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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Inert: Obliteration of the Self

August 31, 2016

Obliteration of the Self cover art

Over the years Sweden has been a treasure trove of death metal goodness and wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly where Inert hails from. This death metal bulldozer of a band only has two people that spearhead the operation and above is the cover art for their debut EP titled Obliteration of the Self. Obliteration of the Self includes three tracks of pure flesh rotting death metal that combines elements of old-school death and more modern death metal. Basically what you have is three tracks that are packed with death, gore and viscera coming out of every crack and crevice possible.

Inert wastes no time at all pile driving you straight into your already desecrated grave as they begin with a song titled Fake Servant of God. Fake Servant of God starts you off quick aiming to melt your skin straight off of your face and melt your flesh off of your bone. This song of course sets the tone for the rest of the EP and what you get within the other two songs is more of the same headbanging and cranium splitting death metal madness.

The overall sound of this EP is sinister and evil as though it had been marinating in pure darkness and filth for quite some time. With that combined with the already evil and sinister tones of death metal you get a listen that is sickeningly dark and filthy. Obliteration of the Self is raw and unfiltered as it seeps blood and exudes a disgusting stench with the passing of each song.

As soon as you begin listening you know that this release is out for blood and that it will do just about all that it can to ensure its consumption of crimson. Obliteration of the Self is a barbaric onslaught of death metal and even though it beats you within an inch of your life you still want to come back for more and more to get your sickening death metal fix.

Each song is riddled with diseased riffs and skin peeling solos supplemented by mordant bass lines and rib caving drumming. All while the instruments are attacking you from all sides the corrosive vocals that pour through your speakers add their own threatening sound to the music as well.

No matter which way you turn to run and hide Inert is there waiting with an ax. This is a strong debut EP that combines old-school elements and modern elements well to create a buzzing and wholly abrasive sound that you can headbang to until your neck snaps.

Legba: S/T

August 31, 2016

Legba cover art

If you would like to experience a nice acid trip without taking the drug at all, you don’t need to look any further than Legba. Above is Legba’s self titled debut and within this record you will find five songs that give you nothing but trippy doom and fuzzed out riffs to lose yourself in. This release is inviting and once you listen you can’t not stay for a while. Each song is captivating and mesmerizing, and even when Legba breaks the low and slow mold you get a romping headbanging tempo that is still just as inviting and captivating.

There is just about everything you would need or want from doom in this record. Only five songs make an appearance here but those five songs span across thirty-four minutes, and within that allotted time you get brain buzzing and hallucination inducing doom. Each song is smooth and pours out of the speakers like a silky haze and wrap themselves around your ears and brain.  Low and slow dirges of occult doom waft through the air supplying you with vivid soundscapes and dark yet hypnotizing atmospheres.

Legba does a great job of getting you lost inside of their music as they provide you with more than just doom to listen to. They give you thick atmosphere, winding soundscapes as well as romping headbanging tempos to break up the hallucinogenic doom that they ladle out to you in droves.  Legba weaves a lot of material into this album in a relatively short amount of time and with that being said, this record takes a few listens to have the full effect sink in.

From song to song you get different sounds and styles of play every time. One minute you can be listening to a mesmerizing intro that then plummets you into a doom frenzy that jars and rattles your brain. And more than that, Legba weaves slower tempos with faster tempos to give you some variation and to keep you even more on the edge of your seat. No matter what sound or tempo or atmosphere you get throughout this record, there is one thing that you know for a fact and that is that every song is heavy and entirely intoxicating.

These doom heathens provide you with plenty of slithering and cryptic riffs to wrap your head around as well as thick and thunderous bass lines and solid drumming. Coming forth through the wall of thick buzzing noise are the vocals that transition between haunting cleans and demonic growls and when everything is sewn together what you get is a listen that washes your mind in acid only to set it free in the vivid soundscapes that are provided for you.

This self titled debut is a highly memorable listen and you find yourself going back for more and more. This record has all of the buzzing-fuzzed-out-stoner doom sounds that you would come to want from a doom record and ultimately with all of the elements that Legba packs into this record, you get something that is heavy and intoxicating.


Dysemblem: Strength of Giants

August 30, 2016

Strength Of Giants cover art

Combining doom and death metal, Dysemblem create a unique, harsh and buzzing sound that gets you hooked right off the bat. If Dysemblem just focused on one genre or the other, they would be a great band at one genre or the other which is a testament to them for the simple fact that they play each genre expertly and sew them together with ease. Strength of Giants is their debut full length that includes nine songs that will run you thirty-five minutes or so, and within those thirty-five minutes you get metal that is pure and played with a great intensity that you just need to go back for more and more each time the record is over.

