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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

ThrOes: This Viper Womb

July 19, 2016


Staying as far away from genre tags as the band possibly can is ThrOes as they describe themselves as “dissident metal” and even after just one full listen of this release that fits a whole lot better than whatever else you can think of tagging it under. ThrOes takes ques from genres such as doom, black metal and death metal to name just a few and really that doesn’t scratch the surface at all. This Viper Womb is a culmination of sounds and genres that ultimately creates something new and creates a new sound that treks through the path unbeaten.

After a bit of an intro, This Viper Womb kicks off into full gear and doesn’t look back from there. As soon as the intro concludes you dive head first into the nihilistic sounds that ThrOes has to offer and sooner rather than later you get swept away by the crashing tides of abrasive and bleak metal. This Viper Womb does a great job of sucking you in right from the beginning only to spit you out an hour later looking like a chewed up shell of your former self. This release is a captivating one as you end up having a hard time peeling yourself away from your headphones or speakers until the final song has concluded.

Even though This Viper Womb has a great amount of different sounds to it, ThrOes mixes everything together very well to provide you with a cohesive sound. Each song bounces around from genre to genre, but even in doing that none of the songs have a schizophrenic or unfocused feeling to them. The album in general flows together very nicely and moves along as a destructive unit instead of just individual songs without direction.

There is a great deal of variety in this release and while listening you will be lucky to guess what you will be hearing next. ThrOes ends up gripping you tight and keeping your attention as they take you along for a blistering ride throughout This Viper Womb. Since there is quite a bit happening it does take a few listens for it all to settle in and with each listen you end up finding new things that you didn’t hear in your listens previous.

To go along with all of the different elements that ThrOes brings to the table, they also ladle out a fair amount of atmosphere that you end up getting lost in. This entire release is filled with mesmerizing atmosphere that keeps you wrapped up and keeps you listening. The atmosphere that you get when listening is dark and sinister for the most part and ends up shrouding you in mystic fog until the only thing you can focus on are the dissonant riffs.

All throughout This Viper Womb you can find new things with each listen to choke down. You will find atmosphere, droning-dissonant-heart-stopping-doom-laden-metal, blistering face shredding sounds and so much more, and no matter what sound you are getting one thing can be for sure, and that is that this music is entirely heavy. There are zero moments while listening to this where you think, “Oh, yeah, this could get more interesting”, or “this could be heavier”. The entire album is as heavy as an anvil and an overall intriguing ride and at the end you end up pressing play again.

ThrOes goes heavily against the grain and created a style all their own and a sound all their own and with that This Viper Womb was born and once you listen you won’t be able to get it out of your head.

Haiku Funeral: Hallucinations

July 18, 2016

Haiku Funeral - Hallucinations front cover.jpg

I feel as though it was in the forefront Haiku Funeral’s mind when creating Hallucinations to fuck you up mentally as much as possible. Haiku Funeral isn’t really best described as anything since you can’t really pigeonhole them into any single genre. They utilize black metal, industrial music, dark ambient music and electronic music to name a few to create a sound that screws with you at every single turn. Hallucinations is a twisting and contorting mass of metal that never fails to surprise you down every corridor it leads you. The music is shocking and startling as it writhes and twists around your neck.

Haiku Funeral paints soundscapes that are dark and utterly sinister and for the most part nightmare inducing. These heathens sew every genre that they are working with together in such a way that it creates a sound that is purely blackened and potently evil. Each song wraps your mind up in a blanket of dismal fog only to force feed it nightmares and terrors from the Netherworld. There is no ounce of light within this release, and as soon as you press play the lights begin to dim and flicker as the lights begin to fade from your eyes as well.

As purely evil as this release is, it is equal parts intriguing as well. You never get to hear the same sounds twice as the sounds in each song are forever changing and shifting. In the blink of an eye Haiku Funeral will drop the soul damning black metal act to provide you with harsh industrial tones coupled with atmospheric electronic music to create a soundscape that is something straight from hell. The majority of the songs bounce around from one genre to the next and all the way back again as well as there are songs that are strictly there to provide you with eerie and hair raising ambiance.

Hallucinations is psychotic and more often than not an utterly abrasive listen as well, but when it comes down to it is memorable. You don’t soon forget this album and the writhing songs that are in it. As each song passes you get sucked into the madness that Haiku Funeral has to offer and as you get deeper and deeper into the release you get lost in all of its pitch black and poisonous sounds and life threatening soundscapes. Hallucinations does its best to give you hallucinations and these hallucinations are not the ones you would welcome with open arms.

