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Nebulium: S/T Demo

July 27, 2016

California doesn’t seem like the place for black metal bands to crop up, but here to darken the usually sunny California is Nebulium. The demo that you see above was released near the end of last year and it includes three songs of blackened death metal with each song leaning more toward the death metal side of the spectrum. Each of the three songs that are present on the demo are chaotic, damning and dissonant and for Nebulium they are a good step in drowning California in abyssal darkness.

Nebulium doesn’t waste much time as they almost immediately thrust you into their bloodied cosmic world of blackened death metal. After a brief intro, Nebulium kicks off the demo with a ripping track titled Amputation. This is the strongest track on the demo for me as it displays everything that you would hope to hear from a blackened death metal band minus some of the atmosphere that the other songs provide. Amputation is straight forward, chaotic, soul tearing and skin searing from beginning to end and it is unopologetically grim. Amputation is easily the most grim song on the release as it talks about you hanging from the rafters by your own intestines. Not only that, but it is the song that packs the most punch as it has the capability to knock your teeth down your throat.

The other two songs on the demo are just as solid and provide you with plenty of raw dissonant blackened death to tide you over until another demo or full length appears from the shadows. This five piece does a fair job of weaving both black metal and death metal together, but as mentioned above death metal takes precedence over black metal. Amputation in particular is more of a death metal driven track where as the other two songs on the demo are a little more fueled by black metal. Both “The Enigmatic Existence” and “Intergalactic Infestation” bring a little more atmosphere to the overall sound that Amputation didn’t provide and that plays more in to the wheelhouse of the black metal element.

Each of the three songs has their strengths and weaknesses, but all throughout what you know without any doubt that you will get are disease ridden riffs, chaotic drumming, heavy bass lines and vocals that transition between banshee screeches and blood curdling death growls. The production on this demo is raw and filthy and that is what I expect to hear on a blackened death metal release and that is just another element that this demo has to make it a good listen.

This self titled release is a good jumping off point for Nebulium. If these three songs are any indication, things can only get better from here. This is a solid demo and with a few tweaks here and there and a little refinement, Nebulium will be even more on the right track than they are now.

Check them out right here on Bandcamp.

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