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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Kaeck: Stormkult

July 10, 2016


When thinking of black metal and old school black metal, the words “raw”, “primitive” and “barbaric” to name a few come to mind. Those are the exact words that can be used to describe Kaeck and their newest album Stormkult. Kaeck brings a raw and primal sound that you can hear when listening to classic black metal bands. Stormkult is seven songs of pure unrelenting black metal in its purest form. There isn’t anything else within this release other than sinister black metal that is driven to scorch the earth and defile the innocent.

Stormkult was entirely completed within just seven weeks and its release is just over a week old. As soon as you press play you get thrust back in time over twenty years ago where primitive, sinister and bleeding raw black metal ruled the world. Each song is filthy, dissonant and make you feel cold and completely isolated. Over the thirty-three minutes that are on this record, you get bone splintering barbaric black metal that just never stops. From the first note on you get attacked from all sides with music that is meant to damn you to hell for all eternity.

Kaeck never lets up even for a second as each song is played at a blistering pace. For the entirety of this release you get pummeled by dark and utterly evil sounds. On top of all of the black metal barbarity, Kaeck provides you with atmosphere as well and that atmosphere paints bleak soundscapes of poison fog and shivering cold. Since each song is decently long, Kaeck gets the chance to torture your soul for what seems to be a life time.

This record unleashes seven bone crushing fuzzed out primitive songs that are less for you enjoyment and more about destroying innocence and setting the world ablaze. Kaeck is abrasive in their attack of course and the way that they burst your ear drums is through dissonant and poisonous riffs, heavy bass lines, savage drumming and vocals that seem as though they came from the pits of hell. Stormkult feels as though it did come from the eighties when black metal was rolling around and that is due to the primitive recording and the style of play that these blasphemers ladle out.

Once you press play you are trapped in a vortex of chaotic black metal in its purest form and you won’t be able to escape until the final song has concluded. This is a release that is built for anyone who is remotely into black metal, heavily into black metal as well as anyone who really enjoys that old school black metal sound. This release is a ripper and is one hell of a good listen.

Check out the blasting song Afgod.

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