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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Ligature Wound: S/T

June 19, 2016

Cover Ligature Wound.jpg

Spilling blood and collecting as many bodies as possible is Ligature Wound and emerging from the piles of the deceased with them is their self titled release. This self titled record is filled with six tracks of visceral and incredibly raw death metal. As soon as you press play you know that your life may just end and as one song rolls on to the next you can feel your life slipping away. Ligature Wound knows only one speed and after a quick sample at the very beginning, Ligature Wound thrusts you into the raw and unforgiving realm of death.


Even though there are only six songs on this release, the majority of the songs are fairly long which gives Ligature Wound plenty of time to torture you. From the very opening seconds to the very last seconds of this release you are pelted with nothing but incredibly sinister and filthy death metal, and after the listen is over you feel a strong need to bathe. This is just pure and raw brutality through and through and as the album rolls on you can see the bodies pile up and you can feel your own blood curdle.

This self titled release is something of a death-dozer as it brings nothing but pain and horrifying death to anyone and everything. It steamrolls you and as soon as it is done discarding your carcass it rolls on on its conquest to quench its thirst for blood. As soon as you press play you become trapped in the sinister world of Ligature Wound with no way out. Ligature Wound traps you and keeps you listening by providing you with nothing but gut ripping and blood soaked death metal.

Ligature Wound’s new record is a monster to say the least and it attacks you from all corners and doesn’t stop attacking until your head has been severed. This release is pure filth and it revels in horror, blood and your demise. This is a brutalizing effort from start to finish and even as detrimental as this record is, you still feel the need to keep listening and listen over and over again.

From beginning to end you get subjected to throat slashing riffs, buzzing bass lines, skull cracking drumming and vocals that are entirely demonic as they switch between gravel filled mids and unearthly demonic growls that make your hair stand on end. There is an atmosphere present with most albums whether it was intended or not, and the atmosphere that you feel when listening to this record is purely terrifying.

The overall sound of this self titled release is sinister, filthy and raw just as death metal should be. The production is great, the musicianship and the vocals are on point and with everything sewn together very well you get an album that is ultimately a killer and that’s exactly what we have here.

Ligature Wound is out with this release tomorrow through Iron, Blood & Death Corporation.

Take a bone jarring listen to Obsessed With Torture.

Marburg: Polemicist

June 17, 2016

Polemicist cover art

Marburg hails from Los Angeles, California and the brand of grind that they play can be described as progressive and possibly schizophrenic. Marburg doesn’t stick to traditional grind sounds as they add in a menagerie of styles to their music. In short bursts you get doses of grind, death metal, hardcore and much much more. Polemicist provides you with ten songs that make your head spin and possibly combust. Even though the majority of the songs are incredibly short, you get subjected to a lot of material within that short amount of time. Marburg does a great job of mixing numerous genres together to create something that is chaotic and yet controlled all at the same time.

Polemicist is massively head spinning and brain melting, and as one song concludes the next begins usually right away. Between songs there isn’t much room to breathe since Marburg rolls them out steadily and attacks you with an abrasive style of play. Each song is just as chaotic as the last, and all of the songs jump right out of your speakers as well and beat you over the head with a shovel. There isn’t anything that isn’t abrasive or startling about this album, and no matter whether the song is a sixteen second song or a five minute one, they all attack you with the same intensity.

This is the kind of grind that eats nails for breakfast and excretes something ultimately heavier and sharper. No matter where you turn you can’t escape the maelstrom of metal and you can’t escape with all of your sanity either. Polemicist is dizzying and mind numbing all in the best ways though. The entire album is a firestorm of grinding madness that sucks you in and never really spits you back out. As soon as you begin listening you become trapped in the chaotic and detrimental world of Marburg.

The only song that really gives you any sort of “break” would be Welcome to You’re Doom and that’s only because for the majority of the song it’s played at a slower tempo. And even then that song really isn’t your “break” from neck breaking insanity since that song is also a grinding madhouse. Marburg really does do a good job of mixing and matching a lot of different sounds together and not having them sound way too chaotic or straining.

Through out this release you get annihilated by writhing and schizophrenic riffs, tumultuous drumming, skin flaying bass work, and vocals that jump all over the place as they switch between gravel filled screams to high pitched screeches to unearthly lows. The vocalist certainly shows off a lot of range and does so in each song and each musician is pin point with their craft.

With everything combined you are left with a head spinning and dizzying display of grind. Polemicist is heavy in all the right places, chaotic in all of the places, and overall a great grinding listen.


