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The Sound That Ends Creation: We Are The Burden

June 22, 2016

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One man demolition crew band The Sound That Ends Creation just recently put out We Are The Burden, and within this release you get ten grinding songs that are injected with death metal and sludge noticeably among others. Even though each song is short-as per grind tradition-the man behind The Sound That Ends Creation sews each of the different genres that are present in each song together very well. Grind as a genre is chaotic of course and this is no different, but it sounds focused and ultimately cohesive as the album moves as a unit to destroy anything in its path.

From beginning to end you get bombarded with grinding goodness and until the final note is played your skull gets ground into sand. We Are The Burden needs to be played loud, there aren’t any excuses if it isn’t cranked to eleven. This release is nice and balanced, and since there are different genres other than grind at work here, you aren’t constantly hacked into pieces by grinding fury. More often than not you really don’t know what you will be hearing next as The Sound That Ends Creation goes from blistering fast tempos, to mid, to slower tempos and all the way back up again.

This release keeps you on the edge of your seat as it keeps you guessing. You never know what sound it is that will be coming out of your speakers next, but what you do know for sure is that it will be heavy and it will come in waves. Each song is rib crushingly heavy and does its best to bury you six feet under. No matter if a song starts out in a slow tempo, you can be sure that the pace will be picked up and you will be suffocated under a wall of noise. When a song picks up speed you had better hold on since you will be sucked back into your seat and possibly hear a few ribs crack.

The energy that is pumped into this record is incredible. We Are The Burden is fueled with adrenaline and what seems to be a burning desire to level anything in its path. Each song is a short burst of deadly grind that gets inside of your head and gets stuck there. With each song you get attacked from all sides and the pummeling doesn’t stop until you are completely finished with listening. With that being said, you can’t seem to stop listening. No matter how much you get beaten you want to keep listening, and each time you listen you find something new that you didn’t notice before.

We Are The Burden is filled with slashing riffs, heavy bass lines, tumultuous drumming and throat tearing vocals. The musicianship is on point and the production is clean and yet it is raw and filthy all at the same time. Grind fans can’t really go wrong with this release, and if you are looking for something that has more variation in it than just grind, then We Are The Burden may be the release for you.

You can find this grinding madness from The Sound That Ends Creation right here.

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