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Defiatory: Extinct

June 12, 2016

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Taking old-school thrash metal and adding their own new twists on a well established genre is Defiatory. Originally forming in 2015 they didn’t take too long to release a demo and their debut full length that you see above you. Defiatory’s style is reminiscent of the thrash masters of old but they never rehash sounds or duplicate what others have done before them as they put their own new spin on the original thrash sound. Within Extinct you get eight heavy and hard hitting songs that come at you in waves and keep you headbanging all throughout.

Defiatory doesn’t wait long at all to shoot out of the gate and pummel you with thrashing and headbanging goodness. Extinct starts off at neck breaking speeds and that speed never subsides as they keep it going for the entire record. There isn’t a song on this release that is meant to fill space or meant to give you a breather. Each song on here is thrash metal madness to the core, there are no breaks or moments of reprieve as one song rolls into the next having you headbang with a feverish intensity until your head rolls off your shoulders.

Extinct has a gritty nature about it and even though the production is great it still feels raw and unkempt. Defiatory is thrash through and through and there aren’t any other genres present within this release to make you think otherwise. This debut album is a pure, raw, destructive and chaotic release that draws you in right from the get go and recruits you to help on their quest for destruction. Of all of the eight songs, all eight strike quick and strike hard as they barrel right through you and on to their next victim.

This is a very solid debut full length that hooks you right from the very first note and doesn’t let its strangle hold go until the final note has been played. Extinct is very memorable and even after the final song concludes you will still be thrashing about and causing as much mayhem as possible. These songs work their way deep inside of your brain giving you an unforgettable thrash experience. As a whole, Extinct runs for around thirty-seven minutes which is fairly short, and after those thirty-seven minutes are up you feel the need to press play again and again to get that thrash fix you crave.

Within this record you will find blistering riffs coupled with blazing solos, pounding drumming that smashes your skull to bits, heavy ground breaking bass lines and gravel filled vocals that fit this style of thrash seamlessly. Everything within this release fits together perfectly creating a sound that is massive and entirely heavy. Defiatory has created an album that gets stuck in your head as well as an album that makes you headbang until you don’t have any brain cells left.

As debuts go, this is as solid as it can get. The production is great and yet you still get a raw feeling, the musicianship is solid and the overall sound is anvil heavy. This is an undeniable thrash record that is highly memorable and should belong in any thrash fans collection.

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