Colt.45: Extinction

June 17, 2016

Extinction cover art

Hailing from Belo Horizonte, Brazil and emerging from piles of rotting corpses is Colt.45. Dragging up with them from the pile of fetid bodies is their new release titled Extinction. Extinction consists of twelve tracks of the utmost brutality, and their only goal is to wipe you off of the face of the planet. The only moments of reprieve that you actually get while listening to this brain blasting album are the shorter tracks that come in at eighteen and thirty-two seconds. Other than that you get subjected to gut ripping and raw brutality that pummels you into an early grave.

From beginning to end Colt.45 does a great job of holding a blow torch to your head and not letting you escape until they have successfully eviscerated you. Extinction is grinding madness that just never quits, and as soon as you press play you need to be ready for an onslaught. Colt.45 bursts out of the gate with incredible intensity and with a mission to quench their blood thirst, stack up as many bodies as possible and sever as many heads as they can; and within the first couple of minutes the body count seems to be astounding.

There isn’t anything within this release that could make you think that this is anything but death metal. Extinction is pure and visceral death metal through and through that revels in your horror and decimates just about everything that is in its path. The cover art shows what this album is capable of and the title of Extinction is a pretty appropriate name. As soon as you press play, Colt.45 wreaks havoc and even gets you to go on a rampage of your own.

Colt.45 provides you with headbanging goodness all throughout the album, and as a matter of fact they make you headbang until you head is severed from your neck. There is a lot of brain bashing material on this album which gives Colt.45 enough time to shred you to pieces with their entirely brutalizing and pulverizing sound. These death dealers leave you soaked in blood and viscera after a full listen, and even then you still feel compelled to press play again and pick up where your murderous rampage left off.

Through out Extinction your throat gets slit with razor sharp devastating riffs only to have your bones cracked by blistering drums and your spinal chord severed by buzzing bass lines. To further supplement the sheer brutality are the vocals that transition between screeching highs and throat ripping lows. All twelve tracks feature devastating musicianship, raw vocals, great production and most of all, each song is injected with enough brutality to go around.

This album is solid and is fueled by gore and set on a path of devastation. For any fans of purely brain melting death metal, you can’t go wrong with Extinction.

Check out some Extinction for yourselves!

The monument in the background on the cover album is called Praça Sete de Setembro Obelisk and is a tourist attraction in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the home town of Colt.45.


The Process: The Covenant of the Cosmos

June 16, 2016


Mixing together hardcore, grind and what can only be described as cosmic atmosphere is The Process trailing along with them as they burst from a dying star is their newest release titled The Covenant of the Cosmos. This release is filled with eleven songs that are ripping and utterly destructive and yet they find a way to make you feel as though you’ve been lost among the stars. Most of the songs make you feel as though you have been swallowed up in the aftermath of a supernova, but when that subsides and when The Process so chooses you get to be submitted to some mind warping cosmic atmosphere.

This release not only gets stuck in your head but it also caves it in with the best as you get subjected to heavy and hard hitting hardcore that is in your face for the entire listen. The Covenant of the Cosmos is one solid song after the next and each song really does provide you with something new and different. Never does one song sound similar to the ones that came before it, and with that The Process gives you plenty of variety and plenty to listen for and soak in.

Throughout The Covenant of the Cosmos, The Process keeps you intrigued and keeps you listening for the entirety of the album. As one song turns to the next you can’t seem to press pause or take a break. Unlike most hardcore that is unruly and completely spastic, The Process brings something different to the table. They bring controlled chaos and bring a tight and crisp sound to you that still will make you headbang and feverishly thrash around even if the sound is a bit more refined.

As mentioned, you never really know what sound you will be getting next with The Process. The ethos of this band is hardcore of course, but mixed in with that are elements of ambiance and slower tempos that ultimately create a melodious sound. The majority of the songs that are present on this record give you both the headbanging, brain damaging and neck snapping variety as well as a more melodious sound that takes you cruising through the cosmos.

Each song that is present on this record is filled with sharp riffs, punishing drums, heavy bass lines, and vocals that are straining and throat tearing. The heavy musicianship is mixed together with celestial sounds as well at times to create a dark and mystic atmosphere. No matter what sound you get while listening to this release, you get something that is all together comprehensive, cohesive, sharp and heavy. The Process created a hardcore album that is interesting and a very unique album that warrants more than a few listens.

