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Dejected Mass: Dirge

July 17, 2016

Dejected Mass - Dirge Cover

The word “massive” can be thrown around a lot, and you can say that an album is massive if it is in fact a long album, and you can say an album is massive if the sound itself seems to take on a life of its own. The latter can be said about Dirge. Dirge is set to be released in just a couple of days, and the album isn’t just massive in the sense that it is long, but it is massive in the sense that the sound is overpowering and does its best to shatter bones and break the spirit of the listener. Dirge is in fact a dirge of mind numbing doom that leaves your brain a soupy mess in the bowl that is your skull.

There isn’t too much that Dejected Mass does to help you prepare for the the music that you hear within Dirge. Dejected Mass thrusts you into the sonic punishment head first without any regard to your safety what so ever. As soon as you press play you get sucked into an album that is intensely dark and morbid. No matter what you do you cannot escape from the monolithic sound that Dejected Mass forces you to listen to, and really this album commands your attention and keeps it there for the entire time.

Dejected Mass force feeds their brand of blistering doom to you one torturous minute at a time, and since the songs are of the longer variety, they have more time to shove as much doom and gloom down your throat as they possibly can. Dirge is a menacing listen and the music bears down on you cracking your bones and shredding you from the inside out. Doom is meant to be a heavy genre but Dejected Mass takes that to a different level with Dirge.

Each song is just as fearsome as the last and instills a certain fear within you. The six songs that make an appearance on this record are utter monsters that disregard human life all together. There is a certain aggression and hatred behind this album that is undeniable and ultimately propels each song forward to crush whatever stands in its way. Dirge is a slow moving death machine that does its best to decimate you and everything else in the immediate area.

Dirge is filled to the brim with fuzzed out diseased riffs, heavy heart stopping bass lines, skull splitting drumming and vocals that are just as filthy and sinister as the rest of the music is. This album has a great knack for wrapping you up in a blanket of shivering darkness and putting you in a place of malice and hate. The anger from each song exudes from your speakers and leaks through your ears into your brain nestling there for days to come ultimately putting you in quite the dismal state.

Dejected Mass has created something that pulses with intensity and oozes darkness. When you press play, be prepared for the doom juggernaut that is Dirge. This is a great listen as this album packs as big of a punch as any and its sound is just as massive as you would come to expect from a doom release. Be prepared for this as Dirge is out July 21,2016.

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