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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Obed Marsh: Innsmouth

July 29, 2016


Plunging you forever into abyssal darkness and spewing forth filth and molten darkness is Innsmouth. The band behind Innsmouth is Obed Marsh and within this release you can find some of the darkest and most sinister doom out there. With its tentacles, Innsmouth drags you to the depths and submerges you in pitch black darkness as it propels you toward your very own demise. Innsmouth is a brooding and soul sucking release that grabs you by the throat right from the beginning pulling you under the riptides, and by the end your carcass will have washed ashore.

After a brief prologue, Obed Marsh kicks the album off with Innsmouth Ritual which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Each song-excluding the prologue and epilogue-is played at a heart stopping and blood freezing pace. All throughout this release you get dirges of sinister doom that seem to be out on the prowl for blood themselves. Every single song on Innsmouth is utterly sinister and monstrous and the deeper you get into the album the more likely it is that you will never return from the abyssal soundscapes that Obed Marsh provides. Innsmouth is a twisting and lurching album that drags you to the very depths of the sea for you to be fed on by Lovecraftian monsters.

Innsmouth is all together a harrowing listen that shrouds you in a thick malevolent fog. As each song passes they work their way through your ears and into your brain manifesting themselves there for quite a long time. Even though each song sounds like evil lurking, they are mesmerizing in a gruesome and sickening way. The entire album as a whole is gnarled, raw and monstrous as though it was a great malicious ancient creature from the deep emerging again to consume the souls of the innocent.

There isn’t a song on this release that you would want to skip. This entire record is a mesmerizing piece of work that keeps you captivated and focused on the brooding evil that is Obed Marsh. Innsmouth is murky, purely blasphemous and heavy slab of earth scorching doom metal and it is unopologetically so. It revels in darkness and thrives off of the visceral fear that you have when listening. All throughout this record, Obed Marsh buzzes your brain right out of your skull and rumbles along cracking the earth making room for the malevolent creatures of the underworld to walk the earth freely and drag anyone they can back down with them.

Obed Marsh not only provides you with undeniably heavy doom, but they also provide you with a damning atmosphere as well that is just as heavy. If you don’t collapse under the sheer weight of the music itself, you will crumble under the dense and dismal atmosphere that Obed Marsh provides for you. With the combination of murky doom and thick abysmal atmosphere, you get a listen that is mystifying, intriguing and just plain heavy. The entire listen is menacing and the songs are pained and horrifying and as soon as you begin listening you just can’t peel yourself away from your headphones or speakers.

This debut album is a great listen and is a must for any and all doom fans. Take a trip through Innsmouth with Obed Marsh, but be wary, you may not make it back in one piece…

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Skognatt: Landscape of Ice

July 29, 2016


Black metal and symphonic elements go together like Satan and sacrifice and that is exactly the combination that Skognatt has put together. Within their EP Landscape of Ice you get two songs that are bursting with hypnotic symphonic dirges of blackened metal. Instead of playing a chaotic and soul ending brand of black metal, Skognatt keeps both songs at a nice mid tempo so you are able to feel the full effects of the bone splintering cold black metal and the equally chilling atmosphere brought on by the symphonic elements. Both the black metal aspects and the symphonic elements blend together very well to create soundscapes that make you feel both stranded and frozen to the core.

Landscape of Ice is a mesmerizing listen even though it is only two tracks long. It holds  your attention and keeps you interested for the ten minute listen as it captivates your mind as it transports you to a place where no life can roam and the only thing that is seeming to be alive is the bitter and harsh frigid air you become encompassed in. Black metal usually gives you that feeling of cold and makes you feel as though you are buried under layers of snow and ice, but with Skognatt they really drive that theme straight into your frontal lobe.

Each song is a crawling dirge of sinister symphonic black metal that sucks you in almost immediately and spits you back out once again as soon as its done with you. What really does let you soak this music in is the fact that Skognatt decided to play each song at a mid tempo instead of a blood bubbling tempo. The mid tempo allows you to follow what is unfolding before you and allows you to really pay attention to the themes that Skognatt is providing. The interplay between the mystical symphonic elements and the equally mystical black metal provides you with a listen that gets imprinted on your brain the more that you listen.