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Pequod: False Divinity

June 15, 2016


What do you get when you fuse death metal and thrash together? A maelstrom of deadly metal that’s what, and that is exactly what Pequod has done. Pequod are about to unleash their newest release titled False Divinity, and within this EP you will find heavy and ultimately bone crushing thrashing death metal. There happen to be only four tracks on this release, but each song is fairly long and keeps you hooked. As soon as you begin listening you fall victim to destructive and gut ripping death metal and neck breaking thrash, and Pequod doesn’t let you escape from their clutches until the entire release is over.

Pequod bursts out of the gate from song one and does’t stop as they never let their foot off the gas or their boot off of your throat. The only speed that these gents know is fast since neither of the four songs present on this release give you a breather or a moment of reprieve. Each song is played at a skin melting and flesh flaying pace and you never realize that your face has completely melted off of until the final song concludes. False Divinity is an unrelenting and skull grinding effort that has you beg for mercy every chance that you get.

False Divinity is an entirely memorable release as it just gets stuck inside of your head whether you want it to or not. Of course the musicianship is part of what makes this release so memorable, but that is only a part of it. The other part is that, even though Pequod plays at a faster tempo it isn’t entirely mind bending to the point where your brain turns into cerebral soup. Instead, they play at a mid tempo and with that you are able to pick things up easier, thrash along easier and memorize the songs with greater ease.

This release by Pequod leaves you headbanging, thrashing around and even doing both even when you aren’t listening. Each of the four songs gets stuck in your head and as a whole False Divinity is intoxicating as one listen turns into multiple. Pequod hooks you right from the beginning, and try as you might you can’t escape the deadly ride that is False Divinity.

Pequod fills your head with ripping riffs complimented by shredding solos, solid drum work, heavy bass lines, and raw and visceral vocals. The musicianship is great and the vocals are forceful and evil, and with everything combined you get a sound that is wholly sinister and purely destructive. With everything woven together with great production, False Divinity is a force to be reckoned with as it will raze hell and level everything in its path.

Check out the lyric video for the title track False Divinity.

You can order this release right at this location.

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False Divinity will be out July 5, 2016.


June 15, 2016


Boak for those of you who do not know-as I did not know until the band informed me-is a Scottish slang word meaning “vomit; or feelings of nausea”. With a band name like that it is pretty appropriate that these gents play some seriously sickening grind. There are only four songs on this EP, and each song is whiplash inducing, riot inciting, and purely bulldozing. As short as these songs are they kick you in the fucking mouth and don’t stop until you stop breathing.

Boak’s new EP begins with a song titled Justice For Kelly Thomas. As some may know, Kelly Thomas was a homeless and schizophrenic homeless man who was beaten to death by six officers in Fullerton, California in 2011 and punishments were never dealt to the officers. Even though each of the four songs are entirely pissed off, this has to be one of the angrier songs and for good reason. Some of the lyrics in this song read: “Kelly died while they are doing just fine, Kelly died, where do you draw the fucking line? Justice? None was ever served, And now they want to “protect” you? One life lost is not just a fucking mistake!”

With everything that has been happening recently with more than enough cop killings to last a lifetime, this song not only seems to have more piss and vinegar in it than the rest, but it also resonates a lot and hits incredibly hard. After the brief intro by a newscaster you get thrown back in your seat and subjected to a beating upside the head with a completely deadly grind assault. Each song is just as ferocious and sharp pointed as the first and Boak doesn’t ever let up on their attack. All four songs are blistering and are more than capable of splintering your bones and holding your head up to a grindstone until you listen to what they have to say.

Boak is a force to be reckoned with, and with two EPs under their belt it’s scary to think of what damage they can cause with a full length. This EP leaves you wanting more and keeps having you come back and pressing play more than often to get that intense and filthy grind fix. Their overall sound is raw and barbaric and each song is in your face, cranked to eleven and pissed off beyond belief. This EP is madness and pure chaos and Boak is more than prepared to steamroll you and your town and can very well do so with this release.

Each of the four songs is filled with crushing riffs, spastic drumming, and vocals that never quit and sound like they are coming from inside of your head at all times. If you are a grind, powerviolence, hardcore or even a punk fan, then this release is for you. It’s heavy, destructive, pissed off and incredibly catchy. This EP is a wave of noise that gets you riled up and angry and has you moshing about and inciting riots of your own. This is grinding madness, and as soon as you press play you can’t get enough.

