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Sonic Poison: Harsh Demonstration…

July 9, 2016

Harsh Demonstration... cover art

Recently released off of Caligari Records is Harsh Demonstration… which is brought to you by Sonic Poison . Harsh Demonstration… is seven songs of purely filthy and utterly disgusting grind. The seven tracks on this tape is equivalent to about ten minutes, and within those ten minutes you get raw, filthy and grime covered grind in its purest form. Sonic Poison in ten minutes does to you what a forty minute album can do, and that is shred you to pieces and slice open your ear drums leaving you both deaf and deceased.

Harsh Demonstration… blows out your speakers within seconds of pressing play, and as soon as the onslaught begins it doesn’t end until you have been decimated. This tape is a raw and visceral charge of metal that does its best to take your head off, and as soon as you begin listening you quickly understand that you are in for a bombastic ride. Sonic Poison is uncompromising in their assault and make you listen as uncomfortable as they possibly can.

Sonic Poison attacks you from all angles with just about everything they can. This is a vicious attack with complete and utter disregard for human life as they toss you aside like that gutter filth. Harsh Demonstration… is grinding madness at its finest and causes incredible amounts of mayhem wherever you may be playing it. The aggression and violence is undeniable, and while listening you feel a certain rage build up inside of you that makes you want to go on a spree of sorts and fuck anything and everything up that you come across.

This release holds your head up to the grind stone and churns your brain turning it into a complete mush. Harsh Demonstration… is a grinding wrecking ball that demolishes and destroys anything in its path. Sonic Poison attacks you with gut ripping riffs, ear drum splitting solos, spastic drumming, limb ripping bass lines and vocals that are forceful and utterly terrifying. Each song bounces around in your head for a while even after listening, that is if you have a head afterward.

Harsh Demonstration… as a whole is completely chaotic and fueled by a lust for blood and gore and after a listen you will be lucky you don’t end up in either the hospital or the psyche ward. This is a killer release and is meant to be played until your head explodes.

You can listen to the album here on Bandcamp.

And you can find Sonic Poison’s release at the Caligari Records store.

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