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CENG: VE DI BAN Sessions

August 6, 2016

VE DI BAN sessions cover art

Based out of Milan, Italy we find CENG. CENG is a duo and they play some artery clogging thick drone metal. VE DI BAN was recorded in all one take by this two man band and the result is a raw, punishing and thick sound that sticks to your ribs. Since this was recorded all in one take as well, we only get guitars as there is no singing or drums involved. I was notified that there is more music in the works with drums and vocals thrown in the mix, but for now we have a stereo busting riff heavy sound in VE DI BAN.

While this release is only two songs long don’t think that you are in for a short and sweet drone release as VE DI BAN is a massive twenty-eight minutes long. The title track alone is twenty-one minutes. Through these twenty-eight minutes you get cloaked in fuzz and shrapnel from your speakers since they will more than likely burst from the wall of noise. VE DI BAN is an interesting listen since all you do get are guitars, but even with that CENG does a great job of mixing sounds up so you don’t hear the same thing all of the time.

The majority of this release is played at a glacial speed, but every now and then CENG kicks up the tempo to more of a fuzzed out romp to give you a little bit of variety. Those faster tempo elements only creep in every now and then and when they do they make an exit just as quick as they came in to make way for heart stopping drone. CENG keeps you interested by giving you different looks into the world of drone by providing you with different sounds instead of a constant wall of slow burning fuzzed out drone.

On top of the stereo bursting drone, CENG gives you a dark and twisting atmosphere as well. That tone gets set early as the opener leads you in with an eerie intro and from then on CENG takes it from there and runs with that theme. The two songs on VE DI BAN are riddled with a syrup thick atmosphere that has the capacity to choke you into submission. VE DI BAN is a brooding listen that gums up your speakers and jars your brain straight out of your skull.

For there not being any other elements other than guitars on this record, CENG does provide you with enough variation and atmosphere to keep it interesting and to keep you listening. With the addition of drums and vocals on up coming releases that will only add to the depth that CENG already seems to have. This is a good start and a great place to build off of as CENG has a solid drone foundation.

You can find VE DI BAN right on Bandcamp.


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