tempos and all the way back up again.

This release keeps you on the edge of your seat as it keeps you guessing. You never know what sound it is that will be coming out of your speakers next, but what you do know for sure is that it will be heavy and it will come in waves. Each song is rib crushingly heavy and does its best to bury you six feet under. No matter if a song starts out in a slow tempo, you can be sure that the pace will be picked up and you will be suffocated under a wall of noise. When a song picks up speed you had better hold on since you will be sucked back into your seat and possibly hear a few ribs crack.

The energy that is pumped into this record is incredible. We Are The Burden is fueled with adrenaline and what seems to be a burning desire to level anything in its path. Each song is a short burst of deadly grind that gets inside of your head and gets stuck there. With each song you get attacked from all sides and the pummeling doesn’t stop until you are completely finished with listening. With that being said, you can’t seem to stop listening. No matter how much you get beaten you want to keep listening, and each time you listen you find something new that you didn’t notice before.

We Are The Burden is filled with slashing riffs, heavy bass lines, tumultuous drumming and throat tearing vocals. The musicianship is on point and the production is clean and yet it is raw and filthy all at the same time. Grind fans can’t really go wrong with this release, and if you are looking for something that has more variation in it than just grind, then We Are The Burden may be the release for you.

You can find this grinding madness from The Sound That Ends Creation right here.

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Check out the album stream on Youtube.

Exanimatvm: Dispersae Et Tormentvm

June 22, 2016


Chilean death dealers Exanimatvm are exactly that, death dealers and with their newest release Dispersae et Tormentvm they not only bring the death to you, but you become death. This album is a disgusting display of ritualistic death metal that tears you limb from limb and separates your soul from your very being. After a listen, you should be so lucky as to walk away from it alive and not to be buried among the other cadavers in a shallow grave. Dispersae et Tormentvm is pummeling and raw and even if you escape its clutches you will be found and disposed of properly.

Even though this is the debut for these mad Chilean throat slashers, this is a monstrous album that definitely looms large and has Exanimatvm staking their own claim in the vicious world of death metal. Dispersae et Tormentvm is slaughtering madness and it doesn’t give you any room to breath as it suffocates you with ease. From the very beginning Exanimatvm has you digging your own grave and as soon as you are done your throat is slashed and you are pushed in.

The entire album is raw to the core and bleeds brutality and utter filth all throughout. You feel as though you need to bathe after just one full listen and if you listen more than once you become buried under the fetid soil and other rotted corpses. No matter what corner you turn you get bombarded with a sickeningly dark atmosphere and a tepid stench that seems to follow you around. Dispersae et Tormentvm is poisonous and incredibly deadly as you feel attacked from the minute you press play.

Each song is loud and rotten and they all bury you under a wall of sound. After the four minute intro Exanimatvm begins ripping your guts and grinding your skull. One relentless song after the next pierces your ears and begins a slow and agonizing embalming process. Every song-save for the intro-is played at a burning mid tempo that completely eviscerates you and drives you to the brink of insanity. You can’t escape the psychotic nature of this album and as soon as you press play you seal your own fate.

Dispersae et Tormentvm is riddled with riffs that lash out at you leaving you with deep wounds, cutting bass lines, chest pummeling drumming and raw inhuman gutturals. The musicianship combined with the mid to slow tempo songs as well as the raw sound of the production, you get a grim and utterly sinister atmosphere that leaves you sinking into a corner. This album is sickening and incredibly powerful and is meant for death metal fans of any sort.

Defuntos: A Eterna Dança da Morte

June 21, 2016


Spreading through your very being and ultimately destroying your soul is A Eterna Dança da Morte. A Eterna Dança da Morte is the newest offering from the abyssal blackened doom metal group Defuntos. This particular release is filled with seven songs that are dark, all encompassing and incredibly poisonous. Defuntos draws you in with rhythmic musicianship only to poison you and have you succumb to the darkness. Defuntos plays a soul damning style of blackened doom that hypnotizes you only to leave you wandering the dark and twisting labyrinths that they create for all eternity.