Haiku Funeral has a unique style of play that is free flowing almost as each song does flow from one genre to the next and back again carefree. The album itself flows well as the entire album feels like one continuous nightmare that you become trapped in. If you are in the mood for music that will make the hairs on your neck stand up, and if you are in the mood for music that will make your blood curdle, then Haiku Funeral and Hallucinations is for you. This release will take a few listens for it to soak in and it will take a few listens to grasp everything that is happening within it, but it is a great, unique and horrifying listen.


Dejected Mass: Dirge

July 17, 2016

Dejected Mass - Dirge Cover

The word “massive” can be thrown around a lot, and you can say that an album is massive if it is in fact a long album, and you can say an album is massive if the sound itself seems to take on a life of its own. The latter can be said about Dirge. Dirge is set to be released in just a couple of days, and the album isn’t just massive in the sense that it is long, but it is massive in the sense that the sound is overpowering and does its best to shatter bones and break the spirit of the listener. Dirge is in fact a dirge of mind numbing doom that leaves your brain a soupy mess in the bowl that is your skull.

There isn’t too much that Dejected Mass does to help you prepare for the the music that you hear within Dirge. Dejected Mass thrusts you into the sonic punishment head first without any regard to your safety what so ever. As soon as you press play you get sucked into an album that is intensely dark and morbid. No matter what you do you cannot escape from the monolithic sound that Dejected Mass forces you to listen to, and really this album commands your attention and keeps it there for the entire time.

Dejected Mass force feeds their brand of blistering doom to you one torturous minute at a time, and since the songs are of the longer variety, they have more time to shove as much doom and gloom down your throat as they possibly can. Dirge is a menacing listen and the music bears down on you cracking your bones and shredding you from the inside out. Doom is meant to be a heavy genre but Dejected Mass takes that to a different level with Dirge.

Each song is just as fearsome as the last and instills a certain fear within you. The six songs that make an appearance on this record are utter monsters that disregard human life all together. There is a certain aggression and hatred behind this album that is undeniable and ultimately propels each song forward to crush whatever stands in its way. Dirge is a slow moving death machine that does its best to decimate you and everything else in the immediate area.

Dirge is filled to the brim with fuzzed out diseased riffs, heavy heart stopping bass lines, skull splitting drumming and vocals that are just as filthy and sinister as the rest of the music is. This album has a great knack for wrapping you up in a blanket of shivering darkness and putting you in a place of malice and hate. The anger from each song exudes from your speakers and leaks through your ears into your brain nestling there for days to come ultimately putting you in quite the dismal state.

Dejected Mass has created something that pulses with intensity and oozes darkness. When you press play, be prepared for the doom juggernaut that is Dirge. This is a great listen as this album packs as big of a punch as any and its sound is just as massive as you would come to expect from a doom release. Be prepared for this as Dirge is out July 21,2016.

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Orae: Disbirth

July 16, 2016

disbirth cover art

Supplying you with enough bone chilling tunes to last you a while is Germany’s Orae. Disbirth is Orae’s first demo out and it includes five songs that are dark and mysterious. Not only does Orae play black metal, but they also include elements of drone and progressive metal as well. With everything that they combine they create a sound that is cold and calculated and ultimately provides you with with savagely grey and isolated soundscapes that sink your mind right back into your skull. When Orae isn’t assaulting you with their blackened metal, you get softer almost psychedelic sounds that drive the soundscapes to even more vast and dangerous territories.

Disbirth is a bit of a chaotic listen in the sense that you don’t know what to expect next and you have no idea what is about to come around the corner. Each element that Orae displays within this release is sewn together nicely and everything works cohesively to create a unique and soul blistering sound. All five songs flow together nicely which keeps you trapped in the frigid and dank world that Orae has created. You get sucked into Disbirth fairly quickly and end up staying for the entire pitch black ride.

What Orae does well to keep this release interesting and to keep each song from sounding alike is mix up their sound from one second to the next. All in one song more often than not you will get blistering black metal, fuzzed out drone and a more serene almost calming sound before they rip your head off again with their brand of psychotic black metal. Disbirth is a release that you have to listen to a few times before things begin to sink in for you and take effect, and when it does take effect it takes effect immediately.

The atmosphere to Disbirth is one of utter darkness as you get encompassed in a poison fog of destruction. No matter where you try to run to the psychotic buzzing drone that Orae dishes out jars your brain right out of your skull and the blasphemous black metal that Orae also ladles out follows you around like a vengeful spirit. Disbirth has a knack for making you feel comfortable with it and as soon as you settle in it takes a sharp turn into pure madness.

