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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Surgikill: Sanguinary Revelations

July 1, 2016

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Cooked to crusty death perfection is Sanguinary Revelations, which is the title of the album from death metal monsters Surgikill. This release has just about everything that you can imagine and want all in one throat slashing release. You get gore, horror and old school death metal that simply buries you under piles and piles of bodies. Sanguinary Revelations has all of the good stuff packed into it, and as a matter of fact it has so much of the oozing good stuff packed into it that it bursts at the seams and covers you in fetid blood. This record by Surgikill is raw, filthy and utterly grimy, and after just one listen you feel more than compelled to press play again and roll around in all of the filth.

As mentioned above, whatever you could imagine is in here really. You get the horror factor to the point where you feel as though your neck will be cut at any moment; you get the gore factor to the point where body parts leak out of your speakers; and you get the horrifying and bone chilling atmosphere that drives you bloody mad. Through ten songs you get attacked by a death metal onslaught that craves nothing more than blood and carnage. Each of the ten tracks is just as sick, twisted and deranged as the last, and sooner or later you yourself will be begging for your life.

Each song is crafted masterfully and makes you feel as though you are the prey and you are being stalked to be slaughtered and impaled. Not only does Surgikill snap your neck with blistering speeds, but they also throw in some doom inspired dirges that prove to be just as deadly. Whether you are getting the skin sheering face melting death metal, or you are getting a slower bone crumbling tempo, you are in danger of losing your life at any minute. Each passing second is a second that gets taken off of your life, and as soon as the entire album is over and the last note has been played, they come to collect your body to add it to the growing collection.

Sanguinary Revelations is incredibly grimy and filthy and sounds as though it was taken from the eighties death metal movement and transplanted in 2016. It certainly helps that Stevo from the notorious Impetigo, Ash Thomas, Billy Nocera and friends have been around death metal scene since the early nineties. These sickos were more than capable of cranking out disgusting tunes and they certainly show their death metal chops here with this debut album. Sanguinary Revelations is a massive death metal album that leaves no body unmutilated and no cadaver left untapped of its blood and marrow. As soon as you press play, a foul stench wafts through the air and a deadly pulse of cadaverous metal bludgeons anything in its path.

Through each song you get gut ripping and skin shredding riffs accompanied by blood letting bass lines and bone crushing drums. The vocals that spew forth are interesting and psychotically hypnotic as they transition between a lot of different styles and often at the same time. In each song you get vocals that are blood curdling screeches that morph into powerful bestial growls which in turn are accompanied by a deadly hypnotic spoken vocal that sounds as though Satan himself is whispering sickening nothings into your ear. Everything about each song makes this entire album very unique, and even though the music is played in the vein of old school death, Surgikill makes it all their own.

Never mind this being a debut that can’t go unnoticed, this is just a release that can’t go unnoticed. The musicianship is great, the vocals are skin crawling and the production is as dirty and grimy as you could possibly want. Sanguinary Revelations is a blood flinging, nightmare inducing album that grips you from the very get go and never lets you go from its leathery almost skeletal hands. From beginning to end you get submerged and woven into a dark and deadly soundscape that you never want to return from.

Sanguinary Revelations will be out August 26, 2016 through Hells Headbangers.

Check out Hells Headbangers and Sanguinary Revelations at Bandcamp.


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