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Dulvitund: Huldar Slóðir

July 23, 2016


Generally electronic music doesn’t do anything for me what so ever because there isn’t a purpose behind it and there isn’t any substance at all. The same can’t be said for Dulvitund which is a one man dark ambient electronic act out of Iceland. This is a bit different from what is usually posted on this site, but Dulvitund is intriguing because even though what this band dishes out is electronic it is heavy in its own way and has qualities of heavy metal in it even though there aren’t any traditional heavy metal instruments to be found on this release.

Some themes of Huldar Slóðir are of depression and the human condition among others, and Dulvitund conveys both of those themes very well all throughout this release. Without lyrics at all this one man band paints bleak pictures of utter darkness and soul sinking images. Dulvitund does a great job of plunging you into your own mind to reflect inward and to have you dwell a little bit on the dark moments of life outside of your own. The depression and sorrow that riddles this release is palpable and the longer that you listen you plunge deeper and deeper into the darkness and the abyssal soundscapes that Dulvitund paints for you.

Huldar Slóðir is gripping and captivating and as soon as you press play and begin listening you can’t stop. This record has you plunge deep into the darkest recesses of your mind as it wraps you up in a cold cloak of morbid depression. The atmosphere in which Dulvitund provides for you is bone chilling cold and for the most part it is eerie as well as the music makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up. There are only three songs on this album, but each song is long enough to shroud you in a dark and dismal fog and push you deeper and deeper into a swimming abyss that you may never find your way out of.

This music is dark and gloomy and puts you in an interesting state of mind. The music makes you feel isolated and cold as though you were just transplanted in the middle of a fog filled forest. As soon as you begin listening you can’t escape the abysmal sounds that fill your ears and have you sink back into your mind. This album is captivating and even though the run times are longer you still sit and listen to them in their entirety as their bleak and dreary themes unfold.

Huldar Slóðir is a precursor to a sophomore album from Dulvitund and with this just being a taste of what is to come, we should expect more of the same brilliantly dark and serpentine ambiance. This is an intriguing and great listen as well as an extremely heavy listen that twists and turns and contorts itself with each passing second. It’s hard to forget these sounds when you stop listening as this release is very memorable and very captivating.

Huldar Slóðir will be out through Dissociated Records on August 26, 2016.

You can find Dulvitund on Bandcamp.

Check the band out on Facebook.

And you can find more Dissociated music on Bandcamp as well.

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