Not only is there plenty of black metal and whirling symphonic elements, but each song has a certain hint of melancholy to it as well giving each song more weight to it. The sounds that Skognatt provides for you not only leave you abandoned in a frozen tundra, but they also leave you in a dark and dismal state of mind all at the same time. Just within two songs, Skognatt gives you highly memorable songs that stick with you well after you are finished listening.

This is just a two track EP, and with these two tracks you get sucked in pretty easily. Landscapes of Ice is a great EP and a great listen as well as a great starting point for an even deeper trek into the frozen wastelands when a full length or a lengthier EP comes out. For now though, Skognatt has a two track EP out titled Landscapes of Ice to tide everyone over until the next endeavor into a barren wasteland comes out.

You can find Landscape of Ice on Bandcamp.

Nebulium: S/T Demo

July 27, 2016

California doesn’t seem like the place for black metal bands to crop up, but here to darken the usually sunny California is Nebulium. The demo that you see above was released near the end of last year and it includes three songs of blackened death metal with each song leaning more toward the death metal side of the spectrum. Each of the three songs that are present on the demo are chaotic, damning and dissonant and for Nebulium they are a good step in drowning California in abyssal darkness.

Nebulium doesn’t waste much time as they almost immediately thrust you into their bloodied cosmic world of blackened death metal. After a brief intro, Nebulium kicks off the demo with a ripping track titled Amputation. This is the strongest track on the demo for me as it displays everything that you would hope to hear from a blackened death metal band minus some of the atmosphere that the other songs provide. Amputation is straight forward, chaotic, soul tearing and skin searing from beginning to end and it is unopologetically grim. Amputation is easily the most grim song on the release as it talks about you hanging from the rafters by your own intestines. Not only that, but it is the song that packs the most punch as it has the capability to knock your teeth down your throat.

The other two songs on the demo are just as solid and provide you with plenty of raw dissonant blackened death to tide you over until another demo or full length appears from the shadows. This five piece does a fair job of weaving both black metal and death metal together, but as mentioned above death metal takes precedence over black metal. Amputation in particular is more of a death metal driven track where as the other two songs on the demo are a little more fueled by black metal. Both “The Enigmatic Existence” and “Intergalactic Infestation” bring a little more atmosphere to the overall sound that Amputation didn’t provide and that plays more in to the wheelhouse of the black metal element.

Each of the three songs has their strengths and weaknesses, but all throughout what you know without any doubt that you will get are disease ridden riffs, chaotic drumming, heavy bass lines and vocals that transition between banshee screeches and blood curdling death growls. The production on this demo is raw and filthy and that is what I expect to hear on a blackened death metal release and that is just another element that this demo has to make it a good listen.

This self titled release is a good jumping off point for Nebulium. If these three songs are any indication, things can only get better from here. This is a solid demo and with a few tweaks here and there and a little refinement, Nebulium will be even more on the right track than they are now.

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Pit of Carnage: The Rise Of The Fallen King

July 26, 2016

pit of carnage - the rise of the fallen king

Pit of Carnage is exactly that, a pit of carnage and when you are finished listening to their newest offering you will find yourself looking something like one of the lovely ladies on the cover art above. This two man band is on the verge of unleashing their newest monster titled The Rise Of The Fallen King and this album sports ten songs of ripping technical brutal death metal. Not only does this release provide you with skull grinding brutal death metal, but all throughout the record sprinkled in are traces of sinister atmosphere that make you feel as though you are being hunted.

The Rise Of The Fallen King takes no time to get you acclimated and acquainted with its brutality. Pit of Carnage drops you right into the gore and viscera head first and unapologetically so. After the opener Feed the Machine all bets are off from there and the onslaught continues until the blood thirst has been quenched. Make no mistake about it, even though the album isn’t all that long in length it makes up for in brute force. Each of the ten songs are like a blitzkrieg of blood spurting metal as they burst from your speakers like hellions on the prowl for flesh.