After an intro that sounds somewhat like a eulogy, Defuntos gets to work as they cut your soul out of your chest and damn it to hell for all eternity. Each song shrouds you in darkness and really does make you feel as though you have been dancing a slow and painful dance with death. A Eterna Dança da Morte  is a brooding piece of work that sucks all of the light out of the room that you are in when listening. This album does a great job of creating a dismal atmosphere that makes you feel as though you are being dragged down into the abyss.

A Eterna Dança da Morte  is a ridiculously heavy album to say the least. You will be lucky if the only thing that gets crushed are your bones and not your will to live as well. There is something about the raw and unhinged nature of the music that leaves you petrified and terrified. The atmosphere of the entire album is bleak and morbid as Defuntos doesn’t paint vivid soundscapes but instead they create soundscapes of death, despair and lurking evil.

Around each corner in each song is the reaper waiting to cull your soul and feed it to expecting hell hounds. The combination of doom and black metal supplies you with a listen that is detrimental to your mental health and overall well being. The overall sound is raw and soul corrupting and no matter where you turn you cannot escape your ultimate fate. As the listens go from one to many you feel yourself sinking into the pitch black abyss from which you will never return.

Defuntos infects your mind and corrupts your soul with throat slitting riffs, writhing and pulsating bass lines, heavy and solid drumming and demonic and purely sinister vocals that tear into your very flesh. As mentioned before, the overall sound of this album is incredibly morbid as you feel as though you are walking through a graveyard with something always lurking in the shadows.

A Eterna Dança da Morte puts you in a deadly trance and the more you listen the deeper you fall into hazardous dream like state. This is disgustingly dark in the best way possible and overall it is a great listen. Anyone who is looking for something morbid, spectral and overall ridiculously haunting, this is the perfect album.

Kommando: Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph

June 19, 2016


Combining punk, black metal and elements of d-beat you get what Kommando calls machinegun punk, and really that an incredibly appropriate genre tag. Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph is Kommando’s new release and this album is filled with nine songs of pure chaos and blasphemy in the best ways possible. Each song is just as blistering as the last and after one full listen you are left without a face since Kommando has a knack for melting them off. Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph is one steamrolling song after the next and Kommando never gives you time in between to breath or take a break from their incredible onslaught.

As soon as the first note hits your ears you know that you are in for a skull grinding good time and as the songs roll on your skull really does begin to chip away with whatever sanity that you had left. Each song is played in a furious manner as they are unrelenting, raw, violent and completely barbaric. Kommando knows only one speed, and that is mach five and they make sure that they completely bash your brains in with their terrifying speed and visceral charge of blackened punk.

Kommando shovels sinister song after sinister song at you leaving your head spinning and leaving you in a killer frenzy. Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph is charged with incredible amounts of adrenaline that it leaks through and injects you with enough to get you to go out and wreak havoc. There isn’t a song on this release that isn’t violent and there isn’t a song on this release that doesn’t get you headbanging until your fucking neck snaps. This entire record is intense as it bombards you with nihilistic and blasphemous metal until your soul is ripped to shreds.

You can’t not play this record as loud as you can stand it and as loud as your speakers go. It would be criminal not to crank your stereo to eleven and terrorize your friends and neighbors. This album has an innate ability to work its way inside of your head and leave you headbanging for hours even after the final song concludes. Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph ignites something inside of you that just makes you want to cause as much mayhem as possible. Kommando has created something that is entirely infectious as it sticks with you for a while whether you want it to or not.

Throughout Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph you get pelted with soul lacerating riffs, ground cracking bass lines, savage drumming and manic vocals that are wholly demonic. Everything that you get within this release is controlled chaos and the entire album is a maelstrom of soul darkening metal. With the musicianship on point and the gritty and filthy production, what you get is exactly as the band describes. You get machinegun punk through and through and this brand of debauchery is purely intoxicating.

This is an album that puts you in a feverish headbanging frenzy and it gets you to cause as much mayhem as possible. Distroyer/Iron Goat Triumph is undeniably heavy and is one fuck of a good listen as well and really you just can’t go wrong with this release.


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