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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Celestial Grave: Burial Ground Trance

June 29, 2016


Bursting from hell-as well as Finland-is Celestial Grave and not only do they bring along hordes of demons but they also bring along their debut release titled Burial Ground Trance. This tape is three tracks long and provides you with raw and relentless black metal. From the opening note to the closing note you get an ear full of cold, melancholic and head spinning black metal. As far as debuts go, this is a good one as it is a solid listen, keeps you coming back for more and makes you want another release right off the bat.

Burial Ground Trance is pure black metal, and as filthy and grime filled as it is, it is also filled to the bursting point with melancholic themes and sounds. Not only do you feel as though you are being dragged into the Netherworld, but you also feel the need to sink back into your mind and sit in a dark corner somewhere and contemplate life. This release in only three songs does a great job of keeping your attention and drawing you in to the darkened abyss and blistering soundscapes that Celestial Grave has created.

This is a mesmerizing release, and as mentioned before you get sucked into the blackened vortex that these black magik wielders provide for you. All throughout Burial Ground Trance you get sinister and utterly evil sounds that burst through your speakers and corrupt not only your mind but your soul as well. As soon as you press play, you succumb to the darkness and become enveloped in poisonous clouds from which you will never escape again.

Burial Ground Trance gives you just enough to satisfy your black metal needs for the time being, but it also leaves you wanting so much more. One listen turns into another, and sooner or later the listens roll on and on and on as you try to get that sinister fix. Celestial Grave hooks you right from the get go and doesn’t let you go until your soul has been reaped. This tape has what you want in a black metal release in just three songs and has the ability to tide you over until their next terrifying release.

Each of the three songs is filled with serpentine riffs, tumultuous drumming and dissonant vocals that sound as though they are coming from the other side. With the melancholic tinges that work their way into each of the songs, what you get is a detrimental listen that works its way into your head and manifests itself there whether that is what you wanted or not.

All in all, this is a black metal release that is sure to make all black metal fans happy and is certainly a great debut release.

Burial Ground Trance will be out July 22, 2016 through Iron Bonehead Productions.

Take a blasphemous listen to The Heartbeats Drum.

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