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Featured Interiew: Emir of Blighted/Blighted: Into the Cunt of the Witch

June 6, 2016

Below I have a special feature that includes an interview with Emir from Blighted and who runs the Merdumgiriz label as well as a review for the final Blighted album to be released titled Into the Cunt of the Witch.  Before we begin, I would like to say that I give my condolences to the Merdumgiriz family and to the mastermind behind Blighted, Ruhan. I can only hope to do the music justice and the review as small of an act as this is, I tribute this to Ruhan.

Can you tell a little about how Blighted came to be?

Me and Merdumgiriz, two miserable, depressed artists were practicing our Yayla and Viranesir songs. We had just finished our first feature length film which you can check here:

Seemingly out of nowhere, this girl called Ruhan showed up to our practice and told us that she was a follower and wanted to play with us, just like a ghost she came and lit up our blighted lives with her philosophy, wisdom, art and vanished last December.

What was the driving force to create such a unique and different style of metal?

It is not like we consciously make the choice to be different, we play a lot and when we are playing we (at least me) want to explore different emotions and thoughts so for that we automatically play differently every time. It was really important for Ruhan to be different though. Ruhan was a practitioner and philosopher of Satanism and she really liked black metal, however she hated this “orthodox” movement and she thought it was a joke, an idea done weakly. I always hated it as well and thought it was just a fake and obvious mask that those copycat bands choose to package their art with. I was also not very familiar with theology back then and thought what I heard was usually mumbo jumbo. But after many teachings by Ruhan, I just came to the conclusion that dark spirituality is the same as a genre of music, it is a framework to expand the mind and can be used as a totally unique way of seeing things that I could relate to. But just like any religion, genre of art or any sort of “form” it is an illusion and if one forgoes the importance of subjectivism, it becomes as filthy as any fucking establishment that most so called “Satanists” claim to want to destroy. She said that my art had magical qualities and she thought if she processed my musical abilities with her conceptual and theological ideas, we could make something unique and reattribute our hatred for all these scenester bands and fake pilgrims into Satanic Black Metal done uniquely – making sense to us.

Blighted among other bands on the label can be described as “controversial”. Is that a direction that you’ve always wanted to go in, or are a lot of the themes misconstrued?

I noticed two kinds of people in life, those who have moral values and those who don’t. I fall under the second category and get disgusted by people who are in the first category. NOTHING is “morally” wrong or right for me and there are no objective “values”. Before Ruhan came into my life, I was the same, but it was not as clear to my rational thought as to why. I was for extreme freedom of speech and anything could have been a joke subject to me back then and I actually used to get very offended from censorship, but never understood why. I was also very comfortable around people who never had any moral values, and I always laughed hard when people made jokes in tragic circumstances and push people out of their comfort zones. After my many conversations and artistic ventures with Ruhan, I understood that I am seeing life for what it really is, a fucking slaughterhouse. Everybody is involved in the insanity that is this existence, all humans, animals, plants, life forms, non-living things; everything is doing the same thing and fuck all of them. A rock can fall on you and fuck you up, and animal can fuck you up, a plant can, a virus, and vice-versa. Nothing and nobody is ever free from hurting each other, therefore everything is fucking evil and deserves suffering to me. Being in a moral high ground is the thing that disgusts me the most; it is a license to kill. Moralism is a depot of remedy pills to take after you do something terrible to free yourself from the burden of guilt, having done something you wish wasn’t done upon you. I love nihilistic people who have no moral values and I want to push these other “righteous” people into places that they cry. I want to see people when their children die, that they get raped, tortured, lose limbs, die of diseases and hunger. It is quite easy making them get into that tough mindset with my art, so I make it and push the boundaries every time. Funny thing is, the most sensitive and relatively least harmful people feel comfort when they see my work, while those fascist scumbags preaching from their moral high grounds as they kill get offended. Fuck those people, and I truly wish they suffered to sprinkle water on my burning heart. Misconstruction is a word that I do not put in my vocabulary, so as misinterpretation. People see what they want to see and it is all legit. As I explained some look at our lyrics and find light, some find blight. Some look at a fat bitch and see an ugly slab of filth, and some can’t get it hard unless the bitch is fat. Nobody is right, nobody is wrong.

Blighted is an intriguing band with a very unique style. Is there a certain path that you and the other members wanted to follow, or did you want it to take its own path?

Thank you for the kind words. Well she really wanted to make different music than all those million disgusting “satanic” bands for sure, and there was no way I was going to make music like another band but it usually comes very natural to me to do things differently. We are hermits and pretty much hate everyone and are at constant war with society. I get very offended by seeing everyone and when I am walking on the street and see all these happy people living out their righteous lives I just want to slash them to shreds. So it is not like we want to be a part of something, if anything we constantly want to separate ourselves from everyone and everything therefore I think it comes natural for our music to be very different from that of all those people we hate. I get disgusted when I feel I am a part of something, no matter what it is. That is my existential crisis. All our lyrics and music are our expression of this drive, so naturally it is very unique because it is about a futile endless effort to trying to break off from everyone and everything. Satanism is this for us, and utter hatred for existence that we are trapped in, an endless rebellion. Being successful or thriving or being a so called “king” in this existence is not of any importance to us, the only importance is the black fire that endlessly shrieks for separation. I think Ruhan didn’t want to put up with that useless futile crisis anymore and took her own life. But is death gonna take one out of this shit existence? All the lyrics of this album are about this.

