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Haiku Funeral: Hallucinations

July 18, 2016

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I feel as though it was in the forefront Haiku Funeral’s mind when creating Hallucinations to fuck you up mentally as much as possible. Haiku Funeral isn’t really best described as anything since you can’t really pigeonhole them into any single genre. They utilize black metal, industrial music, dark ambient music and electronic music to name a few to create a sound that screws with you at every single turn. Hallucinations is a twisting and contorting mass of metal that never fails to surprise you down every corridor it leads you. The music is shocking and startling as it writhes and twists around your neck.

Haiku Funeral paints soundscapes that are dark and utterly sinister and for the most part nightmare inducing. These heathens sew every genre that they are working with together in such a way that it creates a sound that is purely blackened and potently evil. Each song wraps your mind up in a blanket of dismal fog only to force feed it nightmares and terrors from the Netherworld. There is no ounce of light within this release, and as soon as you press play the lights begin to dim and flicker as the lights begin to fade from your eyes as well.

As purely evil as this release is, it is equal parts intriguing as well. You never get to hear the same sounds twice as the sounds in each song are forever changing and shifting. In the blink of an eye Haiku Funeral will drop the soul damning black metal act to provide you with harsh industrial tones coupled with atmospheric electronic music to create a soundscape that is something straight from hell. The majority of the songs bounce around from one genre to the next and all the way back again as well as there are songs that are strictly there to provide you with eerie and hair raising ambiance.

Hallucinations is psychotic and more often than not an utterly abrasive listen as well, but when it comes down to it is memorable. You don’t soon forget this album and the writhing songs that are in it. As each song passes you get sucked into the madness that Haiku Funeral has to offer and as you get deeper and deeper into the release you get lost in all of its pitch black and poisonous sounds and life threatening soundscapes. Hallucinations does its best to give you hallucinations and these hallucinations are not the ones you would welcome with open arms.

Haiku Funeral has a unique style of play that is free flowing almost as each song does flow from one genre to the next and back again carefree. The album itself flows well as the entire album feels like one continuous nightmare that you become trapped in. If you are in the mood for music that will make the hairs on your neck stand up, and if you are in the mood for music that will make your blood curdle, then Haiku Funeral and Hallucinations is for you. This release will take a few listens for it to soak in and it will take a few listens to grasp everything that is happening within it, but it is a great, unique and horrifying listen.


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