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Silverbones: Wild Waves

July 20, 2016

WW Cover

Hauling their bounty in from Italy right to our unsuspecting ears is Silverbones. Silverbones plays a pirate tinged brand of power metal that takes you right on the ships with Silverbones and their mates. Their new record is titled Wild Waves and features nine songs of slick metal that ends up getting stuck in your head. All throughout this release is solid heavy metal, and each song is fairly long so Silverbones has extra time to paint soundscapes of the barren sea, creatures of the deep and sea battles.

Wild Waves is simply a hard rocking album that takes you from the port with the two minute intro and thrusts you into the open ocean with the feral blood thirsty sharks. Each song rolls along nicely and flows right into the next. This whole album rolls through the waves with a silky smoothness. Silverbones does a great job of giving you plenty to listen to and plenty of variety as none of the nine songs sounds alike.

Each song is crafted very well and the production is crisp bringing every aspect of the music alive as well. The musicianship is sharp all throughout this record as you get solid heavy riffs coupled with shredding solos, anchor heavy bass lines, galloping drumming and soaring vocals that you can belt it out to as well. The musicianship to go along with the great production makes for a heavy headbanging listen .

While nothing here is groundbreaking being done here with this record, Silverbones does present you with something that is wholly entertaining, heavy and memorable as you can listen to this over and over again without getting tired of it. All throughout listening you just can’t seem to help it but to belt it out along side the lead singer, air guitar, pump your fist in the air and headbang alongside Silverbones and fellow pirates.

Overall, Wild Waves is a solid slab of metal that keeps you entertained and listening for the entirety of the album. Wild Waves is an album that you can sink your scurvy covered teeth and gums into and that will keep you headbanging until the final song concludes.

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