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Skognatt: Landscape of Ice

July 29, 2016


Black metal and symphonic elements go together like Satan and sacrifice and that is exactly the combination that Skognatt has put together. Within their EP Landscape of Ice you get two songs that are bursting with hypnotic symphonic dirges of blackened metal. Instead of playing a chaotic and soul ending brand of black metal, Skognatt keeps both songs at a nice mid tempo so you are able to feel the full effects of the bone splintering cold black metal and the equally chilling atmosphere brought on by the symphonic elements. Both the black metal aspects and the symphonic elements blend together very well to create soundscapes that make you feel both stranded and frozen to the core.

Landscape of Ice is a mesmerizing listen even though it is only two tracks long. It holds  your attention and keeps you interested for the ten minute listen as it captivates your mind as it transports you to a place where no life can roam and the only thing that is seeming to be alive is the bitter and harsh frigid air you become encompassed in. Black metal usually gives you that feeling of cold and makes you feel as though you are buried under layers of snow and ice, but with Skognatt they really drive that theme straight into your frontal lobe.

Each song is a crawling dirge of sinister symphonic black metal that sucks you in almost immediately and spits you back out once again as soon as its done with you. What really does let you soak this music in is the fact that Skognatt decided to play each song at a mid tempo instead of a blood bubbling tempo. The mid tempo allows you to follow what is unfolding before you and allows you to really pay attention to the themes that Skognatt is providing. The interplay between the mystical symphonic elements and the equally mystical black metal provides you with a listen that gets imprinted on your brain the more that you listen.

Not only is there plenty of black metal and whirling symphonic elements, but each song has a certain hint of melancholy to it as well giving each song more weight to it. The sounds that Skognatt provides for you not only leave you abandoned in a frozen tundra, but they also leave you in a dark and dismal state of mind all at the same time. Just within two songs, Skognatt gives you highly memorable songs that stick with you well after you are finished listening.

This is just a two track EP, and with these two tracks you get sucked in pretty easily. Landscapes of Ice is a great EP and a great listen as well as a great starting point for an even deeper trek into the frozen wastelands when a full length or a lengthier EP comes out. For now though, Skognatt has a two track EP out titled Landscapes of Ice to tide everyone over until the next endeavor into a barren wasteland comes out.

You can find Landscape of Ice on Bandcamp.

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