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Riket: Avarter

June 3, 2016


Riket, simply put and as they put it on their website they “play death metal with Swedish lyrics”. And really that sums up what Riket is all about. They play a stripped down and powerful style of death metal and with their brand new EP titled Avarter they come to show you that they aren’t screwing around. Riket is comprised of members Johan Nephente and Tobias Jakobbson of Netherbird and Adrian Erlandsson of At the Gates and The Haunted. With those three coming from notorious bands they are no strangers to death metal and with that being said they come out swinging with this four track EP.

The two songs that begin and end the EP are the longest on this release as the two that are sandwiched in between don’t reach two minutes. All in all, this is a short release of course, but even with it being as short as it is you get plenty of variation as neither of the four songs sound  anything alike. With the three members coming from well established bands to create a band that isn’t as established it gives them plenty of room to do what they please and create something entirely new and refreshing not only for us, but for them as well.

Avarter is a solid death metal release that is sure to get you up off of your seat and headbanging with the best of them. Riket shoots out of the gate from the opening track and continues their steam roll until the fourth song concludes. Avarter is a highly memorable release and has you coming back and pressing play for more and more death metal until you either headbang your brains out or until you entirely memorize each song note by note and lyric by lyric.

Riket rolls on through these four songs with writhing, gut pummeling riffs, jarring drumming and powerful vocals that vibrate through your ears and jar your brain. With each instrument put together and with the vocals being as destructive as they are, what you get is something that is pure ripping death metal. Riket provides you with a solid slab of death metal and as mentioned before it keeps you coming back for more and more. These songs are memorable and intoxicating and makes you wonder what could be accomplished with a full length and keeps you satisfied until a full length comes to fruition.

Avarter is out now through Scarecrow Recordings.

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