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Orae: Disbirth

July 16, 2016

disbirth cover art

Supplying you with enough bone chilling tunes to last you a while is Germany’s Orae. Disbirth is Orae’s first demo out and it includes five songs that are dark and mysterious. Not only does Orae play black metal, but they also include elements of drone and progressive metal as well. With everything that they combine they create a sound that is cold and calculated and ultimately provides you with with savagely grey and isolated soundscapes that sink your mind right back into your skull. When Orae isn’t assaulting you with their blackened metal, you get softer almost psychedelic sounds that drive the soundscapes to even more vast and dangerous territories.

Disbirth is a bit of a chaotic listen in the sense that you don’t know what to expect next and you have no idea what is about to come around the corner. Each element that Orae displays within this release is sewn together nicely and everything works cohesively to create a unique and soul blistering sound. All five songs flow together nicely which keeps you trapped in the frigid and dank world that Orae has created. You get sucked into Disbirth fairly quickly and end up staying for the entire pitch black ride.

What Orae does well to keep this release interesting and to keep each song from sounding alike is mix up their sound from one second to the next. All in one song more often than not you will get blistering black metal, fuzzed out drone and a more serene almost calming sound before they rip your head off again with their brand of psychotic black metal. Disbirth is a release that you have to listen to a few times before things begin to sink in for you and take effect, and when it does take effect it takes effect immediately.

The atmosphere to Disbirth is one of utter darkness as you get encompassed in a poison fog of destruction. No matter where you try to run to the psychotic buzzing drone that Orae dishes out jars your brain right out of your skull and the blasphemous black metal that Orae also ladles out follows you around like a vengeful spirit. Disbirth has a knack for making you feel comfortable with it and as soon as you settle in it takes a sharp turn into pure madness.

Disbirth is an intriguing listen and one that takes a few listens for you to completely soak in, but when it is you find new things each time that you listen. Orae has a unique style of play and utilize each genre that they have shoved into their music to make the listener intrigued and want to continue listening for nuances and new sounds. Each song is a pretty good length with one topping the twelve minute mark, but none of the songs over stay their welcome either as they fade out into the abyss at the proper time. This is a good listen for just the first demo to come from these sickos and it will be interesting to see what they pump out next.

You can find Disbirth here.

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