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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Guttural Corpora Cavernosa: You Should Have Died When I Killed You

June 28, 2016

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The sophomore release by brutal slamming death metal bulldozers Guttural Corpora Cavernosa is on its way, and no longer do you have to wait to get your intestines ripped out through your mouth. This second release by these death dealers is titled You Should Have Died When I Killed You and judging by the cover art the guy with the meat cleaver is really wishing the dead guy was actually dead. This album is everything that you would come to expect from Guttural Corpora Cavernosa as it has everything you could possibly want in a brutal slamming death release.

You can’t really ask for much more than pure slamming brutality when listening to this genre, and that is exactly what these stalwarts of death provide. With members from Gorepot, Coprocephalic, and Maggot Colony, these guys are no stranger to this vile and massively disgusting genre. This entire release is filled to the brim with rotting cadavers, fetid blood, and wretched smells that just seem to permeate throughout your house and get stuck in your nostrils when you listen. There is no escaping the pure brutality and there is no escaping the devastating slams that these guys have to offer.

From beginning to end, YSHDWIKY is one brutal assault after the next and never does Guttural Corpora Cavernosa lift their blade from your throat. As a matter of fact, they dig their blade deeper and deeper into your neck until they completely cut out your Adam’s Apple and sever your head from the rest of your body. Each song is just as repulsive, raw and brutalizing as the one that came before it. YSHDWIKY doesn’t let you escape from its clammy grasp as it has every intention of mutilating you and discarding you to the night crawlers that await for you six feet under.

As soon as you press play your fate is sealed and your neck is slashed nearly immediately. There aren’t too many places to run to and there aren’t too many corners to hide around from this behemoth of a brutal slamming death release. This album puts your head against a circular saw and cuts into your skull exposing your brain as the rest of your innards are torn out by Satan only knows what. This is an eviscerating and wholly devastating release that has a complete lack of compassion and understanding for human life.

Each of the eleven songs that make an appearance on this record are filled with spill your guts, drums that crack your limbs, bass lines that shatter your spine and vocals that are incredibly guttural and sickening to the point where it sounds as thought he vocalist may be chewing on some remains himself. The ultimate sound of this album is one that is terrifyingly heavy and one that beats you down until you lay as a bloody pulp on the floor.

YSHDWIKY is brutal in every way you could imagine and is sure to please any fan of brutal slamming death metal.

You can order and listen to the title track from this release here.

Find You Should Have Died When I Killed You and other gut ripping things at Gore House Productions.

Take a look at the Bandcamp page.

You Should Have Died When I Killed You will be out July 8, 2016 through Gore House Productions.


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