When listening you can see how Dysemblem would be great if they just strictly played doom or death metal. They play each genre with ease and bend them to their will to create music for you that makes you interested and keeps you listening from beginning to end. There isn’t a song on this record that you feel the need to skip as each of the nine songs are wonderfully captivating and this album gets you to come back for more and more. No matter which genre you get more of at any given time, you know that it will be heavy, executed well and more than headbang worthy.

Each song on this record is anvil heavy and Strength of Giants doesn’t just keep your attention with that, but it also keeps your attention by throwing you loops and giving you different sounds at all times. None of the songs sound anything alike and you end up guessing what you are going to hear next and which sound is going to lobotomize you next. Dysemblem transition from death to doom and back again with fluidity but nothing is abrupt or schizophrenic as each song is crafted and executed very well.

Dysemblem hits you with a buzzing wall of crashing riffs that fall down upon you like an avalanche only for you to be bombarded with skull pounding drumming and head caving bass lines. The vocals force through the wall of noise much like the alien did through that guy’s chest in Alien. They are savage, raw and barbaric which is everything that you look for in death metal vocals. Dysemblem is loud and can only be played loud, and not only that but Dysemblem has a raw and destructive sound about them that is just enough to cave the head in of anyone near your vicinity while listening.

Strength of Giants is pumped with poison and crushing music that at times this album seems to be just as giant as the giant on the album art. This debut full length is powerful and gets you to headbang immediately. The combination of doom and death metal makes this record an interesting as well as an undeniably heavy listen all at the same time. This is just the debut full length and it crushes skulls and leaves bodies in its wake, it’ll be interesting to see what Dysemblem can come up with for the next record. But for now, we have Strength of Giants that is tailor made for heavy metal fans alike.

You can find Strength of Giants on Bandcamp.

Hammerhands: Largo Forte

August 27, 2016

HH Largo Forte Cover.jpg

After giving Hammerhands a listen, I can say that Hammerhands is the appropriate name for this band. They can’t be called anything other than Hammerhands and if they were it wouldn’t match up with the heavy that these guys bring. Stylistically they play in the vein of doom but add so much more to it that from song to song and even within the same song you have no idea what sounds await you directly around the corner. Hammerhands integrate sludge, noise, rock and other genres to create a sound that is as heavy as a supermassive black hole. Largo Forte is the name of their newest offering and within this release you get crushed by nine devastatingly heavy songs.

Hammerhands have a knack for switching their sound on you without any warning as they go from doom to sludge and add a little bit of noise with many other sounds in between and what you get is a heavy dosage of metal that you may not have been prepared for. In one song Hammerhands may be shoveling heaps of bone crushing doom on you and in the next song you may be getting bombarded by a more up tempo rocking wall of noise. More often than not though, Hammerhands mixes everything that they can into every song to give you plenty of variety keeping you on your toes as you don’t know what is about to hit you next.

These Mississauga, Ontario natives bring a whole new level of heavy to the table. Largo Forte is sickeningly heavy and Hammerhands is entirely unapologetic about it. The only real break you get is about half way into the listen you get a song titled Mezzo Grave that is odd and harsh noises, but even that has a sharp edge and terrifyingly heavy sound to it. I don’t believe that Hammerhands can go without being as heavy as they are. Largo Forte is terrifyingly heavy and eventually you end up crumbling under the sheer weight of the album as your bones get ground into pure dust.

The sound that Hammerhands gives off is massive and really that is even an understatement. As you are listening to the album you feel as though they are right in your living room about to annihilate you and everything in your immediate area. The glacial way in which Hammerhands plays their doom combined with the massively down tuned riffs creates a sound that is earth shattering and head splitting. All throughout Largo Forte you can feel each and every note that is played and you can feel the weight of the album bearing down upon you until you are buried six feet under.

No matter what style musically you get from Hammerhands you know that it is going to be heavy. Hammerhands does a great job of incorporating plenty of sounds and genres into their style of play to keep you interested and following along for the entirety of their release and never once with all of the elements that they sew in does their music sound clouded or muddied. Everything works together in sinister harmony to create a sound that ultimately came to be Largo Forte.

Massive riffs combined with massive bass lines, acrobatic drumming and a heavy and harsh vocal delivery you get something that you just can’t peel yourself away from. Other than just the heavy, you get plenty of atmosphere as well that sucks you in and has you stay for a while as your brain and ear drums get pelted with fuzzed out metal. However, with all of the heavy dirges of doom and sludge, Hammerhands does throw in some unique songs that immediately grab your attention. High Plains and The Hardest Thing are the two songs that stick out on this record that give you something more than just heaps of snarling doom.