Disbirth is an intriguing listen and one that takes a few listens for you to completely soak in, but when it is you find new things each time that you listen. Orae has a unique style of play and utilize each genre that they have shoved into their music to make the listener intrigued and want to continue listening for nuances and new sounds. Each song is a pretty good length with one topping the twelve minute mark, but none of the songs over stay their welcome either as they fade out into the abyss at the proper time. This is a good listen for just the first demo to come from these sickos and it will be interesting to see what they pump out next.

You can find Disbirth here.

Life To Those Shadows: Zenith Embodied Nature (Single)

July 16, 2016

Just unleashing their slick progressive melodies unto the world is Brazilian band Life To Those Shadows. Their very first single that they have released from their up coming debut album is titled Zenith Embodied Nature and what you get within this song is just about four minutes of heavy and very memorable music that ends up sticking to you no matter how hard you try to shake it. Life To Those Shadows gives us a very good look into what we can all expect from their up coming debut album, and if this song is any indication of what we will hear more of when the full length finally comes out, we can expect more slick song writing and highly intoxicating and memorable lyrics.

Zenith Embodied Nature provides you with quite a bit even though it is only four minutes long. All within the same song you get a heavy and hard hitting sound as well as sounds that are smooth and calming, and when the heavy electric riffs aren’t hitting your ear drums, you get acoustic guitars that carry you through blissful soundscapes. Not only do the guitars take you through serene soundscapes but other non-traditional heavy metal instruments make appearances as well to create a relaxing sound that you can listen to over and over again.

In a short period of time, Life To Those Shadows takes you through wondrous and wholly vivid soundscapes. This is the type of song that you can get lost in and really sit and listen to over and over again without getting too bored of it. It has a knack for working its way into your mind and nestling there until you have the song memorized. Zenith Embodied Nature is put together well and progresses nicely. Everything from soft sounds to the harsher more headbanging moments to the intoxicating vocals and to the highly memorable lyrics, you get a great listen and it leaves you wanting more.

You can find and listen to Zenith Embodied Nature here.


Howling Giant: Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1

July 15, 2016


Blowing out your speakers and filling your head with more fuzz than you can handle is Howling Giant and their new EP titled Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1. With a name such as Howling Giant and with a name such as the one that they gave to their EP you can expect big things, and Howling Giant delivers. Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1 is only four songs long and twenty-one total minutes but within those minutes you get a menagerie of sounds that come together to create mystical soundscapes and a wondrous story.

The point of this EP being part one is that this is the first installment of a series of three-so far-and with the story just beginning here and with so much packed into this release one can only wonder what is going to happen in the next two EPs that follow this story line. We can only speculate what we will be getting in the next few EPs, but what we have here right at this moment is a massive and monstrous sounding EP that wraps you up in everything that it has to offer.

Howling Giant mixes and mashes several different genres together including: rock, doom, thrash an others. Howling Giant incorporates all of these sounds and weaves them together very well to create a unique sound that is wholly captivating. When you press play you get sucked into the cosmic void along with everyone else in the world when the Black Hole Space Wizard attacks. Sooner or later you end up getting lost in the music and you just end up listening over and over again as you float around in the abyss of the cosmos.

Since this is a story each song plays off of one another very well even if the songs don’t sound anything alike. All four songs sound incredibly different and through listening you never know what you will be getting next really. What you can expect is for each song to be massive and to create wondrous soundscapes that you can zone out and get lost in. Each of the four songs are incredibly groove filled, smooth, cosmic and ultimately every song gets stuck in your head to the point where your mind itself is floating around in its own cosmic wonderland.

Not only can Howling Giant play cosmic and fuzzed out rock and doom but they can hit you with a thrash sound that blows the doors off of the hinges. For example, the first two songs are progressive and low and slow, and then all of the sudden they kick it into high gear with the third installment titled Dirtmouth and you get flattened by a thrash attack. Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1 is a highly versatile EP that has so much crammed into it and it all just works so fucking well. You get cosmic doom, fuzzed out rock, progressive elements and skin shredding thrash to boot all in one. All of that combined with great lyrics and storytelling makes for a compelling and highly memorable listen.

Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1 is a charismatic, unique and all encompassing listen. It gets you interested in the story being told and all at the same time you get to headbang until your heart is content, and then start all over again. You can find just about everything in here, and since this is just the beginning it will be exciting to see what happens next and what we get to hear next in the next installment. For now, we have this cosmic piece to listen to until our mind is either so full of fuzz or dark matter that we can’t think straight.

