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Hexenslaught: Demo

July 22, 2016


Upon reading that Hexenslaught sounded like they came straight from the eighties, my thought was, “Okay sure, that’s what they claim and they won’t sound the part”, but boy was I wrong. Hexenslaught truly sound as thought they have been taken from circa 1986 and transplanted in 2016. It’s refreshing to hear such an old and grimy sound that gunks up your speakers and beats you over the head with a brick until said brick is even more red from the blood that spouts from your noggin. Everything about this demo screams old school death metal of course, and Hexenslaught seem to revel in all of the filth and putrid grime that goes along with death metal.

As soon as you press play, Hexenslaught barrels straight out of your speakers and into your ears only to rip, slash and tear their way through your ear drums. This whole four track demo is blown out, fuzzed out to the max and it shreds like none other. All four songs are entirely chaotic and pure madness in sonic form and at the end of the demo you will be lucky to have a face left to talk about how filthy this music really is.

This demo oozes death metal and it curdles your blood just as soon as your decaying finger pushes the play button. Hexenslaught is a savage assault on your ears and it is one that you welcome with open arms. Hexenslaught gets you in the mood to destroy shit and terrorize your town and get you just as frenzied as this music is.

Each song rolls right into the next never giving you too much of a break from all of the blood soaked chaos and each of the four songs is just as explosive and terrorizing as the last. Even at just four songs this is a punishing demo and right after it concludes and spits you out it makes you feel as though you have been in a mosh pit for hours. This demo is a maelstrom of death and rolls on collecting as many cadavers as it possibly can.

All four songs inject you with blown out riffs with vein popping solos, spastic drumming, rib caving bass lines and savagely evil vocals that burst from the background of the wall of noise that sits before it. Everything on this demo is done big and very loud and that all makes for one fuck of a listen. You can’t not play this as loud as you possibly can to blow out your own speakers and make your neighbors ears bleed.

Hexenslaught has provided us with a great listen as it has everything packed in it in only four songs. It has that filth covered feel, blown out eighties death metal sound and it’s plenty sinister and evil and much more. You need to have the neck strength of a god when listening since more than plenty headbanging will ensue as soon as you begin listening. This is an impressive demo from these death metal heathens and I can only imagine the damage that they will cause when a full length will be issued.

Hexenslaught’s demo will be released through Invictus Productions August 22, 2016.

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