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Marburg: Polemicist

June 17, 2016

Polemicist cover art

Marburg hails from Los Angeles, California and the brand of grind that they play can be described as progressive and possibly schizophrenic. Marburg doesn’t stick to traditional grind sounds as they add in a menagerie of styles to their music. In short bursts you get doses of grind, death metal, hardcore and much much more. Polemicist provides you with ten songs that make your head spin and possibly combust. Even though the majority of the songs are incredibly short, you get subjected to a lot of material within that short amount of time. Marburg does a great job of mixing numerous genres together to create something that is chaotic and yet controlled all at the same time.

Polemicist is massively head spinning and brain melting, and as one song concludes the next begins usually right away. Between songs there isn’t much room to breathe since Marburg rolls them out steadily and attacks you with an abrasive style of play. Each song is just as chaotic as the last, and all of the songs jump right out of your speakers as well and beat you over the head with a shovel. There isn’t anything that isn’t abrasive or startling about this album, and no matter whether the song is a sixteen second song or a five minute one, they all attack you with the same intensity.

This is the kind of grind that eats nails for breakfast and excretes something ultimately heavier and sharper. No matter where you turn you can’t escape the maelstrom of metal and you can’t escape with all of your sanity either. Polemicist is dizzying and mind numbing all in the best ways though. The entire album is a firestorm of grinding madness that sucks you in and never really spits you back out. As soon as you begin listening you become trapped in the chaotic and detrimental world of Marburg.

The only song that really gives you any sort of “break” would be Welcome to You’re Doom and that’s only because for the majority of the song it’s played at a slower tempo. And even then that song really isn’t your “break” from neck breaking insanity since that song is also a grinding madhouse. Marburg really does do a good job of mixing and matching a lot of different sounds together and not having them sound way too chaotic or straining.

Through out this release you get annihilated by writhing and schizophrenic riffs, tumultuous drumming, skin flaying bass work, and vocals that jump all over the place as they switch between gravel filled screams to high pitched screeches to unearthly lows. The vocalist certainly shows off a lot of range and does so in each song and each musician is pin point with their craft.

With everything combined you are left with a head spinning and dizzying display of grind. Polemicist is heavy in all the right places, chaotic in all of the places, and overall a great grinding listen.


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