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Coprophemia: Abhorrogenesis

June 13, 2016


Spreading their sickness and ultimately decimating anyone that just so happens to wander across their path is Corprophemia. Technical brutal death metal is the vein in which these sickos play and Abhorrogenesis is the title of their newest release. Within this new record you get eleven songs that are incredibly unrelenting and don’t stop pulverizing you until you are laying dead in your own cold blood. Abhorrogenesis is a raw and bludgeoning release that attacks you from all sides with just about anything and everything. As soon as you press play you become the victim to utterly devastating brutal death metal and Corprophemia doesn’t pick their boot up off of your throat until the final song concludes, and even then your neck still gets broken.

The only real times that you ever get a brief moment of reprieve is when Corprophemia leads you into a beating with an intro or an outro. Other than those few moments you get pummeled and pulverized by music that is entirely brutalizing and eviscerating. Whatever you do you can’t escape the onslaught as Corprophemia just keeps attacking and rolling one devastating song after another at you.

Abhorrogenesis is a deadly release as it plans on gutting you right from the get go and ultimately does so at the conclusion. Each song on this record is chaotic and pure madness and they all beat against your skull until you don’t have a skull to beat against. Abhorrogenesis is immensely heavy and you eventually succumb to the sheer weight as your bones crack and splinter as each song rolls along.

This album is fairly short so you feel inclined to press play over and over again if you can continue withstanding the beatings that you get every time you listen. Since this album is shorter it does warrant more listens so you can soak it all up and pick up on certain elements that you may have missed before. Even though each of the eleven songs are as short as they are, Corprophemia still makes you feel as though you have gone a few rounds in the death metal ring and have you leaving bloodied and bruised.

Abhorrogenesis is riddled with furious and lacerating riffs only to be coupled with skin shredding solos, skull shattering drumming, vein bursting bass lines and throat shredding vocals that are utterly demonic. This record is pure technical chaos and it provides you with minutes upon minutes of brain smashing goodness. Abhorrorgenesis is a blitzkrieg as it attacks you quick and fierce leaving no trace that you walked this earth.

This record is just about as technical as it can get as it leaves your head spinning. However, as brutal and technical as it is you get stuck on it and keep it on repeat for quite some time headbanging until you are left with no more brain cells. Abhorrogenesis is a solid release that packs an incredible punch and if you are looking for something fresh and bludgeoning, look no further than Corprophemia.

Denominate: Those Who Beheld the End

June 12, 2016


Hailing from Finland is Denominate and dragging along behind them from the crypts is their newest release titled Those Who Beheld the End. Denominate combine progressive elements with old school death metal creating an all together unique sound. This release is packed with seven tracks of raw and technical death metal that takes you through raw  and punishing soundscapes. Those Who Beheld the End is a captivating and unique listening experience that hooks you right from the beginning. There isn’t a song on this record that you would want to skip and there isn’t a song on this record that is used as a filler. What you get is a listen that is packed to the bursting point with melodic, heavy, raw and technical death metal that grips you right from the start.

Denominate doesn’t ease you into this release as the opening song submerges you in death and pummels you with menacing death metal, and really that doesn’t stop until the album is completely over. Even though the majority of the release is terrifying and bludgeoning death metal, Denominate mixes that well with the more melodic and progressive elements. Ultimately, Denominate gives you more music to chew on and soak in because of the use of the progressive elements, and by using them they paint wonderfully deadly soundscapes from which you will never return.

As soon as the album begins you get sucked into the dark and damp crypts that Denominate seems to dwell in and rule. Even as technical and progressive as they are, they still provide you with a raw and utterly filthy sound. From beginning to end, corroded death spews from your speakers and fills your mind with visions of death and fetid corpses. Those Who Beheld the End is an interesting listen because not only does it supply you with enough death metal to last you quite some time, but it also makes your mind wander down harrowing corridors filled with cryptic death and soundscapes that are lurking with evil.

Those Who Beheld the End is a massive album that will swallow you whole without any warning. You get sucked right in from the beginning and you can’t seem to escape. Each song is memorable and highly potent and you won’t be forgetting any of these songs any time soon. They all work their way inside of your brain like death metal worms and fester there making you listen over and over again. There are only seven songs present here on this release and even as short as that sounds the individual songs are fairly long, which means you are trapped inside of deadly soundscapes for quite some time and may never return.

Throughout the release you get pelted with gut ripping riffs, flesh flaying guitar solos, acrobatic drumming, mesmerizing bass lines and vocals that are powerful and completely deadly. The musicianship on this record is on point and the vocals are blood and bile filled and with everything combined you get a sound that is poisonous and purely deadly. Those Who Beheld the End is a bludgeoning and completely shredding album that keeps you interested for the entire listen and keeps you coming back for more and more death.

