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Best of 2016 (So Far)

July 6, 2016

Since we are now a little over half way through this 2016 year, I would like to share with you a Best Of (So Far) list that I compiled. This is incomplete as many of you see since we are only of course half way through this very heavy metal year. Take a gander at the bludgeoning bands below!


Often you want to try and match your cover art with your music, and in this case with psychedelic rockers Akasava they certainly do that. The above is the cover art for their new release titled Strange Aeons. Strange Aeons is indeed strange and intriguing to say the least. It is an interesting listen, one that captivates you and draws you in with all of its quirks and oddities. Not only does Akasava play psychedelic rock they also add in some doom elements as well. The music provided is already a little bit creepy and adding in the doom aspects it only enhances that.

Hooking people into music-or anything really-means that right out of the gate you need a strong opening and that is exactly what this trippy psychedelic band does. Right after an atmospheric intro aptly titled Join the Ritual, Akasava gets right into it and never looks back. The Deep begins with a heavy stomping riff that continues all throughout the song and really sets the tone for the rest of the release.

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Once you get a peep at this release, you end up covered in grime and you end up caught in the deadly grasp the stoner metal monster. Centipede grips you tight never to let you go, and only to keep you listening to Sarnath for hours if not days to come. Each song is riff heavy, and those riffs propel the entire album right through the stratosphere. Wherever you turn you can’t escape the clutches of this release.

Sarnath is catchy, not in the way that pop songs are catchy, but catchy in the sense that each song is memorable and has you bouncing along to the powerful chords and vocals that shred your ears. You can’t help but to listen more than a couple of times and sooner or later you begin to slip deep into a sludge filled coma in which waking up isn’t possible.

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HPOS_2_cover copy

Son of Earth and Sky was almost built to warp and contort your mind, taking you to places within your own psyche that you may not have even known about. This record is a smooth ride through the stars and through the galaxy and beyond. There are no bumpy parts in this record, and there aren’t any elements that don’t seem to fit or seem out of place. Everything does its job and meshes incredibly well to create such a smooth sound that in turn creates wonderful soundscapes.

This is a slow burning ride to the finish as nothing picks up over a mid paced tempo, but you end up relaxing and letting the music crash over you like cosmic waves. Whatever you may be feeling before entering the realm of the High Priest, it all slips away and your mind begins to wander to distant stars. Son of Earth and Sky not only is an incredibly heavy album within its own right but it is just as soothing.

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PLGM 016 LSM_600.jpg

Every sound on this release is meant to harm and they do exactly that. The riffs are slow and buzzing and make you feel as though you are being drowned in a sea of thick heavy riffs; the bass is obese and makes itself feel very well known; the drums are solid and the vocals are of the throat shredding variety. The vocal arrangements transition between gravely roars and dissonant screeches that are entirely piercing and larynx ripping.

With everything put together you get a cacophony of utterly harmful metal. For the entirety of the eight songs that are present on this release you get subjected to some incredibly heavy music, the type of heaviness that crushes bones and collapses lungs.Asexual Anger is apocalyptic and incredibly filthy, and if you feel you can withstand the sheer weight of this record, then this is for you.

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folteraar cover.jpg

Even from the beginning and even though this music is classified as black metal, it is wholly unpredictable. Being as chaotic and free forming as this release is, you can’t really put a finger on what is going to happen next. One thing is for certain, that once you begin the listen you get sucked into a pitch black void from which you will never be seen again.

As spacious as Vertellingen van een donkere eeuw sounds it is also very encompassing and suffocates you quite effectively. There isn’t any room to breath and if you think that at a certain point you will get a break that would be the wrong assumption. Folteraarshovels one dismembering song after another at you and doesn’t hesitate to lay the final blow.

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Necrotelepathy cover.jpg

At times, when the music is played and composed just right it can be hypnotic and can entrance you and take complete control. In those instances you get lost in the music as it takes you somewhere else entirely. You get lost in your own mind and in the soundscapes that are provided for you. Those soundscapes can be dark, they can be filled with haunting images and creeping spectral voices, and you get all of that and more within Candelabrum’s newest offering Necrotelepathy.

At points in Necrotelepathy it really does feel spectral and cold as though something else, something otherworldly is creeping just around a corner. This release is dark and is haunting and hangs over you much like a spirit would. You can’t help shake the bitter cold that Nerotelepathy forces upon you and you can’t help but let your mind wander into dark and abyssal corridors when listening.

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BAT - album cover final.jpg

Wings of Chains is a twelve track onslaught of some incredibly filthy and grime filled metal. Even though after one listen you feel as though you need to bathe, you press play again to revel in the filth and headbang until your head falls off your neck. There’s something about Wings of Chains in its entirety that compels you to create as much havoc and chaos as possible. With that being said, BAT makes you want to listen over and over again, so the more you end up listening, sooner or later your town will be leveled.

This record is toxic and once you begin your listen and your descent into speed metal madness there is no stopping. From the very beginning, BAT hooks you and takes you on a chaotic and destructive ride and from there on out the listens pile up. Every song-as well as the album as a whole-is incredibly infectious. They’re high octane, aggressive, brain bashing fun and just spinning this record once won’t give you the fix that you need to curb your speed metal cravings.

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Paradise is chaotic to say the least and provides you with plenty of music that grinds your skull into dust and turns your brain into a bloody pulp. They have been developing their cranium splitting sound for years and finally everyone that hasn’t seen one of their shows can witness the raw brutality that is HELLS. Once you click play you are in for a ride that is rough leaving you disoriented, bruised and broken.

This is a nasty release, one that kicks your teeth in to have you choke on them and one that curb stomps you into oblivion. There isn’t anything mellow about Paradise asHELLS comes at you swinging right out of the gate and doesn’t stop until you have taken your final breath. Paradise is an unrelenting maelstrom of pandemonium and unbridled energy that barrels straight through you leaving a gaping hole in your chest.

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That concludes the Best Of (So Far) list for now! Thank you for reading!

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