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Zephyra: As the World Collapses

July 7, 2016


Zephyra hails from Sweden and following their debut full length in 2014, they are back this year with their sophomore effort titled As the World Collapses. As the World Collapses is a nine track onslaught of melodic death metal injected with some hints of modern thrash. Each song on this release brings a great intensity that gets you up and headbanging and all at the same time they present a great deal of melody that gets you wrapped up in everything and lost in every song. Zephyra not only mixes death metal and thrash together very well, but they also add elements of electronic music in this album as well to give you even more melody, get you even more lost in the music as well as it provides you with an even catchier sound.

Without forcing one genre on you all at one time, Zephyra mixes everything together seamlessly so you get a cohesive effort that is as heavy as it is memorable and catchy. Each song has a tendency to get stuck inside of your head and before you know it you are singing along and headbanging until your head falls off of your shoulders. Zephyra does a great job of mixing both harsher tones with softer more melodic sounds to create a sound that leaves you captivated and intrigued.

With their death metal and thrash influences, Zephyra can throw down with just about anyone. Even though their content isn’t necessarily as abrasive, shock filled and gut ripping, you still get headbanging and brain damaging thrashing death metal. As the World Collapses won’t be easily pushed around as Zephyra ladles out heavy track after heavy track, and even when they transition to a softer sound, it doesn’t take too long to flip the switch again to romping death metal.

Through each and every song you get ripping riffs, heavy bass lines, solid drumming, dark and mystic keyboard sounds, and vocals that switch between throat ripping growls, gravely screams, and sweet cleans that you can sing along and get stuck in your head for quite some time. As the World Collapses as a whole is a cohesive effort and even with all of the different elements that are present Zeyphyr makes it work. Not one genre takes control of any song as they all come together in harmony to create something that is heavy and melodic all at the same time.

These Swedes dish out heavy music one track at a time and one track at a time the songs get stuck in your head. As the World Collapses is a memorable and catchy listen that hits on just about everything. There hasn’t been a sophomore slump for Zephyr as this new release is a solid and good listen that I’m sure will get plenty of rotations in your CD player.

As the World Collapses will be out through Inverse Records on August 5, 2016.

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