Take a listen to the song Mothership from Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1.

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Finally, Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1 will be out on August 12, 2016.

Urobilinemia: Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge

July 13, 2016

Urobilinemia - Cover.jpg

Hacking and slashing their way from Japan is technical brutal death metal outfit Urobilinemia and in just a few days they will be releasing their debut recording titled Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge. This release is made up of ten unbelievably gut ripping songs. Even though they are new comers to the death metal arena, this album sounds as though they very well could have been honing their craft for a decade or so. Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge isn’t a normal brutal death album. This whole release is filled with mind bending and wholly unique savagery that you end up playing over and over again.

In a clogged up and cluttered genre it takes quite a bit to stand out and make a name for yourself and build up a reputation as one of brutal death metal’s front runners. There has to be something about your music that grabs the attention of others and never seems to let go, and with Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge that is what Urobilinemia has done. All throughout this bone jarring record you get quite a bit of variation and never really end up hearing the same thing twice. Each song sounds different than the one that came before it which breaks up any monotony and gives you something different to listen to and digest.

After a melodic and serene intro, Urobilinemia hits you square in the gut until your entrails spill out of your back. As each sickening and brutal hymn passes you can feel your bones crumbling and your brain bubbling inside of your skull. Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge is a relentless brutal-death-blood-crazed-juggernaut that tears your head off of your shoulders and revels in all of the blood and horror. As brutal as this release is though, you do get melodious and even progressive moments and elements in each song that give you all of that variation that ultimately gives you a more unique sound.

Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge-even with its melodious and progressive elements-is still a grinding and utterly destructive release. Each of the ten songs is played ear drum shredding and skin bubbling fast and sooner or later you won’t have any flesh left on your face after it is torn right the fuck off by these guys. None of the songs reach past three minutes, so the torture that you endure is quick but incredibly painful all at the same time. As one song leads into the next, you feel the life draining from your body and the blood emptying from your veins.

Through each song you get droves upon droves of sharpened and cutting riffs, inhuman drumming, thick bone crushing bass lines and vocals that are just as chaotic as the musicianship is. The musicianship on this record is insane and to match that the vocalist switches between many different styles of vocals such as: pure death metal growls, gutturals, pig squeals and a raspy ear splitting high. When listening to Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge you never know what you will be getting next, but what you can be certain of is that no matter what sound you hear next, it’s all entirely deadly.

Urobilinemia stand out among a lot of brutal death bands and with Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge they have also made an album that stands out from the crowd as well. What you get with this is a cacophony of destruction and something that is entirely brutalizing, unique, interesting and ultimately one heavy fucking listen.

Wriggling Chrysalis Of Metaphysical Grudge comes out July 22, 2016 through Gore House Productions.

Take an ear ripping listen to their track Algophobia.

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Diabolizer: Apokalypse

July 12, 2016


Stealing the lives of the innocent and bulldozing their way through anything and everything is Diabolizer. Apokalypse is the name of the new record by these heathens, and quite frankly Apokalpyse sounds like the apocalypse. The seven songs that make an appearance on this release are forceful, bloodthirsty, brutalizing and utterly demonic. Diabolizer shoots out of the gate right from the very beginning and slaughters and drains their victims of all of their blood in a matter of minutes. Once you press play you can’t stop the pure and savage carnage that Diabolizer and their album Apokalypse ladles unto the world.

Apokalypse has absolutely no filler songs or intros or outros to it whatsoever, and since that is true, what you get is pure unfiltered death metal. Apokalypse is like a straight shot of death right into your eye, and as soon as the first note hits and until the last note concludes you become engulfed in bloody mayhem. Apokalypse flings blood and tears and rips you to shreds as soon as you begin listening and after the first listen it feels as though you have been to hell and back.

Once you begin listening, you become subjected to a maelstrom of death and sucked into a corrosive and fetid vortex of cadavers and rotted limbs and putrid blood. This release is raw and rotten to the core and cuts you deeper and deeper every chance that it gets until it lets you of all of your blood. With the passing of each song, you feel the pure wrath and blood thirst of Diabolizer as they crush your skull and turn your bones into dust.

Diabolizer is pure death metal and all throughout this seven track record you get your head held up to a buzz saw and your limbs crudely hacked off with a hatchet. From every direction you get assaulted and beaten until near death by savage and uncompromisingly raw death metal. The only speed that Diabolizer knows is mach five and throughout each song you will not find a moments reprieve as you get suffocated by the sheer brutality and buried under the massive number of cadavers that Diabolizer has collected before you showed up.