Overall, this record by the Finnish death dealers is incredibly solid and highly memorable. Simply put, you can’t go wrong with this and one listen ultimately ends up as numerous listens. Without further adieu take a look below and listen to some damning death metal for yourself.

Take a listen to the track Degradation

Those Who Beheld the End will be out August 5, 2016 through Inverse Records.

Defiatory: Extinct

June 12, 2016

cover (1).jpg

Taking old-school thrash metal and adding their own new twists on a well established genre is Defiatory. Originally forming in 2015 they didn’t take too long to release a demo and their debut full length that you see above you. Defiatory’s style is reminiscent of the thrash masters of old but they never rehash sounds or duplicate what others have done before them as they put their own new spin on the original thrash sound. Within Extinct you get eight heavy and hard hitting songs that come at you in waves and keep you headbanging all throughout.

Defiatory doesn’t wait long at all to shoot out of the gate and pummel you with thrashing and headbanging goodness. Extinct starts off at neck breaking speeds and that speed never subsides as they keep it going for the entire record. There isn’t a song on this release that is meant to fill space or meant to give you a breather. Each song on here is thrash metal madness to the core, there are no breaks or moments of reprieve as one song rolls into the next having you headbang with a feverish intensity until your head rolls off your shoulders.

Extinct has a gritty nature about it and even though the production is great it still feels raw and unkempt. Defiatory is thrash through and through and there aren’t any other genres present within this release to make you think otherwise. This debut album is a pure, raw, destructive and chaotic release that draws you in right from the get go and recruits you to help on their quest for destruction. Of all of the eight songs, all eight strike quick and strike hard as they barrel right through you and on to their next victim.

This is a very solid debut full length that hooks you right from the very first note and doesn’t let its strangle hold go until the final note has been played. Extinct is very memorable and even after the final song concludes you will still be thrashing about and causing as much mayhem as possible. These songs work their way deep inside of your brain giving you an unforgettable thrash experience. As a whole, Extinct runs for around thirty-seven minutes which is fairly short, and after those thirty-seven minutes are up you feel the need to press play again and again to get that thrash fix you crave.

Within this record you will find blistering riffs coupled with blazing solos, pounding drumming that smashes your skull to bits, heavy ground breaking bass lines and gravel filled vocals that fit this style of thrash seamlessly. Everything within this release fits together perfectly creating a sound that is massive and entirely heavy. Defiatory has created an album that gets stuck in your head as well as an album that makes you headbang until you don’t have any brain cells left.

As debuts go, this is as solid as it can get. The production is great and yet you still get a raw feeling, the musicianship is solid and the overall sound is anvil heavy. This is an undeniable thrash record that is highly memorable and should belong in any thrash fans collection.

Check out Aeons End

You can find Extinct here.

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Gjendød: S/T

June 10, 2016

gjendød - digipak cover.jpg

Hailing from Norway is Gjendød and in a few weeks time they will be releasing their debut self titled EP. This EP features four songs of raw and uncompromising black metal played in the vein on traditional black metal. The brand of black metal that they play is blasphemous, dissonant, raw and utterly evil. Gjendød doesn’t pull any punches as they leave everything they have on this release and upon listening you get sucked into their dark and twisted world. For any fan of black metal this is a release that you shouldn’t miss as it tears and shreds its way through your soul leaving you lifeless.

From beginning to end this EP is unrelenting as it bludgeons you and attacks you from all angles until you are left cold and lifeless laying in a forest. Not even for a second does Gjendød let you off the hook as each song is played at a skin melting and flesh flaying speed. Right from the very beginning you get hit in the chest with powerful black metal only to realize their final goal is to bury you in a shallow grave and feed you to rabid animals.

This self titled release is a twisting mass of blackened fury that is on a mission to scorch the earth and collect as many souls as it can and cause as much mayhem as possible. Gjendød is black metal to the core as there aren’t any other sounds or genres that could compromise the incredibly raw sound that they bombard you with. Through and through this release is evil and soaked in pure filth and it does its best to have the light fade from your eyes.

Each of the four songs is filled with writhing and serpentine riffs that wrap themselves around your neck, chaotic drumming and vocals that are demonic and sound as though the vocalist is drinking the blood of a sacrifice. As soon as you get this ball of hate rolling you can’t stop it and you can’t stop Gjendød from planting the seed of blasphemous evil in your mind. This is a wicked and damning debut and Gjendød makes their statement very clear, and their statement is that they have arrived on the black metal scene and are here to stay.

Gjendød will be releasing their self titled debut through Hellthrasher Productions on June 24, 2016.

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