All throughout this record, Pit of Carnage brings you different looks into their sadistic brutal death world. Each of the ten songs that make an appearance on this record provide you with a fair share of variation and from song to song Pit of Carnage keeps it fresh and new each time. Even as they keep the songs rolling and even though the onslaught never seems to stop they find new ways to brutalize you and strip you bare of your skin and flesh. As the songs roll on you can feel the flesh dripping off of your cracked and yellowed bones as the sonic assault terrorizes you repeatedly.

Crunching riffs fill your ears as slashing bass lines cut your neck and rib shattering drumming come down upon you like sledgehammers. The vocals that cut through all of the carnage and mayhem vary from pig squeals to unearthly bellows to unsavory screams and back again. With everything combined you get an album that flings blood and tears at you from all angles until there isn’t anything left to tear at. This album is sharp and provides you with your injection of brutality for quite some time.

The Rise Of The Fallen King collects flesh and entrails and comes to cull you just like it culled the rest that came before you. This is a gore filled venomous release that only has violence and death on its mind. You can’t escape the carnage and as soon as you are done listening you emerge covered in crimson viscera.

The Rise Of The Fallen King will be out on CDN Records on August 3, 2016.

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Predatory Light: S/T

July 25, 2016


Generally cover art for an album is a good way to peek inside the release and kind of guess what you will be getting without actually listening to the record itself, and with this debut full length from Predatory Light that is certainly true. Just from seeing the cover art you can guess that what you are about to get is mysterious, dark and purely sinister and that is exactly what you get once you begin listening. Predatory Light takes black metal and warps it and melds together several different styles of black metal to create a sound that is unique, intriguing and entirely memorable. This self titled full length from these blasphemers catches your attention immediately and captivates you for the entirety of your listen.

Predatory Light plays a soul peeling and mind warping brand of black metal that ultimately invades your mind and corrupts your very being. There are a few things that separate Predatory Light from the majority of the black metal group and those would be that they mix different black metal styles together from different parts of the world and their music is melodic as well. Even though there are different brands of black metal at play here, Predatory Light does a great job of mixing them all together and keeping their sound melodic but harsh and flesh ripping all at the same time.

This entire six track album is pumped full of blasphemous images and scorching soundscapes that blister your very flesh and boil your blood. Each song is a twisting darkened mass of black metal that clouds your mind and rips your soul to shreds. This entire album is a behemoth and doesn’t hesitate to crush you under its monstrous foot and cast you down straight to the netherworld. As soon as you begin listening you get pelted with blistering and damning black metal and Predatory Light doesn’t lighten up on the onslaught until the final note is played.

Not only does Predatory Light provide you with a maelstrom of black metal, but they also give you a blackened and abyssal atmosphere as well. Predatory Light shrouds you in abysmal darkness and as the album plays on you can feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into madness. This record gives off a kind of energy that feels as though the album itself was consumed by an unspeakable evil and bathed in the blood of thousands of enemies and tortured souls. The atmosphere that Predatory Light brings to you is just as poisonous and potent as the musicianship is and with those two combined you get a listen that is life threatening and soul damning.

Each song is riddled with diseased writhing riffs coupled with heavy throat slashing bass lines and tumultuous drumming. The vocals that force themselves out of the shadows and to the forefront of the wall of black metal noise are entirely sinister as they have a great raw quality about them. As mentioned above, no matter how chaotic and no matter how many different styles of black metal are pumped into this record, the music is still melodic and wholly captivating.

This is a memorable listen and an album to behold. With each listen you find something new that you didn’t hear during the listen previous. There is a lot that was put into this record and it will take a few listens to soak in entirely, but when it does it never leaves your rotted mind.

Predatory Light’s debut full length will be released on September 23, 2016 through Invictus Productions.

Humanity Delete: Fuck Forever Off

July 24, 2016


Cover humanity delete.jpg

Humanity Delete seems to be a band that has a general disdain for human life, and with an album title like Fuck Forever Off, that seems to be a good guess. Humanity Delete isn’t a band that beats around the bush with their name choices  as well as their music. All throughout Fuck Forever Off you get pure barbaric in your face death metal and nothing else. There isn’t any filler within this blood shedding release and there aren’t any other sounds to make you think that this could be anything other than blood flinging death metal. Humanity Delete oozes death and wreaks to the high heavens of fetid flesh and and curdled blood.

