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Denominate: Those Who Beheld the End

June 12, 2016


Hailing from Finland is Denominate and dragging along behind them from the crypts is their newest release titled Those Who Beheld the End. Denominate combine progressive elements with old school death metal creating an all together unique sound. This release is packed with seven tracks of raw and technical death metal that takes you through raw  and punishing soundscapes. Those Who Beheld the End is a captivating and unique listening experience that hooks you right from the beginning. There isn’t a song on this record that you would want to skip and there isn’t a song on this record that is used as a filler. What you get is a listen that is packed to the bursting point with melodic, heavy, raw and technical death metal that grips you right from the start.

Denominate doesn’t ease you into this release as the opening song submerges you in death and pummels you with menacing death metal, and really that doesn’t stop until the album is completely over. Even though the majority of the release is terrifying and bludgeoning death metal, Denominate mixes that well with the more melodic and progressive elements. Ultimately, Denominate gives you more music to chew on and soak in because of the use of the progressive elements, and by using them they paint wonderfully deadly soundscapes from which you will never return.

As soon as the album begins you get sucked into the dark and damp crypts that Denominate seems to dwell in and rule. Even as technical and progressive as they are, they still provide you with a raw and utterly filthy sound. From beginning to end, corroded death spews from your speakers and fills your mind with visions of death and fetid corpses. Those Who Beheld the End is an interesting listen because not only does it supply you with enough death metal to last you quite some time, but it also makes your mind wander down harrowing corridors filled with cryptic death and soundscapes that are lurking with evil.

Those Who Beheld the End is a massive album that will swallow you whole without any warning. You get sucked right in from the beginning and you can’t seem to escape. Each song is memorable and highly potent and you won’t be forgetting any of these songs any time soon. They all work their way inside of your brain like death metal worms and fester there making you listen over and over again. There are only seven songs present here on this release and even as short as that sounds the individual songs are fairly long, which means you are trapped inside of deadly soundscapes for quite some time and may never return.

Throughout the release you get pelted with gut ripping riffs, flesh flaying guitar solos, acrobatic drumming, mesmerizing bass lines and vocals that are powerful and completely deadly. The musicianship on this record is on point and the vocals are blood and bile filled and with everything combined you get a sound that is poisonous and purely deadly. Those Who Beheld the End is a bludgeoning and completely shredding album that keeps you interested for the entire listen and keeps you coming back for more and more death.

Overall, this record by the Finnish death dealers is incredibly solid and highly memorable. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with this and one listen ultimately ends up as numerous listens. Without further adieu take a look below and listen to some damning death metal for yourself.

Take a listen to the track Degradation

Those Who Beheld the End will be out August 5, 2016 through Inverse Records.

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