Every song is filled with sickening and brain mashing riffs, organ bursting bass lines, stomach bursting drumming and sinister and purely demonic vocals. Apokalypse is an unrivaled force of nature that isn’t afraid of taking your head off one way or another. This is pure and unfiltered death metal that stomps its way into your brain only to manifest itself there for a while until moving on to its next victim. Apokalypse is a great head bashing listen that is fit for any death metal fan.

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AUM:Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum

July 12, 2016


Hailing from France we find AUM and dragging along with them up from the depths is their debut album titled Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi HumOm Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum is a seven track onslaught of purely grizzly and disgusting death metal. This record is conceptually based off of many things such as: birth, life and death and while listening, not only are you able to feel the grit and the grime of the death metal, but you get to walk these interesting avenues that the band explores with these ideas. Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum is a massive release with all seven songs having a substantial run time which only gives AUM more time to inject your mind with images of life, death and birth as well as provide you with intriguing soundscapes.

Not only does AUM provide you with sickening death metal, but they provide you with a spectral atmosphere all at the same time. At certain points you will get your brain bashed in by utterly brutalizing death metal and at others you will get a slower almost doom like pace that brings you in touch with the dead and meandering spirits still left on this planet. Each song gives you an interesting mix of hair raising cold atmosphere and blistering blood boiling death metal. There is quite a bit of variety on this record which keeps you guessing as to what you are about to hear next.

The majority of this release is a grizzly and gut ripping assault on your very being. Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum is thunderous and as soon as you press play it comes belting right out of your speakers only to behead you. The overall sound of this record is filthy and raw just as though it was recorded in long since collapsed crypts. Even though Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum is as brutal as it is, it is also eerie in a peculiar way. AUM twists and contorts their sound to create something that is blasphemous, incredibly poisonous and yet entirely memorable.

From the very get go, AUM blasts their way into your memory and uses your skull as a brittle punching bag and knife sharpener. Right from the start, AUM splits your ear drums with monstrous and powerful riffs, bone splintering bass lines, head bashing drumming and vile vocals. Each song is completely deadly and alone can do a number on you and eviscerate you,  but since all seven songs are tied into one another one way or another, you get a cohesive release that is massive and neck snapping heavy.

This is a pulverizing debut album from these French monsters as Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum brings something different to the table instead of sticking to the norm, and with that said, this is a great listen all together.

Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum will be out September 9, 2016 through Iron Bonehead Productions.

Take a listen to the track Patisandhi.

Kaeck: Stormkult

July 10, 2016


When thinking of black metal and old school black metal, the words “raw”, “primitive” and “barbaric” to name a few come to mind. Those are the exact words that can be used to describe Kaeck and their newest album Stormkult. Kaeck brings a raw and primal sound that you can hear when listening to classic black metal bands. Stormkult is seven songs of pure unrelenting black metal in its purest form. There isn’t anything else within this release other than sinister black metal that is driven to scorch the earth and defile the innocent.

Stormkult was entirely completed within just seven weeks and its release is just over a week old. As soon as you press play you get thrust back in time over twenty years ago where primitive, sinister and bleeding raw black metal ruled the world. Each song is filthy, dissonant and make you feel cold and completely isolated. Over the thirty-three minutes that are on this record, you get bone splintering barbaric black metal that just never stops. From the first note on you get attacked from all sides with music that is meant to damn you to hell for all eternity.

Kaeck never lets up even for a second as each song is played at a blistering pace. For the entirety of this release you get pummeled by dark and utterly evil sounds. On top of all of the black metal barbarity, Kaeck provides you with atmosphere as well and that atmosphere paints bleak soundscapes of poison fog and shivering cold. Since each song is decently long, Kaeck gets the chance to torture your soul for what seems to be a life time.

This record unleashes seven bone crushing fuzzed out primitive songs that are less for you enjoyment and more about destroying innocence and setting the world ablaze. Kaeck is abrasive in their attack of course and the way that they burst your ear drums is through dissonant and poisonous riffs, heavy bass lines, savage drumming and vocals that seem as though they came from the pits of hell. Stormkult feels as though it did come from the eighties when black metal was rolling around and that is due to the primitive recording and the style of play that these blasphemers ladle out.

Once you press play you are trapped in a vortex of chaotic black metal in its purest form and you won’t be able to escape until the final song has concluded. This is a release that is built for anyone who is remotely into black metal, heavily into black metal as well as anyone who really enjoys that old school black metal sound. This release is a ripper and is one hell of a good listen.

Check out the blasting song Afgod.

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