High Plains and The Hardest Thing give you more of a rock vibe to them without sacrificing any of the heavy that came before them. High Plains gives off more of that romping mid tempo feeling than The Hardest Thing does. The Hardest Thing is a slower tempo song compared to High Plains but each song has relatively the same unique delivery. The vocals instead of being a throat shredding scream and low and slow and are delivered with a growl almost. These two songs set themselves apart from the rest of the group in this record and provide you with a reprieve from the massively heavy doom and sludge songs that came before it them, and even then these two songs are still incredibly heavy.

Through and through, Largo Forte is heavy and nearly buzzes your brain straight out of your skull. Largo Forte is a record that that can be listened to over and over again without it wearing out. There is a ton of material packed within these nine songs that this record demands numerous listens. Largo Forte is highly memorable and is a record that should be on everyone’s radar. 


Fetters: S/T

August 26, 2016


Describing themselves as death industrial and living up to that title is Fetters. While there is more industrial elements in their music than there is death metal, Fetters still provides you with a harrowing dissonant listen that just about sucks all of the light out of whatever room you are in. With this release Fetters gives you a very immersive album that cloaks you in utter darkness and tries to pry away what sanity and purity that you have left. As each song passes you find yourself diving deeper and deeper into pure abyssal darkness.

This self titled release is thick with writhing darkness and dissonance which gets you engaged early on in the release with the idea that light as you knew it is never going to be the same. Before listening you should already be in a sinister mind set otherwise Fetters will submerge you in a darkness that you may not be prepared for. Fetters begins this release with a track titled Sicken, and this song right off the bat gives you dissonant and cold sounding industrial elements that really set you up for the rest of the record. You get a coldness that chills you to the bone as well as a sort of haunting feeling that is provided by the vocals in the background.

Everything that you hear and experience within Sicken continues throughout the record without failure. Fetters drives home insanity and molten darkness to the point where you may as well be fixed up with a straight jacket yourself. The further that you listen, the farther you decent is and the less likely it is to crawl back out. This self titled release is dense and gives you enough sinister and burning darkness to last you for quite a while. The sound is buzzing and dissonant which gives you a haunting and skin crawling feeling and with the death metal aspects that creep in every now and then you get a sound that is altogether evil.

As mentioned above, Fetters is more industrial than death metal and what you get throughout is thick and calculated coldness from the industrial elements that get paired with dissonant and haunting vocals. There are no soft edges within this release as everything is harsh and grating on the mind. None of the songs sound alike but what you can expect from song to song is a harsh tone that is backed with even more harsh and bone chilling tones.

Overall, this is a good listen that is interesting and captivating in the most sinister of ways. If you are a fan of industrial metal, this is the album for you and if you are looking for something new and interesting this is also the album for you.

Fetters will release their self titled album through Sol y Nieve August 27.

Featured Interview: Banned From Hell

August 25, 2016

Below you will find the interview I was lucky enough to  conducted with Banned From Hell. Thank you to them for taking the time out to answer what questions I did have for them, and without further adieu I present the featured interview with Banned From Hell. Enjoy.

Can you give a little bit of background as to how Banned From Hell came to be?

Banned From Hell was formed in 2010 by Mattia Montesano and Leonardo Roina. In 2012 we recorded the first EP “Nightmare” followed by its official tour (playing with band as Rotting Christ, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Hate, Eyehategod and many other).  After variation of formation we reached the current line­up and recorded “Fall of Humanity”distributed by Sliptrick Records and here we are!

Horror and heavy metal are pretty much synonymous. Was it an easy decision to combine horror elements with heavy metal to create your unique sound?

Our unique sound is totally natural, is our intrinsic style. We just tried to put all our influences into our compositions.

And can you tell a little about the writing and recording process of this album?

We start from the idea of a single member who writes a draft version and then we all work together to make it complete.

All throughout Fall of Humanity the atmosphere is thick and there are plenty of emotions that course throughout the release. Was that something that you were aiming for or did that occur naturally?

Everything that you can listen or feel in “Fall of Humanity” is naturally and exactly what we wanted it to be.

With Fall of Humanity, what were you trying to achieve or accomplish?

We don’t have particular target, but we always work to reach the top. We started an incredible journey and we hope you’ll feel the same emotions that we felt working on this project.

What are some of the lyrical themes in this release?

Our lyrics talk about social problems of our society mixed with horror and splatter backgrounds.

Who/what are some of your inspirations to create this kind of music?

We have many influences from classical music to modern metal passing through jazz and progressive, you can capture in our songs lots of different peculiarities.