What made Blighted tick? And on that same note, what makes the label tick and what are the ideals behind both band and label? 

Relentless artistic freedom, DIY, individualism, anti-commercialism, pure art, experimentation. Being my own boss is the most important thing for me. Being able to eject myself from any situation that I do not want to be in and saying fuck you to things and people rather than trying to work things out for money, friendship, fame or whatever. Blighted comprised of people who were seeing the world through similar angles to me, which is an angle hated by most people. I hate professionalism or “working for the audience” and shit like that, fuck the audience, fuck money and fuck striving in this shit world. I want relentless artists shoving their middle finger up the world’s ass, and I have them. The moment an artist becomes a faggot I kick them out. I kicked out many artists and so called Satanists from the label simply because they were simpletons. They were people who couldn’t even deal with some “words” I use while claiming to be extreme artists. Some so-called anti-cosmic Satanists that were on our roster said, “the world is ran by idiots and we can’t risk our career for being associated with you”. How anti-cosmic is that? Not being able to rebel against some faggot bloggers and pretending to take on the COSMOS… Fuck all those fake people. In Blighted, Merdumgiriz and Ruhan was even more extreme than me so it really worked out. Extremity is what makes the bands and label work. Anyone who is a faggot gets kicked out.

Music is very expressive, and this new record is emotional much like other releases. Does the emotion ever seem to take a toll?

No it is a catharsis. As I said, we hate almost everything to a level that we can’t breathe normally. I live everyday like I am a being with human senses trapped inside the body of a sewer rat. Normal person might feel lucky to be alive in a western nation and can fear the idea of being trapped in a place like Isis where they can’t be “free”. Let me tell you that I feel trapped in Isis everyday in London/England. The things I stand for and want to explore are despised by society and they hate me for it and constantly prosecute me for it. I need to at least tell how I experience this world or I will not be able to function. I am barely functioning anyway I was really affected by Ruhan’s suicide, making an album about the way she saw this vomit of life was true catharsis for me. I used to be a junkie but don’t take any drugs or alcohol or cigarettes for two years now and this album really made me feel like I shot up some heroin. This is my addiction.

To conclude, are there any words that you would like to share or any final thoughts?

Thank you so much for all the support you have given to this band. I really like the way you review albums with expressive explanations rather than being a banal bitch like most reviewers. You sure are a part of the elite that sees the world beyond value judgments and the illusion of forms. More people like you and Ruhan would still be alive. I will oppress the fuck out of those who made my friend die till the day I die. Fuck life.

Blighted has never done anything half-hearted and has never been a band that conforms to a trend or anything of that sort. They have always done thing their own way and said “fuck the work” while holding a middle finger up never giving second thought to what anyone else says or thinks, because why does it matter right? This final release by Blighted isn’t different than the others as it has the same nihilistic attitude and even more so after the untimely passing of the founding member Ruhan. It was her final wish to have the album completed and with that the rest of the members set out to do just that, and what you see before you is the final product titled Into the Cunt of the Witch.


Much like many other Blighted and Merdumgiriz releases, this album is controlled chaos and filled to the brim with sinister and ultimately slithering music that makes you shrink back into your own consciousness. As mentioned, Blighted is chaotic and nihilistic and may even be more potent because of the passing of Ruhan. There seems to be a little bit more sting to this and rightfully so, and with this release Blighted has created something that is poisonous, emotionally draining and incredibly dark.
There aren’t too many bands that can pull off an intensity like Blighted can and lead you down a path of your own darkness and really get you to sit and think about usually terrifying and emotionally draining things. However, usually those things are already at the forefront of ones mind and when listening you get a sort of release and through what the Blighted family has been through you can feel anger and the hurt exuding from each song.  Music is meant to make you feel something and make you feel a certain way most of the time, and Blighted has done that time and time again and with Into the Cunt of the Witch they do it again.
Into the Cunt of the Witch is a massive album for many reasons, but most of all as explained above it is emotional and takes its toll as it sinks you deeper and deeper into the dark recesses of your mind and being that you didn’t know were there. This is melancholic black metal that throws you into dismal and abyssal atmospheres whether you wanted to be placed there or not. Once you press play you don’t have much of a choice as Blighted injects you into a world that is crumbling and has ultimately decided to implode and sweep everyone off with it.
The atmosphere that is provided with this album is sinister and serpentine as it takes you from rabid pissed off black metal to and ambient cold fog that puts you in a depressive mind numbing state. Into the Witch of the Cunt is an album that is balanced out very well between forcing you into detrimental dirges of chaotic black metal and submerging you in molten darkness and uncertainty with slower hypnotic world-upside-down-turning churning madness.
You never really know what you will be getting from song to song. Nothing stays the same and each of the twelve songs sound entirely different from the last one. Blighted always keeps you guessing and always keeps you in a tailspin of detrimental emotions that bounce between anger, hatred and melancholy among others. This is a release that submerges you in it and doesn’t have you come back up for air until the last note has concluded.
Into the Cunt of the Witch is a rolling ball of hated submerged in darkness and is incredibly raw and scorching. Once again, with this release Blighted has created something that is wholly intriguing and entirely unique that compels you to listen over and over again and for Blighted and for Ruhan, that is exactly what should happen.

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