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Pit of Carnage: The Rise Of The Fallen King

July 26, 2016

pit of carnage - the rise of the fallen king

Pit of Carnage is exactly that, a pit of carnage and when you are finished listening to their newest offering you will find yourself looking something like one of the lovely ladies on the cover art above. This two man band is on the verge of unleashing their newest monster titled The Rise Of The Fallen King and this album sports ten songs of ripping technical brutal death metal. Not only does this release provide you with skull grinding brutal death metal, but all throughout the record sprinkled in are traces of sinister atmosphere that make you feel as though you are being hunted.

The Rise Of The Fallen King takes no time to get you acclimated and acquainted with its brutality. Pit of Carnage drops you right into the gore and viscera head first and unapologetically so. After the opener Feed the Machine all bets are off from there and the onslaught continues until the blood thirst has been quenched. Make no mistake about it, even though the album isn’t all that long in length it makes up for in brute force. Each of the ten songs are like a blitzkrieg of blood spurting metal as they burst from your speakers like hellions on the prowl for flesh.

All throughout this record, Pit of Carnage brings you different looks into their sadistic brutal death world. Each of the ten songs that make an appearance on this record provide you with a fair share of variation and from song to song Pit of Carnage keeps it fresh and new each time. Even as they keep the songs rolling and even though the onslaught never seems to stop they find new ways to brutalize you and strip you bare of your skin and flesh. As the songs roll on you can feel the flesh dripping off of your cracked and yellowed bones as the sonic assault terrorizes you repeatedly.

Crunching riffs fill your ears as slashing bass lines cut your neck and rib shattering drumming come down upon you like sledgehammers. The vocals that cut through all of the carnage and mayhem vary from pig squeals to unearthly bellows to unsavory screams and back again. With everything combined you get an album that flings blood and tears at you from all angles until there isn’t anything left to tear at. This album is sharp and provides you with your injection of brutality for quite some time.

The Rise Of The Fallen King collects flesh and entrails and comes to cull you just like it culled the rest that came before you. This is a gore filled venomous release that only has violence and death on its mind. You can’t escape the carnage and as soon as you are done listening you emerge covered in crimson viscera.

The Rise Of The Fallen King will be out on CDN Records on August 3, 2016.

You can get the album here.

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Witness the brutality with the song Pile of Corpses.

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