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Calamity: Imminent Disaster

July 23, 2016

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Thrashing their way into our minds from Puerto Rico is Calamity and the ripping thrash attack that they brought with them is their recently released album titled Imminent Disaster. Imminent Disaster sports ten songs of pure thrash that have a good combination of old-school thrash and new thrash and that ultimately gives you a sound that is hard hitting and face shredding. Calamity gives you no time at all to be bored with this release as each song stirs you into a frenzy and Imminent Disaster as a whole gives you plenty of variation and plenty to headbang to. There aren’t any filler songs on this release so what you get is an entire album that was crafted to make your head fall off of your shoulders.

After a very short intro into the opening track Ripping the Sky that sounds like a camera rolling with a countdown to your demise, you get thrust into the thrashing world that is Imminent Disaster. As soon as that short intro concludes you don’t get any other intros to any of the other songs and you don’t get any filler as Calamity pumps as much burning thrash as they possibly can into your brain. Calamity does a great job of starting off quick and keeping that pace all throughout the release as they give you no time to rest your neck before the next headbanging thrash onslaught occurs.

What we have here with Imminent Disaster is a great combination of old and new thrash with some punk sprinkled in there every so often, and with that, none of the songs sound the same at all. You get different looks through each song and that keeps you on your toes and keeps you guessing as to what you will be getting next. Calamity keeps their music fresh and keeps you interested in what you will be hearing next. Imminent Disaster has plenty of different elements injected into its thrash fold to give you different sounds and to give you-the listener-more to chew on and more to really soak in.

No matter what look it is that you will be getting with Calamity, you can be certain that it will be heavy and headbang worthy. There is not shortage of blistering riffs, face melting solos and gritty vocals here and Calamity doles everything out in heaps. Imminent Disaster supplies you with that strong urge to belt out the vocals with the vocalist, it encourages you to headbang, to air guitar and to pump your fist in the air with intent. This is a release that was crafted so you could incite a mosh pit inside your own living room or even around your town while you’re out and about.

With sharpened riffs and thunderous bass lines coupled with pin point drumming and grit and gravel filled vocals, you get an album that shreds and demands to be heard. It makes you crank your volume as loud as it can go so you can break your neighbors windows and set off his car alarm. Imminent Disaster is an infectious record that gives you that straight shot of thrash that you are and have been looking for. This is a solid record and a fun and great listen as well and should be on any thrash metal fans radar.

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