After the release of Fall of Humanity, have you guys been touring or do you have any big tours coming up?

Yes, but it’s a surprise, big news coming soon!

To conclude, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans and followers?

We would like to thank you and all our followers! Stay tuned guys!

To check out the review of Fall of Humanity you can find it right here.


Vice Presidentes: Grind Capital

August 24, 2016

Grind Capital cover art

When you see a song titled Deporting Donald Trump you know that the rest of the album is going to be a good listen and that is what Vice Presidentes provide. Grind Capital is their newest offering and even the cover art screams grind and even a bit of sludge and stoner metal. What you get within this record is an amalgamation of all of those different genres and even a few others and with everything combined you get a fuzzed out listen that gets your head nodding right off the bat.

Grind Capital is a raw and unkempt slab of metal that aims at shredding your ear drums and then some. This release has ten total songs with the majority of them hovering around the two or three minute mark, so what you get is an attack of blinding grind and sludge fury. The combination between the sludge and grind elements is an interesting one since you get the power and raw intensity of grind and all at the same you get the buzzing fuzzed out elements of grind. The sound that gushes from your speakers is a low speaker bursting sound that does its best to rattle your brain out of your skull.

This is the first release from these sludge filled grind heathens in quite some time and it certainly is a strong come back record. Grind Capital is memorable and gets your head banging early and often all throughout the record. Vice Presidentes provides you with buzzing head nodding and highly intoxicating riffs with solid drumming, heavy bass work and throat shredding vocals. With the great musicianship combined with shredding vocals and a combination between grind and sludge, you are provided with music that is unique, memorable and heavy.

In songs such as Runner to the Hills and Back From the Black Hole, Vice Presidentes shows off more of their sludge filled side and lets you headbang and rock out without entirely breaking your neck. The combination of the two most prominent genres gives you a sound that is fuzzed out smoothness and at other times you get a sound that is ear tearing grind. Vice Presidentes keep you guessing as to what you will be hearing from song to song and which genre will have prominence over the other and more importantly they keep you interested and listening all throughout.

Grind Capital is a solid and heavy album that keeps you rocking all throughout and will have you coming back for more sordid sludge filled grind over and over again. Throughout your listens you can’t help but to headbang and incite numerous mosh pits as this is the kind of music that you are meant to cause mayhem to. This is a fuzz charged release that gets stuck in your head whether you want it to or not and not only that but it is a solid and highly entertaining listen as well.

Unyielding Love: The Sweat of Augury

August 24, 2016


Unyielding Love is anything but loving at all. If anything their main goal is to decimate you and anything it its path and split your head open like a fucking grapefruit. Unyielding Love combines black metal, grind and noise to create something incredibly chaotic, and even though the record is chaotic you just can’t pull yourself away. With everything that these sadistic minds put together they make it all work and what you get is a debut album titled The Sweat of Augury. In just eight songs you get your face peeled back, your ears burst and your head ends up looking like it went through a wood chipper.

The definition of the word augury is “a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen” or “the work of an augur, the interpretation of omens”. The sign of what is to come well before you think about pressing play is pure destruction and that is just inescapable. As soon as you finger lifts off of the play button you are in for more than just a ride. You are in for sonic torture at its finest and you will find your skull and the contents that lie within shredded. The Sweat of Augury is pure chaos and in no time at all you lose your life and your city is flattened beyond belief.

As soon as you begin listening a flood of noise comes barreling out of your speakers to slash your ear drums and your throat all at the same time. Unyielding Love is aggressive and unapologetically so as they attack you from every angle including some angles that you didn’t even know existed. The Sweat of Augury is just pure madness in every form and Unyielding Love never lets you forget it as each song is just as powerful, explosive and potent as the one that came before it.

All throughout this release you get barbaric and cannibalistic riffs coupled with downhill and tumultuous drumming only to be bombarded with screeching and throat straining vocals. The only real “break” that you get from the savage style of play from these heathens is when the fourth track plays, and even then that track is only leading you right back into carnage. The Sweat of Augury is undeniably relentless and heavy as it twists, contorts and strikes without any warning.

Everything about this release is poisonous and detrimental to your health. The Sweat of Augury is a maelstrom of metal that just doesn’t quit until all life has ceased. This is a brain mashing debut album and as chaotic and sordid as it is you just can’t rattle it out of your head. This is savagely dark and twisting and this debut hits on every cylinder and then some as it brings you blood curdling, skin searing and brain melting metal, and really what more could you ask for?

You can pre-order and find this album on Bandcamp as well as the the Sentient Ruin store.