Humanity Delete starts off immediately with Barbarian Axe and from then on the onslaught doesn’t stop and Humanity Delete doesn’t quit until they have drained all of the blood from their enemies. As soon as Fuck Forever Off begins they press a knife right up to your throat digging deeper into your neck until you bleed out completely. Fuck Forever Off is an abrasive-take-no-prisoners kind of album that revels in making your life tortuous and lives for the moments that it gets to scalp its next unsuspecting victim.

This eight track release is a bulldozer of noise that cracks your spine and sands your skull down into dust. There aren’t any moments for you to take a rest from the hide pummeling metal that Humanity Delete heaps upon you in droves as one song rolls into the next and the next. Not only does this record to a good job of stripping your flesh from bone, but it also does a great job at making you feel as though you can go toe to toe with a cyclops or tangle with a chimera.

Each song provides you with blood flinging barbaric riffs, axe wielding bass lines, limb cracking drums and monstrous and booming vocals that peel your skin back from your flesh. The entire sound of this record is massive and monstrous and can take on a Hydra with ease.  The concept of this release matches well with the sound that Humanity Delete provides for you. They give you songs about minotaurs and Shoggot (a creature from the Cthulhu mythos) and with those concepts being sung about you need a sound that is just as monstrous, and that is what Humanity Delete provides.

Fuck Forever Off is pumped full of barbaric skull splitting music that gets you to headbang until your brain is beyond bruised. This is a great listen and a solid release that keeps you coming back for more raw and purely barbaric heavy metal.

Dulvitund: Huldar Slóðir

July 23, 2016


Generally electronic music doesn’t do anything for me what so ever because there isn’t a purpose behind it and there isn’t any substance at all. The same can’t be said for Dulvitund which is a one man dark ambient electronic act out of Iceland. This is a bit different from what is usually posted on this site, but Dulvitund is intriguing because even though what this band dishes out is electronic it is heavy in its own way and has qualities of heavy metal in it even though there aren’t any traditional heavy metal instruments to be found on this release.

Some themes of Huldar Slóðir are of depression and the human condition among others, and Dulvitund conveys both of those themes very well all throughout this release. Without lyrics at all this one man band paints bleak pictures of utter darkness and soul sinking images. Dulvitund does a great job of plunging you into your own mind to reflect inward and to have you dwell a little bit on the dark moments of life outside of your own. The depression and sorrow that riddles this release is palpable and the longer that you listen you plunge deeper and deeper into the darkness and the abyssal soundscapes that Dulvitund paints for you.

Huldar Slóðir is gripping and captivating and as soon as you press play and begin listening you can’t stop. This record has you plunge deep into the darkest recesses of your mind as it wraps you up in a cold cloak of morbid depression. The atmosphere in which Dulvitund provides for you is bone chilling cold and for the most part it is eerie as well as the music makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. There are only three songs on this album, but each song is long enough to shroud you in a dark and dismal fog and push you deeper and deeper into a swimming abyss that you may never find your way out of.

This music is dark and gloomy and puts you in an interesting state of mind. The music makes you feel isolated and cold as though you were just transplanted in the middle of a fog filled forest. As soon as you begin listening you can’t escape the abysmal sounds that fill your ears and have you sink back into your mind. This album is captivating and even though the run times are longer you still sit and listen to them in their entirety as their bleak and dreary themes unfold.

Huldar Slóðir is a precursor to a sophomore album from Dulvitund and with this just being a taste of what is to come, we should expect more of the same brilliantly dark and serpentine ambiance. This is an intriguing and great listen as well as an extremely heavy listen that twists and turns and contorts itself with each passing second. It’s hard to forget these sounds when you stop listening as this release is very memorable and very captivating.

Huldar Slóðir will be out through Dissociated Records on August 26, 2016.

You can find Dulvitund on Bandcamp.

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And you can find more Dissociated music on Bandcamp as well.

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