Mindkult: Witch’s Oath

August 23, 2016

Witch's Oath cover art

What you see above is the cover to Mindkult’s debut EP Witch’s Oath. Witch’s Oath is four total songs that have a run time of about twenty-four minutes, and within those twenty plus minutes is music that is rocking, bluesy, moody and heavy. Mindkult plays a style of doom rock that is utterly captivating and smooth and when listening you tend to get lost in all of this EPs buzzing glory. In each song Mindkult bring you something new and different that you didn’t hear in previous songs and even so what you get from every song is a sound that is wholly mesmerizing and undeniable.

Immediately after you press play you get lost in the bluesy and trippy riffs as well as the hypnotizing vocals. As your mind wanders through the buzzing soundscapes, Mindkult also make you headbang and rock out with intent. With all of the emotion that is pumped into this release, just as much rock and heavy skull numbing fuzz is woven in as well which makes for a heavy and interesting listen. Witch’s Oath is a release that you can listen to over and over again as well as one that gets imprinted in your brain for quite some time to come.

This entire EP was executed by one man and when you listen it will become just that much more impressive to you. Mindkult seemingly has emerged from the smokey depths of nowhere to provide us with smooth buzzing doom sounds that immediately get stuck inside of your noggin. Fawst is the name of the cult leader that is behind this band and he is the one that supplies you with droves and droves of memorable bluesy riffs, solid head nodding drums and vocals that are terrifyingly hypnotizing.

No matter what you do you feel compelled to press play over and over again until the tape wears out. Mindkult has nailed this debut EP and it’s exciting to see where this could go next. Witch’s Oath is a great EP to tide you over until a full length hopefully emerges from the bubbling abyss of hallucinogens. This EP is mind warping goodness that shouldn’t be looked over at all, and if you have skipped it, do yourself a favor and go back to it. Witch’s Oath hits on all cylinders and it gives you a memorable and intoxicating listen that you just can’t stop listening to.

You can find Mindkult’s offering on Bandcamp.

To find the tape and check out all things Caligari Record has to offer, you can find it on  the Caligari Record store.

Featured Interview: Ray Bell of Fetal Autopsy

August 22, 2016

Just recently I was fortunate enough to interview the mastermind behind the band Fetal Autopsy-Ray Bell-and ask him a few questions. The review for Backwoods Bloodshed can be found here and for the interview it can be found below! Read and enjoy!

Can you tell a little bit about how Fetal Autopsy came to be?

In 2012 I was playing shows under the name “btk” then me and Kyle from Cryptic Incarnation got together and started a new band called “Fetal Autopsy”. Shortly after creating the band, Kyle left to focus on Cryptic Incarnation so I continued on with the band name.

Can you tell a little bit about how you went about the writing and recording process for your new record?

Well I would start with a guitar riff, build the drums and bass around that and write lyrics to them. I used a Spider III line 6 to record guitars which ran into an interface into the PC.

Was there a certain sound or feeling that you were going for or trying to capture on this record?

No, not really. I think the music created it’s own atmosphere. Once completed, the album came out pretty dark in my opinion.

When going from one record to the next how do you keep things fresh and new?

I’m always gathering inspiration whether it be from horror movies, serial killer documentaries, or personal experiences.

At times is it difficult coming up with new gore filled material?

Yeah, at times it seems a bit repetitive.

What made you want to get into brutal death metal and create the music that you do?

Watching a Cannibal Corpse “making of” DVD that came with “The Wretched Spawn” was when I decided I wanted to play death metal.

What kind of influences do you draw from to create your music?

Anything from serial killers, horror movies, life experiences. It all mashes up quite nicely.

As a one man band do you find it to be easier or more difficult to come up with new ideas for music?

It can be difficult at times. Lately I’ve been pretty low on ideas so I’m taking a break from writing and recording and focusing more on promotion and playing shows.

I like the fact that you added audio clips of Dennis Rader among other things to give off more of a vibe that makes the listener feel as though he/she is in a horror movie. Was that more of the direction you were aiming toward when putting the new record together?

No, not really. I just wanted to add something to give the listener a different prospective of the song.

I just have a few more questions for you. I know Backyard Bloodshed just came out, but what can we expect from Fetal Autopsy in the future?

I’m playing a CF benefit show august 27th, Fields of the dead fest Oct 7th, a show in OKC Oct 29th. After that I’ll be back in the studio working on a split album with my bro Goremonger called “The Snuff Tapes”.

To conclude, what would you like to say to your fans and followers?

I’d like to say thank you to all the fans, supporters for sticking by me through all the years, and if there might be anyone inspired by me to do their own thing with music then, don’t give up! Keep going after your dream regardless of what other people may say, think, or feel. If you feel it then do it.


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